22.11.2014 Naturopathy

What Stops Us From Healing?

Failing to take responsibility for our health is the most important block to healing. Writer Lyn Craven

Perhaps the most important reason for ongoing health issues is that people fail to take responsibility for their own health and well being. It has been indoctrinated in general society over the years that you simply visit a medical doctor, get a script, take a drug of sorts and feel "better" - a quick fix to help you get on with life. Of course, this does not resolve the underlying problem in most cases. By handing over the problem to someone else you are failing to take responsibility, change your lifestyle and diet or make positive changes.

A second reason is that some people fail to be consistent when taking remedies of any sort or even to regularly attend treatments. Consistency is the key, especially with natural remedies. We aim to treat the root cause at all times so this is like unravelling the "layers of the onion" until you heal at a deep cellular level.

Thirdly, people have a tendency to self prescribe along with receiving remedies from a practitioner. This can conflict and make things worse. It also makes it very challenging for the practitioner to get clarity on how your body is responding to remedies they have prescribed. It is advisable not to dabble with anything else without consulting your treating practitioner if you wish to obtain a positive outcome.

People may also self prescribe additional remedies trying to find cheaper products than those offered by a clinic. You need to understand that it's not about money but about quality. Cheaper products may have some toxic residue in them, could be from a contaminated source with filler and other additives (sometimes to bulk out the product), and their potency may not be in line with what your treating practitioner would offer you. To get the results you need, the correct potency is required.

Natural medicine practitioners prescribe "practitioner only products" (POPs) - these are not available via retail without a script from a naturopath. Some health food stores that hire a naturopath may stock them but they will not give them to you without authority from your treating practitioner. Quality POPs have undergone extensive research by reputable companies. Quality control is essential.

Fourthly, the most challenging thing is to be prepared to make a sacrifice. Without sacrifice you will struggle to resolve and heal. What does this mean? It could refer to giving up some of your favourite foods that are not conducive to your health and well being and other toxic substances like recreational drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and sugar - even some pharmaceutical medications when you don't need to be on them. In order to improve your health status you must be prepared to make a change - a sacrifice.

I've met many people over the years who try to bargain with me on what they can still consume. When this occurs you can see that the person unconsciously does not want to get well. Consciously, they may say they do, but deep down something is blocking them. There are others who simply don't wish to comply; they are after the "quick fix" solution. Some can be stubborn and tell you quite bluntly that they have been drinking eight schooners daily and have no intention of giving up, or they have been eating hamburgers for lunch each day with a cola drink and absolutely loathe vegetables except peas! Or they are just too busy to make dietary changes, or their partner does not like the food they know is good for them so they simply don't cook it. I've heard many reasons why they will not make that sacrifice.

Coming to a fifth point, you need to address any underlying emotional issues that have plagued you which could be contributing to your physical health state. Again, there are willing patients and others who refuse to look at the emotions playing a role in their physical health and well being. You can't separate the two and you can't do this alone. You do need professional help and many natural medicine practitioners who work with some form of bodywork that helps release blocked emotions can help you. They include energy healing, Bowen therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, NLP, hypnotherapy and also professionally guided meditation.

I personally recommend people learn meditation to access their own unconscious mind. It can be very self empowering, but daily practice is important in order to gain benefits and develop meditative skills. In the meantime, the sort of bodywork I've mentioned can help free up stagnation and blocked emotions. Naturopaths also work with homoeopathy and flower remedies, which are brilliant at supporting emotional release.

As a sixth point, be patient with yourself, your body and with the practitioner you are working with. This is a "partnership" in which you share everything that troubles you, along with all pre existing remedies you are taking and any test results. Natural medicine practitioners spend a great deal of time with you and work to establish a relationship in supporting and encouraging you on your healing journey. On some occasions, it could be necessary to work with two practitioners who are trained in different but supporting therapies.

People fail to improve when they become "shoppers", for example, going from practitioner to practitioner, never staying longer than two or three visits and expecting an overnight fix with chronic or complex situations. They become disillusioned with everyone they meet, including natural therapies as a whole, yet they also fail to obtain positive outcomes with conventional medicine.

Next month, we'll look at how to improve your health and maintain your inner power.

Sydney-based Lyn Craven is a practitioner of naturopathy, nutrition, medical herbalism, Bowen therapy, Reiki energy healing and meditation, and is a corporate health presenter/consultant with 19 years' experience in natural therapies. www.lyncravencorporatehealth-naturopath.com

Disclaimer: Information presented in this column is not intended as medical advice but to advance the understanding of holistic nutrition and lifestyle and its place in a balanced approach to health. Readers are encouraged to be guided by their own healthcare professionals.

Lyn Craven

Lyn Craven is a practitioner of Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy, Energy/Reiki therapist, meditation teacher and Corporate Health Consultant. She is also a health researcher/writer and has produced a meditation CD assisting people to manage anxiety and stress. She runs a private practice in Sydney and can be contacted on +61403 231 804