01.11.2015 Consciousness

Waves of Energy

Miranda Monro shares her personal awareness that we are all interconnected in a 'sea of pure consciousness'.

The landscape of my childhood was a foreign land. I floated around the perimeter, at a safe distance, quietly observing the strangeness that surrounded my world. I was aware of being in this world but not of this world.

This understanding was born from my experiences as a child. From my earliest memories each and every night I would kiss my mother goodnight, and as she retreated into the shadows I would eagerly close my eyes and "go Home".

As I relaxed, my body would begin to feel expansive until it went beyond the form of the little girl lying in her bed. I then began to pulse from a pinpoint of light to an expansiveness that was infinite. It was a place of no thought, just a pulsating flow of oneness. In that space I had no thoughts - I was not the little girl, I was at once the pulsing and the pulsing was me, we were one; breather and the breath.

For some time I lived happily in both worlds because I never questioned the validity of either. By the time I was 12, I knew my two realities were so completely different but I thought that was just how it was, that we all had to learn how to combine them.

I referred to the experience with my little friend. She looked at me curiously and said, "No I don't know what you are talking about, you are weird". I never spoke of it again but the experience continued every night until around 19 years old, after which I only ever experienced it in meditation.

"It" never needed a name; it was just the connection that I understood to be the oneness. It just was and it made me feel safe.

I have never had reason in my life to not believe or question that oneness and expansive consciousness exists because I have experienced it as naturally and innocently as sleeping.

To be conscious of something means to be aware of it, so to be conscious is to be aware, awake to something. This is true on a superficial level and also on a deeper level. Consciousness is all pervading and is as large or small as you wish to perceive it, either as a fragment or as oneness. It always exists, it never can't. It is simply that we do not see it in its entirety. We are used to viewing our world through the perceptions of our limited minds thus creating at best a partial and often skewed vision of reality.

Yes, we all have different realities on a personal level - no two are the same - and in other ways we do share similar realities for we all share the reality of being human and all it entails. What we struggle to realise is that we are all connected through consciousness. When that is understood and experienced deeply you can never feel separate or alone again.

What we struggle to realise is that we are all connected through consciousness.

If we could get past our perception of what we believe ourselves and our world to be then we would see that we are infinite beings of consciousness. Remember you are essentially consciousness funneled into form.

"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body". ~C.S. Lewis

Energy flows into everything that is. Everything is made up of vibrating energy. The problem we have is that we are taught from a very early age that if we cannot see it then it cannot exist. To illustrate this problem the Buddhists relate a story about the turtle and the fish:

Once upon a time in a lake there lived a turtle and some fish. One day the turtle went for a walk on the dry land. He wandered away from the lake for some weeks. When he returned a fish swam up to him and asked, "We have not seen you where have you been." The turtle replied, "I have been spending time on dry land." The fish was puzzled and asked, "Dry land, what are you talking about, what is dry land? Is it wet?" "No," said the turtle. "Is it cool and refreshing?" "No, it is not," replied the turtle. "Does it have waves and ripples and can you swim in it?" the little fish asked, eager to know. "No you can't." So the fish said, "If it is not wet, cool or has waves or ripples and I cannot swim in it then it must not be real, it is just an imaginary thing of yours, nothing real at all." "Well, well," said the turtle. "If you are determined to think that dry land is nothing, I suppose you must just go on thinking so. But anyone who knows what is water and what is land would say you were just a silly fish, for you think that anything you have never known is nothing just because you have never known it." And with that the turtle turned away and, leaving the fish behind in its little pond of water, set out on another excursion over the dry land that was nothing.

In the same way people may not have experienced the inner dimension of consciousness but that does not mean it does not exist. Despite this humankind has always sought some connection to a higher source in the hope of making sense of their world.

"Truth alone is eternal, everything else is momentary. It is more correct to say that Truth is God, than to say that God is Truth. ... All life comes from the one universal source; call it Allah, God or Parmeshwara." (Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi 1869-1948)

Perhaps it is just called consciousness and we are small expressions of that one consciousness. Hence we are all truly one.

When we are aware and to be aware is to remember who we really are, consciousness in form, then we will never know separation again. Because consciousness can do nothing but be, it is up to us to have the openness and vision to let go and see it and ultimately live in it.

An old traditional story handed down through the ages tells of a little child who was made of salt. He very much wanted to know where he came from. So he set out and journeyed far and wide in pursuit of his burning desire. Finally, he came to the shores of an ocean. "How wonderful," he cried and stuck one foot in the water. The ocean beckoned him to immerse himself. It swished and whispered, "If you wish to know who you are, do not be afraid." The salt child walked further and further into the water dissolving with each step. At the end he exclaimed "Ah! Now I know who I am."

In conscious awareness there is no separation only oneness.

What we think will affect the whole. To comprehend this you will have to see that thought is energy, a vibration that is sent out from mind.

We are all one. It is only our thoughts that see us as separate from others and separate from God. It is our perception that allows us to judge others, to feel superior or inferior and to close our minds. Another name for it is unconsciousness.

What we think will affect the whole. To comprehend this you will have to see that thought is energy, a vibration that is sent out from mind.

Some quantum physicists tell us that everything is energy and our thoughts are waves of potent energy.

In his book The Answer author and spiritual entrepreneur John Assaraf says:

"….Here beneath the level of energy itself exists a still more basic level. The field at this level is not exactly "energy" anymore, nor is it empty space. It is best described, physicists realized, as a field of information. To put it another way, the undifferentiated ocean out of which energy arises appears to be a sea of pure consciousness, from which matter emerges in clustered localities here and there." Later he says, "Everything in the physical world is made of atoms. Atoms are made of energy. And energy is made out of consciousness."

So if we can conceive that everything at its core is vibration that emanates from one consciousness then we can see that each and every expression of that consciousness is one with that source. Consequently, all things are intrinsically woven in one tapestry, by the same thread. We are all one consciousness. And consciousness just IS so therefore I AM.

Miranda Munro is a sound healer based in Toodyay, WA. http://www.kyela.com.au

Miranda Munro

Miranda Munro is a sound healer based in Toodyay Western Australia - kyela.com.au