01.06.2015 Astrology

Watch that Chainsaw!

Don't get carried away in the high energy time ahead, says astrologer Daniel Sowelu

The Gemini period of each year is normally a high energy time with lots of fizz and zing. On one level, this will go into hyperdrive thanks to the Sun continuing to travel with the Eros asteroid, Mercury and Mars, all conjunct in the sign. Playful, mischievous, flirtatious, irrepressible, curious and restless are all qualities that come to mind - Tigger on speed if you like!

Also in support is a sextile to Jupiter in Leo, adding the expressive, physical fire of the sign to an already expanded mental perspective of the world and its possibilities. This will strengthen with each day in the first week, then be given even more electric energy as an additional sextile to the radicalising Uranus kicks in during the second week. The latter draws the mind into even more exalted, upper chakra territory.

Despite the Gemini reputation for superficiality, there is another great aspect from this bunch to the Ceres/Hekate conjunction in Aquarius - a chance to weave great creative, intellectual and spiritual magic if we can direct the energy well.

This is all fantastic and liberating, a period of freedom from some of our mental limitations and conditioning. The main challenge is how to not get carried away with all this energy, how to not fly too close to the sun or to power poles, especially given my next point.

The whole conjunction, however, is square the very fluid Neptune in Pisces, a weird mix of air and water, of hyper-mind and the most nebulous of emotional and psychic energy. Think of dipping the sharp working end of a chainsaw into a body of water - it's going to get very messy! On a surface level, this creates a lot of confusion, unclear objectives, loss of drive, poor boundaries and energy too easily dissipated. Ego crashes are common as a result.

Considering that the Gemini core of the chart includes the erotic energies of Mars and Eros, the same applies to sexual energies around boundaries, clarity and the leakage of unacknowledged or expressed desire. There is both the reputation and the potential in this line-up for the experience of the shadow side of seduction, within by unreleased emotional and psychic energies and without from others and by our own self delusions.

As tricky as this can get, especially when our mental energies are in such high energy states, this is also an alchemical process to create better linkages between the mind and the subtler, hypersensitive, intuitive and psycho-spiritual parts of our being that have a very different form of intelligence. This is a purifying process that must also push out accumulated psychic debris - the stuff that goes flying in the chainsaw analogy!

Using classic spiritual jargon, this translates as the dissolution of old ego structures, forcing the ego and the operations of the mind to open more to non-rational, right brain functions. Similarly Neptune, especially in Pisces, seeks to reverse the air sign tendency to avoid the emotional realms through excessive rationality and escapist forms of detachment.

So the month is going to be quite a juggle. It's going to require the exercise of subtle and refined perception to weave our way through this tangle and use the opportunities for opening to higher perspectives, while sorting delusion from true, clear insight. Have fun with that!

Although the Sun/Mars/Eros have their Neptunian challenges at the very beginning of the month, they do progressively move into a series of sextiles with the still present Jupiter/Juno conjunction in Leo, so representative of the sacred marriage within and without, particularly during the second week. As a union of sacred masculine and feminine (Shiva and Parvati for tantra lovers), of two forms of grace and of the King and Queen archetypes, it is a potent and auspicious line-up. One that is uber-creative and fertile and obviously very supportive for opening to more liberating forms of relating and relationship. Leo says to Gemini, don't just think about it, act! (Whichever House has 16-20 degrees of Leo will get very positively opened and charged up with grace and good fortune at this time)

As for Venus, she is conjunct the healing goddess Hygeia in Cancer, trining the other great healer Chiron in Pisces and sextiling the Black Moon and Medusa in Virgo. This awesome combination speaks of great healing possibility for our hearts, for reclaiming aspects of our luscious Venusian sexuality, of bridging old chasms between heart and mind, mind and body, and opening to the beauty and power of our sacred sexuality. (Note the three tantric goddesses in the mix, invoking the Indian deities Kali and Lalita.)

So it appears that while Venus has some of her best aspects for many months, the masculine inside each of us, in the form of the Gemini dyad, will alternate between major challenges and fabulous openings.

All the while, the great Saturn, retrograding in Sagittarius and soon back into Scorpio, is relatively quiet aspects-wise but hovering directly overhead, like a grandmaster ensuring that all act out their appropriate roles and learn from what takes place. It's going to be a stimulating month and from the perspective of Gemini and other more detached places, it's all interesting!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.