22.07.2014 Astrology

Warrior Goddesses

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu sees promise of union of sacred feminine and warrior energies

There is a great deal of strong warrior goddess energy in this month's chart with the Cancer Sun conjunct Medusa and a Leo Moon conjunct the Black Moon. Both conjunctions receive supportive and challenging aspects from other quarters of the chart, making for another intense and powerful month.

Simultaneously, the extraordinary multiple conjunction of North Node, Ceres, Vesta, Hekate and Mars has tightened up around the 20 degree mark of Libra. This raises the possibility of a new union of sacred feminine and warrior energies emerging from the collective and within each of us.

The Sun in Cancer, accentuated by Jupiter in its last days in the sign, highlights the rightful place of the emotional realms in any form of real inner and outer balances. It's a reminder to stay in touch with our feelings, to honour the feminine side of our own nature, to nurture, love and hold ourselves with greater tenderness and appreciation, to look after the child within and to provide for our deepest emotional needs.

In its Crab symbolism, the sign also speaks of emotional defences, outer and inner armouring to protect our vulnerability, sensitivity and emotional privacy. These are defences that both serve and imprison, depending on the severity of early formative emotional experiences. For all its innate openheartedness and enormous generosity, Cancer can also be one of the most shut down of energies when wounded, with elaborate defence mechanisms contracting around such a sensitive heart and belly.

Having the ferocious Medusa on a Cancer Sun exaggerates both the sign's depths and defensiveness. On one level it is a savage berserker of pain and rage, while on a deeper level, it is an empowerer of emotional truth, a fierce and loving expression of the Mother, a tantric goddess of erotic spiritual power and a consummate sacred warrioress and medicine woman.

You will hear echoes of the same brilliant and liberating power in the Black Moon, with all her affinities with Kali, Durga and the Black Madonna, on the Leo Moon. These are magnificent energies at their core but very destructive in their distortions - the consequences of too many betrayals and too much persecution of the feminine over lifetimes, generations and cultures.

So it looks like we will get to experience both faces - the Sun/Medusa radicalised by Uranus and transformed by Pluto and yet supported to heal and open by Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and strengthened by the sacred masculine in Shiva and Saturn from Scorpio (now there's an unexpected union, of the historic enemies of Medusa and Saturn!).

Similarly, the Moon/Black Moon volcano in Leo gets exalted and fired up by Uranus in Aries and made more accessible for greater understanding and empowered action through sextiles to Mercury in Gemini and to the Mars, Hekate, Ceres, Vesta conjunction.

The Moon/Black Moon also has a very tough square with Saturn and Shiva, where the power of the feminine and its darker expressions is challenged by the patriarchal masculine and its more powerful and refined cousin. And visa versa, where the goddess challenges the rigidity and aloofness of the detached and judgmental masculine. Ultimately, it's an intense alchemical stand off (rather like Kali and her husband in a scary domestic!) that will brew up some ancient and more recent conflicts - pushing for some kind of new dynamic connection between the deep masculine and feminine.

The depth of Shakti in these alignments will ensure volatile eruptions that can be dangerous, liberating, cleansing and/or devastating, as the psycho-spiritual residues of past trauma and abuse get activated. But seen correctly and worked with in safe places, it presents tremendous opportunities for liberating the sacred feminine within and empowering the future visions represented by the North Node and its fellow travellers.

Hygeia, that healing goddess who was so prominent last month and who represents some of the deepest healing possibilities within us, is also conjunct Mercury in Gemini. Her role in transforming the toxins in the Medusa mythology cannot be underestimated in the current push to liberate Medusa from her enraged mask, to reveal her true beauty and capacity for unconditional love.

Also in Gemini is a beautiful conjunction of Venus and Juno, a luscious meeting of Aphrodite and the traditional Goddess of marriage, of beauty and grace - an obviously positive union for all things to do with love and its evolution into deeper connection and commitment. However, the two are squaring Neptune in Pisces, making it not so good for clarity and boundaries (so watch out for the seducers within and without!). It is though an aspect that seeks to dissolve some of the defences that inhibit our ability to really open our hearts to another, to the point where conscious soul connections can become a reality.

Finally, the great Jupiter enters Leo on the 17th of June, heralding a 12 month boost to fire energies in general and to the dynamic, extrovert and passionate aliveness of the Lion. It is great for following one's bliss, allowing the creative, trusting and joyful child out to play and having faith that if you follow your own truth, the grace of god and goddess follows. Enjoy!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 33rd year of private practice.www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.