01.11.2012 Energy Healing

Vitamin Qi

Energy healer Chiu Chi Wen explains why a tree is a deep draught of fresh air to the spirit.

For most of us who live in the inner hubs of busy cities, surrounded by modern technology and its invisible field which powers and connects us, it's not surprising to learn that we are operating within a system that is severely depleted of qi or life force energy.

Basically, our energy body acts as a battery. This battery powers us on a physical, emotional and mental level. When our battery is full, we can easily bring happiness and fulfillment into our lives and we have a fertile ground to harvest our wishes. When our battery is low, we become anxious, lose clarity and become overwhelmed by the vagaries of life. Essentially, we feel helpless and as though we are no longer in control of our lives. Our mind becomes scattered, and we obsess over trivial matters such as a conversation that didn't go so well, or a person in your life who is really 'getting to you', or even something as simple as that person in front of you driving 20km under the speed limit. Trivial matters that, when our battery is low, seem much bigger than us.

Sometimes we even allow these things to become us and we carry these weighted moments of anxiety around throughout our day like a heavy backpack on our shoulders. We become obsessed with our problems because we lack the energy and clarity to see our way out.

Negative emotions, in particular, are the most common cause of congestion and depletion of energy in our front and back solar plexus chakras. These chakras act as the bridge between the upper and lower energy centres and, if congested, energies will not flow up and down harmoniously. When this pathway is congested, it blocks the energy flow between the upper and lower chakras and we become out of rhythm with our natural flow of wellbeing.

The lack of emotional flow gives rise to agitation, disharmony and anxiety and, in turn, can be associated with disease (dis-ease). Further adding to this block in flow is day-to-day lifestyle habits such as exhausting ourselves physically, eating foods that contain little to no 'living energy' and social habits such as consuming alcohol. This leads to severe depletion of our energy body over time.

Imagine trying to drive your car on the freeway with very little fuel in the tank and the small amount of fuel you do have is contaminated. Essentially, this is how we are interacting with the world - using systems that are highly depleted of life sustaining qi.

When we consider that everything is energy we become particularly mindful of the choices we make to fuel ourselves. We become more aware of the foods we consume, the thoughts we think, the information we absorb and the environment in which we live and work. We feel a stronger sense of responsibility to feed from and contribute to the natural order of life by choosing energy sources that are alive and are harmonious to our system.

More people are questioning why the energy that they are fuelling up on doesn't seem to leave them with a sustainable sense of happiness and fulfillment. Humanity is questioning, 'Is there is another way?'

For some time, I have been practising gathering tree energy, tapping into the tree's energy field and storing this qi. Using the secondary navel chakra, and specialised containers to house and store the energy, we can draw on this energy to help feed others with processed earthly qi. This is a highly effective technique in fueling the energy body with the sweetest of energy, something that is naturally offered to us on our planet.

Trees, in a sense, are like wands on Mother Earth. They convert light, water, earth and air qi to produce the most pristine of qi we can find on our planet. Have you ever wondered why we naturally like to commune with nature? Have you thought about why many of us like to escape from the city life at every opportunity and head to areas overflowing with trees and natural life? We instinctively know that we are running on a low battery and we submerse ourselves in a natural energy source to feed us with goodness and charge our energy system.

Gathering energy from trees is increasingly important in a society housed within concrete walls and carpeted with bitumen floors. This isn't to imply that we are short of local parks, but in Australia we must search a little further for places, such as forests, that have an ecologically sustainable system with pristine qi uncontaminated by the disharmony of human interaction. This is where the natural order of earth is found.

One simple technique to gather tree energy is to select a tree in a relatively pristine environment (and one that is not regularly in contact with humans or dogs). Remove your shoes, sit as close as you can facing the tree with the soles of your feet open towards the tree. Raise your hands with your palms open towards the tree at chest height (your fingertips should be pointing upwards) and imagine you have tiny nostrils on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. Use these nostrils, as well as your breath, to breathe in the fresh qi from the tree. This is one of many techniques that can be very powerful in helping you to recharge your energy body.

Our energy system naturally uses trees as an energy source, but we often can't integrate this energy effectively due to blockages in our energy system. These stem from poor lifestyle habits such as eating unhealthy foods and consuming alcohol, and recurring patterns of negative thoughts and emotions. Put simply, when we are blocked with old, disharmonious energy, the new energy has no room to flow into us and give us vitality. However, for someone with a relatively clean energy body, if the energy is stored and integrated properly, the effect of tree energy on the energy body can be profound.

Trees are now, even more so than in times gone by, highly crucial to ensuring humanity remains energetically charged, stable and harmonious with the natural order of life. Humanity living in a modern, materialistic and mechanical environment can be likened to trees that are planted on barren ground - both are bereft of harmonious, living energy which leads to severe depletion of energy. This begs us to question the choices we are making about the energy we breathe, digest and process.

There is little wonder why we are seeing a rise in mental and emotional afflictions such as depression and anxiety. Simple lifestyle changes require discipline but these changes, if coupled with time spent among the trees, will see us become fully charged batteries with greater emotional, mental and physical stability.

The natural environment, with its trees and forests, provides living energy. Humanity needs to be conscious of this and, with increasing consciousness, humanity will learn to preserve the natural environment and be part of its living flow. It is my hope that in years to come, for every child born on this planet the parents plant at least 12 trees knowing that these trees will feed their children with the most pristine, natural and harmonious energy we have available to us on earth.

As a community, we will no longer be operating within a system severely depleted of qi, greatly changing the way we interact with each other and the earth we call home.

Through direct experience, we will see trees as more than just plants that line our streets and decorate our gardens. We will know that trees are a living storehouse for the most important vitamin of all, vitamin qi.

ChiWen Chui

Chiu Chi Wen is an energy healer and meditation teacher based in Perth, Western Australia