22.10.2014 Astrology

Two Brilliant Eclipses

A lunar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse are dominant features

This month's astrology is totally overwhelmed by two radical and brilliant eclipses, sonic booms in the collective that have both deeply challenging and liberating aspect to them. The first is a total lunar eclipse on the 8th (8.55pm AEST, 6.55 pm AWST), followed by a partial solar eclipse on the 24th (7.45am AEST, 5.45am AWST) and both have deep resonances with two similar eclipses almost exactly a year ago, also in Libra and Scorpio.

The first on the full moon simultaneously forms a radical and deeply transformative grand cross involving the Pluto/Uranus square and a hyper-charged grand trine/kite with the South and North Nodes as its spine. The Sun in Libra is conjunct Venus, Lilith and the North Node all opposite a Uranus/Moon conjunction in Aries on the South, with both ends squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Hygeia in Cancer.

The intensity of this is multi-layered. The Sun/Venus/Lilith/North Node offers the image of very new relationship dynamics and opportunities for high quality love connections with the urges towards true equality and mutual empowerment of Lilith. The Moon/Uranus/South Node reflects an explosive emotional climate that demands great freedom to express one's individuality, cracking old emotional patterning and waking up the fire of authenticity within.

These contradictory urges clash with each other, while being in the karmic grinder of Pluto on one hand and the deep healing charges of Hygeia on the other. The balancing of the relationship/independence dichotomy is put under intense pressure that can be part of its potential explosiveness. The Aries Moon/Uranus conjunction is highly volatile and multi-layered - a potential mixture of liberating releases, unexpressed individuality bursting through, adolescent rebelliousness, as well as exalted spiritual openings, depending on the awareness of the individual.

Added to the South Node this can also draw up more ancient past life energies and memories, both good and difficult karma to do with the expression of individual freedom and magical abilities. Reclaiming ancient skills and knowledge is possible, from sudden insight and intuition all the way to complete psychic downloads. But add the Pluto influence and the darker reputations of many eclipses and there are obvious dangers here with messing around with the paranormal.

Fortunately though, there is a fantastic kite and grand cross, one of the best astrological configurations stemming from the same Uranus/Moon/South Node core, sending out fluid trines to Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Sextiles from the latter two to the North Node/Sun/Venus/Lilith conjunction complete the kite pattern, which also looks like a spearhead or a rocket.

The fire and passion of the Uranus/Moon acts as the rocket booster, sending its energy into the expansive and grace-filled expressions of Jupiter and the inspired warrior actions of the Sagittarian Mars. This alone is a magnificent dynamic for the translation of exalted psycho-spiritual gifts and skills into inspired action, leading towards benevolent outcomes and the manifestation of one's visions.

Through the pinnacle of the kite, this hyper-charged kinetic moves towards the Sun/Venus/Lilith/North node conjunction, bringing a mixture of past-life abilities, fiery passion, grace and focus to the future possibilities of this Nodal constellation.

That is, of course, if your nervous and chakra systems can handle this much psychic current without blowing up! It is certainly not a time to be sitting on your hands, waiting for something to happen.

The second eclipse is still strong but far less radical, with a sweetly powerful conjunction of Venus, Sun, Moon and Pallas Athena tightly wrapping around the eclipsing central bodies in the first degree of Scorpio. The future relationship visions of the first eclipse are reinforced but without the disruptive influence of its opposing Moon/Uranus conjunction. For some, this will actually initiate new relationships that combine deep loving passion with the relative detachment of Pallas. This is also an artist's dream, the juicy, creative and fertile combination of the first three given potent drive and focus by this warrior/culture goddess.

The grand cross is still present but this time with Mercury conjunct Lilith on the Libran North Node opposing Uranus and squaring Hygeia and Pluto. This challenges more conservative and superficial thinking, especially about relationships, to make way for getting to know the fiercely independent yet relationally passionate Lilith. As she, like her sisters Medusa and the Black Moon, is also a carrier of ancient forms of rage and trauma, the intensity of the grand cross will seek to flush out and purify various distortions of the dark goddesses making their extraordinary Shakti more available.

The actual new moon eclipse has great aspects, empowering connections to Mars at the end of Sagittarius and to the Black Moon in late Leo and to the sensitising and spiritually opening energies of Neptune in Pisces. Again, the possibilities of accessing spiritually and soul-driven levels of awareness are linked with passionate and fiery energies that seek to express powerfully into the world.

Both eclipses seek to break open inertia and resistance to becoming more authentically powerful and embodiments of our soul's drive to express our essence.

Look after yourselves amidst the inspired chaos and its opportunities!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 33rd year of private practice.www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.