Towards 2012 - Only One Tradition

Jeremy Ball begins an exploration of ancient wisdom about the birth of a new age.

Jeremy Ball begins an exploration of ancient wisdom about the birth of a new age.

This mythical date now etched in almost everyone's mind across the planet is fast approaching. As a young boy I used to be deeply intrigued by the men we would occasionally see in the centre of London wearing clapboards proclaiming Armageddon, the Apocalypse and the End of Time.

I felt their paranoia but I also knew that what they expressed held deep inner wisdom, when facts are unearthed and scrutinised with the right balance of heart and mind. Inadvertently these "crackpots" parading the streets of central London spreading a message of doom and gloom had planted a seed in a fertile young mind that would later sprout life looking for the food of truth in order for it to grow. As with many things, what seems like a calamity or disaster on the surface, when looked at with more discerning eyes, is actually far less dramatic than first appears. It's almost always a deep calling from the spiritual nature within for a restoration of balance, a new higher balance and greater alignment with the source of the Universe.

We can relate to this in our daily lives, perhaps a loss of a job that was initially financially scary has lead to greater fulfilment and freedom through the opportunity to follow an inner calling rather than an outer herding.

But as with everyday incidents such as these, and the events leading up to 2012, we are merely given an opportunity to embrace change and connect with a deeper truth. Our success individually and on a planetary level depends on our ability to let go of past conditioning and trust the process of the unfolding universe.

Just as with any process there is no defined end point or even starting point. Modern scientists theorised that first there was nothing and then the Big Bang caused all to burst forth. Now science is being updated: prior to the Big Bang all the matter in the universe existed, in a tightly bound form.

The truth is, all is a dynamic ever changing flow, there is no beginning nor absolute end. There is constant change and flow to everything with forms coalescing and dropping away but within that constant spiritual evolution. So if you are on the sidelines watching what is unfolding with interested detachment you are missing the point - the 2012 of the mind is happening now and has been happening since the beginning of time.

The changes are more obvious as we reach the zenith of the process, but 2012 is just the peak point rather than the process itself, just as the exam is part of the steady flow of the accumulation of a qualification. If you as a soul have been steadily evolving and transforming yourself with life's lessons as they present themselves (the issues you as an individual and community face is the syllabus) then what is occurring now provides you with a wonderful opportunity to serve and experience the spiritual fruit.

Alternatively, if you have been sidetracking and immersing yourself in purely material distractions rather than paying attention to the syllabus, now, at the eve of the exam you might be feeling a little antsy, oscillating between the desire to "cram for the exam" and ignoring or refuting the evidence. Welcome in the agitation; this is a call to action from deep within. Allow the energy behind this agitation to bring the transformation it desires.

I was called to action in 1998, as were many across the globe, prompted by a specific astrological line up. This led me to travel extensively throughout our planet in search of insight and wisdom at sacred sites, temples and from the lips of shamans, indigenous elders, religious leaders, scientists and wise people.

The insights that came to me, and the words of the many wise people I spoke with, constantly echoed the same themes. As Visumazulu Credo Mutwa - the High Sanusi of the Zulu people and lineage holder for Sub-Saharan Africa - shared with me from his conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "There is only one tradition."

Some will speak more clearly to you than others, yet you will come to love and appreciate the wisdom in all traditions once you see they are all vessels for the same light; a light that is shining onto us with unprecedented brightness at this time.

Hearing this wisdom in itself will change your life, just as the great parables alter the mind that hears them and connects them with the source of truth. I know it has done for me. Yet in this column we will also discuss practical changes that can be introduced into your life to help embrace this global spiritual transformation. I am not talking about building a bomb shelter in your garden. All traditions, without exception, speak of the need for us to come together as communities. We will examine how we can integrate these changes in our lives and adapt our current way of living.

Next month, the month of the Autumn Equinox and very aptly the astrological beginning of the year I will get the ball rolling by discussing exactly what is so significant about the times we are in now and how the movement of our planet and solar system within the universe create the possibilities that present themselves to us here on Earth now. In the following months we will look at the wisdom various spiritual traditions have to share with us about the times we are in now.

This is a positive column. There may be warnings but no doom and gloom, for why should there be? We are here to see the birth of an incredible New Age, the Golden Age.

Jeremy Ball

Full Moon 11 January 2009