Time to Smile

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This is going to be a very interesting, high energy and somewhat crazy month, whose chart, for the first time in many months, brings a smile to my face. And it's not just because it's Sagittarius's time, although it does help, with his abundant drive, passion and seemingly endless optimism. It's also because whatever's going on, he's up for it, even when the going gets tough - and there is enough toughness in the chart so that we don't get too carried away either.

We are essentially in the second peak of the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, the most extraordinary line-up for healing and psycho-spiritual opening we've had in many years. It is, at once, a psychic whirlwind and a subtler deconstructor, full of grace, a stirrer of ancient wounds and toxins, a great flusher of chakric plumbing and a purveyor of confusion and psychic openings. And it's not messing around, although it creates a lot of mess in the process. Most of us won't realise the full implications of this time for years to come because of the depth of internal rearranging that is happening to everyone to various extents. While it will take a long time to clear, the changes are inevitable and we will come through it so much clearer on just about every level.

On a technical level, these three planets (the "Big Three") will not come together exactly like they did at the end of June this year, exact to the minutes of a degree of celestial longitude. But during the span of this month, Jupiter crosses both Chiron and Neptune, lighting both of them up in the space of weeks. Our jovial friend will then go into Pisces in January, but the latter two will continue their very cosmic dance up until mid 2011, keeping up the themes of great healing to our spirituality and the recovery of psycho-spiritual gifts for some time to come.

Mercury, the planet that rules the operations of the mind, lines up well with this Big Three via sextiles. This means our intellects will have good access to different processes, particularly those that encourage greater inclusion of the intuitive, mystical and hyper-creative aspects of the non-rational. This will buzz a lot of people out with greater creative and intellectual freedom, more inspirational openings, flashes of insight and expanded awarenesses. This will not just be due to associated upper chakra openings, but because the combination, particularly Chiron, will be working on the bridging of right and left hemispheres of our brains, something with enormous long-term implications.

Simultaneously, Pallas Athena lines up via sextile and trines to Mercury and the Big Three, adding her own brand of piercing intellectual ferocity to the workings of our minds. In Libra, she contributes her combined warrior, healer and artistic qualities to proceedings, an edgier energy that can achieve a lot, both because she adds tremendous focusing power and, great Shakti or spiritual potency to the way we use our minds. Her greatest gift is that she can draw from both masculine and feminine forms of intelligence to be able to consciously direct healing power using our ability to focus. Not only are we being made available to the awesome healing qualities of the Big Three, but we can use them as well. We're not just meant to lie back and absorb, but to actually get in there to focus, act and achieve, whether on mundane levels or the inner ones.

Speaking of edgier places though, we also have a Mars/Hygeia conjunction in Leo directly opposite the Big Three, bringing both challenges and more fuel and fire to the equation. Mars in Leo is a big masculine energy and yet is powerfully, snakily entangled with a goddess of healing, a serpent goddess. There's no lack of tantric imagery here, which would be good to act on, as well as great possibilities for healing the masculine, phallic, warrior energies within us. Oppositions are tricky though, because if the ego can't deal with what's opposite, and it's a big call for the average ego to deal with something like the Big Three, then it will tend to react with either fight or flight, or just dig in and resist. Mars in this situation is never going to win and, particularly in opposition to Neptune, can produce some spectacular ego crashes.

Whatever happens though, is part of finding out whether our egos are in a healthy state, how much unhealed anger we have in us, how we've been over-riding our intuition or ignoring our spiritual needs and the state of our masculine/feminine balances. At the deepest level, this is a fantastic combination for healing the wounded male, in and around us and at the highest level, an opportunity for bringing some wonderfully potent, activating masculine qualities to the way we experience, live and express our spiritual and creative essences. Lovely stuff, but expect some wobbles along the way.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au