Time of Mystery: May's chart highlights oppositions involving every sign

May's chart highlights oppositions involving every sign sometimes called a Renaissance chart
Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

The first thing that struck me about this month's chart is the number of oppositions, namely Sun/Pallas, Moon/Venus, Moon/Juno, Saturn/Uranus, Jupiter/Saturn, Lilith/Hekate, Pluto/Eros, Black Moon/Vesta, Neptune/Vesta, Shiva/Persephone and more! It is very much a splayed chart, one positively spun as a "Renaissance chart", with every sign getting a look in to a complex arrangement that both highlights the oppositional nature of things and pushes for some kind of integration between opposites into a greater whole or unity. This tends to up the tension levels while creating an alchemical climate that is initially messy, but ultimately leads to higher awareness and greater unification of these seeming opposites.

The stress levels are already high due to the opposition between Saturn and Uranus, which peaked at the end of last month, a momentous struggle between the forces of dramatic and liberating change with those of resistance and conservatism (think of Obama's attempts to change the US health system!) It's been a fairly equal struggle, Uranus having a higher and more exalted energy level but lacking the earthiness and manifesting qualities of Saturn. But the scales are now shifting in favour of change and expansive movement as Jupiter joins Uranus in late Pisces.

Another polarity to Saturn, Jupiter shares many characteristics with Uranus including a love of freedom and the urge to change and improve the status quo. While the duo will make for more breakthroughs and releasing of tension as the month goes on, Jupiter has an innate ability to make the creative and constructive qualities of Saturn more available. He isn't as extremist and Utopian as some of the urges of Uranus. Altogether though, Uranus and Jupiter is one of the most innovative and blockage shifting combinations we can have in the collective, one that will make for some very interesting movements in the next two months as it peaks in early June. (One writer has called Jupiter opposition Saturn the "thank God!" transit, meaning help is on its way, the cavalry's arriving.)

Saturn, who re-entered Virgo in April (just to give Virgos a hard time, some would say!) does a slow turn into direct motion this month before going into Libra proper in July. For all of us this is another opportunity to do more sorting of conditioned belief systems from deeper levels of truth, wisdom and individual authenticity. The Inner Critic and the Judge are major archetypes in most of our systems and are connected to both Virgo and Saturn in ways that can be soul destroying at their most intense, a dream stealing combination that can be considerably lethal to our wellbeing when operating badly. Saturn has a way of showing us what's not working well in our lives so that we can take deeper responsibility for redressing what is essentially an inner dynamic reflected out there in the world, in the form of blockages, fears and trials. And this is where the opposing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is truly great as both shine great light and clarity on this sorting process. All power to us!

The Sun in Taurus is very strongly placed in May's chart with a trine to Pluto and a square to Mars in Leo, the former making great power available for significant change and development, the latter escalating the warrior element with its corresponding action oriented assertiveness. The two are different expressions of will, one from the unconscious, the other more of the ego and the challenge then is how to connect the two well, without falling into excessive heavy-handedness or abuse of power numbers. We can certainly get a lot done in this type of climate, but it takes some astute awareness to handle the energy well. Nevertheless, alongside these challenges are some great healing possibilities for, and by, the masculine as the healing goddess Hygeia continues to transit with Mars. This is a brilliant line-up for working with anger and rage issues and other forms of the wounded and distorted warriors inside us.

The Sun also has some excellent connections with other faces of the sacred feminine, trines and sextiles to Lilith and Hekate and an opposition to Pallas Athena in Scorpio, the latter high in the sky of the Australian chart. Pallas then makes up the third point of a T-square with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Hygeia, presenting the sometimes lethargic Taurus with demands to act powerfully and concisely out there in the world. She is a fierce and intelligent warrioress, especially in Scorpio, with laser vision and piercing intent and her presence here makes it an excellent time for confronting issues and spearheading projects in the world that require intense focus combined with subtle and deep awareness on multiple levels.

In the overall chart, Pallas is the more obvious outer expression of some much deeper processes going on to do with the sacred and primal feminine, with the substratum of our collective emotional and psychic realms. The Ceres asteroid who, like Demeter, is an image of the Great Mother, has been conjunct Pluto for the last two months and will continue to be so up until November. This is an exceptionally long period considering her normal cycle, a very powerful and mysterious conjunction that will be joined by the North Node is the next months.

This speaks of some great tectonic shifts in the collective to do with the transformation of the maternal principle on both personal and sacred levels and, the re-emergence of some much deeper expressions of the Feminine. A great mystery is in motion, so watch out for signals and clues.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 27th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au