01.03.2016 Astrology

Three Powerful Events

The convergence of three powerful astrological events promises a tumultuous month ahead, Daniel Sowelu predicts

This is going to be a tumultuous month, and one with quite extraordinary healing opportunities that can enable all of us to align more closely with our soul’s callings. It is a month in which we will experience a convergence of three powerful astrological events; the grand cross involving Pluto and Lilith in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Black Moon in Libra and the Kali asteroid in Cancer, and two eclipses, a total solar eclipse on the ninth and a lunar eclipse on the 24th.

We have spoken about this grand cross before as it has been in place since the beginning of the year and explains the extraordinarily intense energetics of these last months. On its own this is powerful enough - a kind of cosmic pressure cooker that simultaneously heats up and deepens everything else happening in the collective, with a special emphasis on deep karmic, ancestral and personal transformation and purification.

On a geopolitical level, it places everything on a knife edge, whether the situation in Syria, the refugee crisis in Europe, the posturing in the South China Sea and the bizarre, yet potentially revolutionary, presidential elections in the US.

Whether inwardly or outwardly then, a grand cross pushes for real evolutionary shifts and changes. The sense of being at crisis point, or healing crises, on a number of different levels is made even more critical by the appearance of these two eclipses. And it is this first total eclipse on the new moon in Pisces that encapsulates the simultaneous demands for deep healing of the past and opening to a very different potential future.

Any eclipse is a potent event, a new relationship between the core masculine and feminine embodied in the Sun and Moon. Occasionally, you will get an eclipse in exact alignment with the South and North Node of the Moon, a catalysation of deep karmic forces that infuse the directions and tasks our individual soul asks of each of us. This first eclipse has such an alignment with the South Node in Pisces and the North Node in Virgo.

What excites me about this eclipse is the intertwining of the two great healers, Chiron and Hygeia, respectively on the South and North Nodes. The former, along with the earth mother Ceres on the South, evokes opportunities for healing ancient wounds, some going back lifetimes!And wounds to ourselves, wounds that go right down to soul level, wounds to our relationship to the earth. And, classically, any Chiron process offers initiatory experiences that reveal not only ancient healing gifts but also reservoirs of holistic knowledge with the capacity to act as teachers, mentors and guides.

Hygeia on the North Node points towards a future where our healing and spiritual technology are even more potent because they are more evocative of the core healing intelligence inherent in every cell in our physical bodies. This is described by the movement of kundalini, the tantric spiritual potency of the sacred feminine within each of us.

One of the other magical things about action around either Node is that it will often coincide with significant individuals coming into one’s world who assist in opening up the gifts of the past, to act as great healing catalysts and who help us align with our ultimate soul purposes. This is even more likely with this eclipse with Jupiter also on the North node in Virgo. So we can expect various karmic connections around this time, which includes the completion of certain karmas.

What is additionally exceptional about the first eclipse is that it also unites with the grand cross, most positively with the Pluto/Lilith conjunction Capricorn and with the lovely Kali in Cancer, a situation that joins the healing and transformative potency of this time. Simultaneously, it furthers the collective need to understand the deep sacred feminine and creates multiple opportunities for healing the wounds to our relationship to the “dark goddesses”.

In theory, this all sounds wonderful but we do need to expect it will get rough at times. The first eclipse also forms squares to Saturn in Sagittarius. This represents confrontations with internal rigidity from patriarchal origins, wounds to do with our fathers and other significant men, and further challenges and opportunities around the physical embodiment and manifestation of our soul’s work.

During the month, the planet Mercury, which represents the activities of the mind and ideally allows us to think and communicate with clarity, crosses Neptune in Pisces. This crossing tends to produce the opposite effect as it seeks to open the mind to the non-rational dimensions of life.

Mercury/Neptune contacts are fabulous for inner spiritual and creative processes but tend to spaces us out and confuse our communication, and discernment between projection and reality. But, when it does get internally rough, the way to go is within, to call on the benefits of meditation and any form of organic and orgasmic form creative expression to release the pressure.

In summary, I’ve been encouraging clients and colleagues to make use of the eclipses and the big collective processes by either creating events that offer space for others to heal and to do some soul purpose work, or to get to such an event to take up the same opportunities. It’s been quite amazing to see how many have already intuited the need for that!

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.