02.07.2018 Astrology

Three eclipses intensify energies

Challenges and grace are finely balanced in the month of Cancer, says Daniel Sowelu

This month is going to be a mixed bag, with some brilliant flowing alignments and some head-on confrontations, laced with considerably more action around the soul journeying Nodes of the Moon. The Sun in Cancer, for instance, is the base of both a spiritually fabulous grand trine and a hard-core grand Cross. These herald a variety of challenges all dramatically energised by the next round of eclipses.

The Cancer archetype is essentially a beautiful energy, heart-full, emotionally intelligent, generous in its love and nurturing. It is also quite a contradictory sign as, along with the above, it often has a multilayered defensiveness about it.

It longs for union and unity but if threatened retreats into its shell.

The Sun is a corner in a flowing threesome with Neptune in Pisces and the Jupiter Psyche conjunction in Scorpio. Thus free flowing water energy links the enormous psychic and spiritual sensitivity of Neptune and the gracious, expansive Jupiter, who continues his own tango with the beautiful soul relationship goddess, Psyche. This combination enhances emotional and psychic availability, our ability to trust the intelligence of our emotions, and of taking risks in opening to higher expressions of love, beauty and service. Obviously, this brings out the best in Cancer.

However, the Crab is also powerfully challenged by the Grand Cross that involves an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and squares either side to the Chiron/Hygeia conjunction in Aries and to Persephone in Libra. This is a pressure cooker for stewing up unresolved emotional wounds, facing internal and external forms of patriarchal conditioning and unveiling old grief from earlier losses. All the while offering enormous healing opportunities if one is willing to confront the challenges.

The test for Cancer inside each of us is whether to hide and batten down the hatches or find the courage to stay open and vulnerable.

The fact that the Grand Trine and the Grand Cross are interlacing each other means we are likely to do both, as the grace will be just as present as the challenges. Certainly, with the two great healers, Chiron and Hygeia, together in the fire sign of Aries it is a particularly auspicious time, providing both the demands of this time and the accompanying grace to open and heal.

Speaking of fire, the goddess of love, Venus is in the dynamic sign of Leo, trining a wild conjunction of Eros and Kali also in Aries. On the surface this looks like a good excuse for having a great deal of fun, especially for those of you who partake in processes like conscious dance, Dancing Eros or Rewilding. Ideally, we need big spaces and deep permission to go expressively wild and safely erotic.

On a deeper level, this seeks to liberate our capacity for love and our natural born connection to our sacred sexuality from the constraints of emotional rigidity and societal/religious conditioning. Similarly, the goddess of marriage, Juno is conjunct the radical Uranus in early Taurus. This represents the urge to break out, at least temporarily, from the stagnation of too much routine, duty and responsibility in our primary relationships at the expense of welcoming healthy Eros.

There are good reasons though to be cautious and discerning around how you choose to express this urge to break free, as Mars, the warrior consort of Venus, is opposing Mercury in Leo, with both squaring Uranus and Juno. This is where this potential for freeing up passion could, in some circumstances, flip over into explosive outbursts of anger or even deeper rage.It offers great support for working with releasing suppressed energy but not in circumstances that involve danger or potential accidents.

Mercury is on the North Node of the Moon in Leo, representing further opportunities to recognise future developments and sole purpose potentials. In contrast, Mars, along with the Moon in Aquarius, is on the past-oriented South Node, dredging up unfinished emotional business whether from recent or more ancient past sources. The opposition between Mercury and the Moon/Mars conjunction creates some serious tension between demands of the past and opportunities of the future. In this context though, we can see the volatile Uranus as the instigator of breaking up old patterns while liberating the new.

As for healing and deeper transformation, the Chiron/Hygeia and Pluto/Black Moon conjunctions are still very much in play. So the intensity of the demands for bedrock change will continue along with tremendous opportunities for healing on multiple levels, especially for those who are willing to consciously work with this territory.

While Pluto and the Black Moon work on the deep primal layers, particularly around distortions to the sacred feminine, Chiron and Hygeia are squaring Saturn in Capricorn. This deliberately targets old patriarchal conditioning, inner critics and rigid, suppressing masculinity for healing, while ideally clearing space for the wise old master teacher within to surface more fully.

The latter will often manifest as old father issues surfacing for attention, various collisions with outer authority or resistance from the outer world. Within all of this are opportunities to recognise absorbed voices of negativity, so that we can get clearer around our authentic voices of wisdom and accurate self knowledge.

Saturn is high in the sky in this month’s chart and so, in a deep sense, he is offering the ability to become more of the creative centre of our own inner and outer structures, enabling us to create our outer worlds as a truer reflection of our authentic selves.

With three eclipses in the next lunar cycle, including on the 13 and the 27 of this month, all of the above processes are going to be hyper-charged by these huge psychic depth charges affecting everybody. As they usually Involve the Nodes of the Moon, these eclipses, particularly the one on the 27, encourage each of us to align more with our ultimate soul purposes which stand hand-in-hand with our authentic selves.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.