The Will of the Warrior

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

There's no way around it but this is going to be a tough and murky month, with some strong points of light for those with the eyes to see and the courage to delve deeply. In a month normally flavoured with the dynamic energies of Aries, this time the fire warrior meets brick walls, ancient powers beyond its control, and some very toxic territory. And all of it necessary, a purging in preparation for the healing power of the next months and, as a timely reminder of the need for humility, surrender and developing subtler awareness.

The Sun begins the month in Aries, conjunct Venus and Mercury - a good start, but also squaring Pluto and the Black Moon, both primal forces of death, transformation, the void and the unfathomable. The Ram, in typical fashion, will attempt to battle with this but it's as pointless as Gallipoli. Squares from the Sun to Pluto have a reputation for creating power struggles which rarely work out well because the ego is ill equipped to deal with the dark forces of the unconscious, something that often manifests as individuals or situations in our lives having far more power than we have consciously available.

Nevertheless, it is also a call to power, to surrender the superficial power of our will in order to create a far deeper awareness of these deeper forces, which don't necessarily want to block us, but need us to hear and respond affirmatively to their demands. This includes the need for the psyche to purify and purge, the need to make both long lasting changes in our world as well as in the way we relate to it, and the need to get more in touch with our true psychosexual potency.

This notion of being "role tested", of being challenged by life to see how well we can hold our knowing, our own authority, our gains and our skills in the face of opposition, is repeated by the action of Saturn as well. A square with the Moon in Gemini makes for an emotionally uncomfortable, often lonely and depressing time (fortunately the Moon also has a trine to Jupiter to rebalance some of this), but also tests this light and bright position of the Moon as to whether we can stay with this uncomfortable situation, learn some useful lessons about the necessity of grieving and of being alone at times, without taking flight into the light and frivolous to escape the pain. To do the latter would also be a great shame as the healing goddess Hygeia is exactly on the Moon at the start of the month - a calling to connect and relate powerfully to the serpent power within and to call on her extraordinary healing shakti to assist with the intense inner processes of this time.

Saturn also opposes Mars in Pisces, the latter not the best position for the warrior but one that has far greater access to the subtlety of things, however prone it can be to feeling inadequate and having difficulty finishing things. A Saturn opposition, especially from the demanding, exacting sign of Virgo, can really hammer this Mars position with the inner critic in ways that exaggerate those feelings of being not good enough. As a role-test though it's also saying, "Are you going to be able to get past reactivity to critical parents and authority figures from your past, enough to see that life is trying to hone your will and your warrior so that it becomes more effective in the world, with a complex and brilliant mix of warrior and mystic?" In this process, we should also expect some significant delays and frustrations in conscious goals as the Saturn/Mars, a traditional symptom but one also meant to activate old issues to do with suppressed anger and issues with authority that need recognition and cleaning up.

Along these very tough transits is a fantastic kite constellation rooted in a Leo South Node, trining the Sun, Venus, Mercury in Aries, trining Medusa and Hekate in Sagittarius, culminating in Psyche and Eros conjunct the North Node in Aquarius. For all the hard work with the Mars/Saturn and the Venus/Pluto, the North Node promises a fuller expression of the love principle but at a higher octave with Psyche and Eros than offered by the Venus and Mars relationship. The myth of this archetypal couple beautifully illuminates the processes and highest possibilities of the human relationship, combining spirit, eroticism, air, earth and water. It appears that out of the gloom and pressure of this month something rather exquisite wants to emerge, surfacing out of the intense alchemy or cauldron of this period. That Medusa and Hekate are a part of this journey highlights, like the Black Moon presence, that purifying and deepening our relationship with the dark, sacred feminine is integral to its potential success.

It is very clear that this is also a part of the preparation for a lengthy, grace filled period of healing and spiritual opening represented by the upcoming Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. It's not as though the intensity and depth of things will change with this, but that more obvious help is on its way. Inner proceedings in particular are likely to move more easily and more quickly. Chiron and Neptune come within a degree of each other this month leading up to going exact from May to July when they will be joined by Jupiter. Things are about to get even more interesting. More about this next month.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.