31.10.2016 Promotional editorial

The Two Worlds

Spiritual teacher Michael Barnett, who’ll be visiting Perth in December, shares his vision of expanding our consciousness

So there are two worlds. One world is you and your life, and when things go well that is enough. But when things aren’t going well… well, you have to put up with it, and anyway, even for people whose life is not so great much of the time, they are very attached to it. One reason why they are very attached to it is because that is all there is, there is no choice. You can’t have somebody else’s life, you only have the one you have got. And so we have to see it through, in its ups and downs, in good times and bad we have to see it through.

Many older people when they die - not the younger people when they unfortunately die - but when older people die they are often very happy to die because when you get old and there is not much you can do, and you often have a lot of pain, there seems to be no reason to continue in that kind of condition. That may not apply to you but maybe one day it will.

But in fact that world, the personal world and its relationship with life and other people, is not the only world there is.

There is another world that is much bigger than your life’s world because that world includes all life – it not only includes all life, it includes the source of all life.

The source of all life is continuously present; it may have started at what is known as the Big Bang, and that source of all life is still here right now and always and with everybody. So this other world, this other life in this other world, includes all life that exists of all kinds. It includes the source of life, but it also includes you. It includes the first world I talked about but then that first world is no longer enclosed; there are no borders to it, it is connected to the universe, and if you can find that world and join it then your life will be transformed. You will not know unhappiness anymore, you will not know conflict with yourself anymore, and you will die happy. You will die happy because if you have found the oneness for yourself then you will know that your life has reached a completion, then it is nice to live that completion but you are no longer attached to it and you no longer think: ‘What else is there.’ Everybody who puts their foot on the spiritual path, does so because they look at their life and say: ‘There must be more than this!’

There is a strong feeling there is more, but we don’t know how to get there so we look around for people who maybe do know how to get there.

Because they are there, and so they can offer people ways in which maybe they can also share in that experience. They are called teachers, spiritual teachers, masters, and people go to them to see if they can somehow or other get what they have transferred to them or learn from them how to join that other world.

You will find that it obviously needs more than thinking how to do it, because thinking how to do it doesn’t get you anywhere because your thinking is part of this world. When you think and explore with your mind then what you have to think with is something that belongs to this world, your thoughts have just your experience to find out something new. Despite all this great technology that has improved our lives, still there is as much viciousness and murder and terrible things going on, almost as much as there was before, because somehow that relationship with other people is not touched by this creativity.

Everybody is attached to their beliefs, everybody thinks that what they believe is the truth, and if you go to the other world this never happens. If the other world includes everything, then it includes the possibility of all opinions, but none of them matter. You look down from a cosmic point of view and you see there are all these opinions and you say, well, some of them are interesting and some of them are ridiculous and some of them are insane, but in a way you don’t hold a counter opinion, you just see what opinions are worth.

So in this other world you find peace, you find happiness, you find a sense of union with everything.

You find a deep relaxation in you, a serenity, an acceptance of whatever is without you being involved with anything. You are watching a movie all around you, a crazy movie in which millions of things are happening, but you are not part of the movie anymore – you join the movie when you want but then you are not really part of the movie anymore.

So if the mind can’t take you there, what can take you there? Because people do find it. They find it sometimes spontaneously on their own, which is rare but can happen, or they find it through someone who has already found it; they find somehow how to take the steps or non-steps themselves that a master or a teacher took.

It is possible, and the way that I try and show other people how to reach that world is through the processes of energy.

It can work because everything is energy – that other world I speak about is also energy.

That is what I am trying to do with all of my students all over the world. Then when I do personal energy work, I try through my connection to bring your energy away from the centre of this first world that you live in, to change the vibration of it so it starts slowly, step-by-step, to bring it to the possibility of joining the cosmic resonance.

Michael Barnett