01.09.2012 Spirituality

The Time is Now

The Kogi people of Colombia call for urgent action to save our planet. Jeremy Ball shares their call with us.

The Kogi are an ancient tribe who inhabit the highest coastal mountain on earth, a more than 6000 metre high pyramidal mountain in an area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in a very remote part of Colombia's Caribbean Coast. They are the last surviving civilisation from the worlds of the Inca and Aztec, with cities untouched by our 'modern' world. Today's Guatemalan Maya are led by men who were sent as children to be trained by the Kogi, who are revered by the Native American people from the Amazon to the Hudson River.

I first heard of the Kogi in 2005 from the lips of spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek who is famous for his books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Living in the Heart and Serpent of Light, now considered classics of modern spirituality (in fact, the real ancient wisdom returning as we unmask the veils of dogma and religiosity). Drunvalo related the story of how the Kogi connected with him from their high mountain retreat by sending their spirit into the body of a woman attending his workshop. They were to teach him the profound wisdom of how to enter the sacred space of the heart, to help the Western world return to heart-centred living in tune with the natural world and the universe, in order to avert inevitable destruction.

Drunvalo has taught this work ceaselessly and has since met with the Kogi in person on several occasions. On the day I first met Drunvalo on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan, he related how the Kogi's spiritual leaders are raised in the dark for their first 18 years, to learn to communicate with 'ALUNA', the thought process that shapes and maintains reality, the source of life and intelligence. Through this process they become Mamos (enlightened ones).

Over the centuries, the Mamos have continued their work of helping maintain the balance on Earth at remote 'hot spots', sacred places where living energy pours into the world. The mountain on which the Kogi live is on a tectonic plate separate from the Andes. Its unique structure means it is virtually a miniature version of the planet, a micro-cosmos in which every ecological zone is represented and in which most plants and animals can find homes. The mountain functions as a link to all the ecological zones of the planet, an acupuncture point that, when stimulated, brings healing to the larger body that is our world.

The Kogi live in order to care for the world and keep its natural order functioning. In 1990, having recognised for some years that this task was being made impossible by Little Brother's (our) mining and deforestation, they emerged to work with director Alan Ereira. A 90 minute film, From the Heart of the World, Elder Brother's Warning produced for BBC1, warned of our need to change course. Following the making of the film, the Kogi withdrew to their mountain haven once more to continue their work of maintaining balance and to see what action mankind would take.

This is not a fantasy, nor a story, it is not even allegory - we are talking plain cold facts. There are wonders in this world beyond imagination, yet Little Brother, as the Kogi refer to modern civilisation, has not only plundered and harmed the physical planet but has dumbed down our minds, individually and globally, and spiritual connection. In their view, this ravaging of the ALUNA makes further planetary destruction inevitable unless we make drastic changes.

After Little Brother paid little heed to Elder Brother's (the Kogi's) message, they have returned to shout the message again. This time there is a ready audience, although currently a minority - the likes of you and I reading NOVA and doing our best to minimise the trail of harm our life does to the planet.

The Kogi are profoundly frightened by what Little Brother is doing to the world, but also well aware that we have no understanding of the forces we are unleashing. They believe the only hope of survival for mankind is if we can learn why they are so scared - and they know that we will only believe what we can see.

So, in 2010, after watching Little Brother take minimal action and in fact increase his destructive ways, the Kogi were forced once more to come down and communicate with the madness taking place below. This time, despite the hastening destruction, there is a groundswell of awakening and people ready to hear their message at a relatively profound level.

During 2011 and early 2012, a new film was made, and completed in June. In this new documentary entitled ALUNA, the Kogi, in the face of the approaching apocalypse, open us to the mysteries of their sacred places. Their purpose is to change our understanding of reality by encountering the dangers and the power of the force that drives reality - a force that is now being torn apart and is about to be unleashed as savage chaos.

Kogi folklore tells an epic tale in which the struggles of otherworldly heroes, invoked in fearsome masked and costumed rituals, are interwoven with our current crisis. The Kogi demonstrate visible and measurable results of their work and how they are really caretaking the entire planet through rituals and spiritual practice. An indigenous film crew was trained to work alongside the professionals, so that a whole dimension the modern film crew may have missed was captured on camera.

The Mamos believe they have to release this message now because humanity is destroying sacred sites for money. The Kogi show how and why the resulting eruption of chaotic cosmic energy is causing climate change, new disease epidemics, geological instability and a relentless increase in violent conflict. The Kogi's message shows us that we have to change how we perceive the Earth to engineer the future we desire.

I learnt of this second film in May 2012 from Andrew Harvey, well known as a spiritual thinker and author who, through a series of visions and deep spiritual experiences, was delivered the same apocalyptic message the Kogi carry. These experiences understandably changed Andrew's life completely and he has since made it his life mission to pass on this message and introduce the tools for us to co-create the planetary resurrection. For this is not all a message of doom, far from it. It is a wake up to the reality of what has been created in ignorance and a call to action to make it happen. 2012 is that unrivalled opportunity.

Drunvalo continues to teach from his base in Sedona, USA the most important tool the Kogi Mamos gave him - how to bring Little Brother from living within his brain to living within his heart, the shortest and most vital journey in all the universe. For it is from living within the heart that we unite with the forces of nature and can literally 'dream' a new world together.

But if, on the other hand, we stay in the head, we will debate and juggle concepts until the unholy cows of greed and destruction come home.
I urge all of you to watch the film ALUNA; for trailers and release updates view www.alunathemovie.com/en

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au