the stars - November 2006

Itlooks as though we are, at last, getting a month of great dynamism, with much more positivity than has beenavailable for sometime. Obviously, the processes of change, growth, healingand transformation don't simply stop, but it is goodto have periods of sunnier astrological weather at thesame time. It is also Scorpio's month, even more sothan usual, with five planets and two major asteroidsgoing through it, including a very juicy conjunctionof Sun, Mars and Venus.

The sheer sexual and creative dynamism of this aloneis worthcelebrating and Scorpio doesn't mind the additionalturning up of thedial on this part of its core self. It is also a highlycreativecombination that would be good to channel into healthyoutlets, asMars adds fire, confidence and "grunt" tothe aesthetic sensitivitiesand grace of Venus. This creative and sexual potencyis also takenup a number of notches by the electric Uranus, whichforms a trine ofgreat, fluid voltage to the conjunction. All of whichcan do much torevitalize relationships that have gone a little stale,byencouraging us to break out from routine and habitsthat make lifetoo mundane. Not to do so would produce unnecessarystresses, asthere is just too much energy in this combination tobe sat on,without some explosive reactions.

The passion that the Scorpion injects into its lovelife isreflected by the old joke that "Scorpio's don'thave relationships...they take hostages!" A Venus/Mars conjunction addsmore fuel to oursex drive, as well as desires and passions of all sorts.But how wellit works depends very much on how integrated the masculineandfeminine parts of self are at any time. Mars wants torise to meetlove while Venus longs to draw it down from the heavens.Mars needsto express its drive and its desire, while Venus invitesthroughattraction and sometimes seduction. As an archetypalcouple onewithout the other is incomplete and produces imbalances,too much ofone, not enough of the other. Venus in Scorpio is adeeply sensual,emotionally powerful aspect of the feminine, while Marsin Scorpio isan ardent, smouldering, even ruthless energy in pursuitof itsdesires. Both are dangerous energies if thwarted andcan produce somedeep trauma and some spectacular battles if their combinedenergybecomes skewed. When moving well though, especiallyalong with theinfluence of the Sun and Uranus, they can produce someof the deepestof heart to heart connections, as well as some almosttranscendentsexual experiences.

We must expect, though, some challenges around ourrelatingand our sexuality at this time, not just because ofthe depth and thehigh energy of the above, but from a square from Chironand thecentaur asteroid Nessus together in Aquarius, to theVenus/Mars/Suncombination. The Chiron connection seeks to heal themasculine bybringing up old issues to do with anger, disappointmentand theundermining of confidence by unseen emotional forceswhile we weregrowing up. Nessus also represents the experience ofabuse, violence,alcoholism and sexual invasion at the hands of the masculine,as wellas opportunities for the healing of such wounds. Theirpresencetogether for the next months doubles up on the themesof healing ofthe masculine and its negative influences on our identity,sexualityand creativity. This more immediate focus on our relating,sexuallyand otherwise, adds a darker edge to the abundant energiesfound inScorpio for the month. Not a good time to put yourselfin potentiallydangerous places! Also be aware that the kind of verypowerfulemotional and sexual experiences that can come at thistime, howeveropening and releasing, can activate some ancient issuesin selfand/or beloved. And here lies the opportunity for healing,ifunderstood and handled well.

The other great thing about the month is an exactconjunction of Mercury and Jupiter, one of the bestof mind-expanding combinations we can have. The eagle-likeJupiter takes the normal functionings of the mind intoplaces of great elevation, which can open us to fargreater possibilities than the more conservative aspectsof our thinking processes can allow. Jupiter opens usto greater options in the immediate situation, but alsodraws our attention to the big pictures of lifestylechoices, of how to create more abundance spirituallyand materially, and of what we want to create for ourfuture, both personally and collectively. On a day-to-daybasis, this combination simply gives us a more positive,optimistic and confident frame of mind that both attractsgood opportunities and gives off a lot of light andgrace for others, as long as we don't fall into thetrap of arrogance, judgementalism and self righteousness.Before we get carried away though - another Jupiteriantrap - Saturn is squaring the Mercury/Jupiter conjunctionand so challenging these higher flights of the mindto see how realistic, practical and achievable are someof the great schemes, ideas and possibilities that emergewhen Jupiter takes us upwards. This often necessaryanchoring can feel like the dream stealers and the innercritics in our heads, and for some this will be trueas Jupiter/Saturn squares represent the battles betweengrowth and contraction within. But with Jupiter havingat least technically the upper hand, Saturn can actuallysave us from flights of fantasy that waste a lot ofenergy and help us identify what goals are worthwhileand achievable. Getting the balance right is one ofthe results of the alchemical struggle between thesetwo big energies - eventually. As long as we can staygrounded and conscious, we can enjoy the best of theexpansiveness of this time, as well as learn more aboutwhat rips us off from living a rich and passionate life.And enjoy this break in the weather!

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