The Power of Prayer

Prayer has the power to transform our being and the world
Prayer in all its forms can profoundly transform our lives, even our physical being, says Jeremy Ball

In the study of the evolution of the cosmos and sacred sites, more through direct experience than academically, I have come to understand that each living being and energy centre on the living being, Mother Earth, is an aperture to the Divine. And it is by flowing through this aperture that the Divine can come to experience and know herself.

A pool of water is a pool of water until it cascades through the skies and tumbles down through the earth. Through these experiences, water comes to know and experience itself as droplets of the Divine.

Now, the next idea I am going to offer without proof, but allow you the testing ground of your own truth as registered by your heart. As beings, we do not all follow this path, yet it is a progression of the Divine through varied forms for a life stream to evolve. This is first embodied in simple cells, then animals and humans before becoming celestial form, first as a planet, a young sun, through the spectrum of evolution and life span of a star before finally exploding in a supernova, to impregnate her life through the galaxy and become that star cluster. There is no death, just change in form. I believe that these celestial bodies are truly beings further along the path of evolution. In fact, sometimes they send an offshoot of their being to inhabit human form on Earth. I would not be surprised if the human population peaks at the same number as the stars in the galaxy.

That is an aside, I return to my point: our being and the beings within us are in a constant state of evolution growing to allow more light to shine through us for the planet and her energy centres known to us as sacred sites. We may bring more of this divine light upon us through the power of prayer. We can pray to higher beings to shower us with light, they themselves are apertures to the divine. We can pray to nature for her to shower us with light, she is an aperture to the divine.

We can ask humans and gurus and lamas and teachers and avatars even in the form of animals to bring us wisdom and healing by showering us with the light through the aperture to the Divine they are.
When we pray, we bring divine light into our being (all the levels of our energy body) and, of course, most grossly our physical body. This divine light reorders us on every level, physically bringing health to our auras and a sheen to our skin. And more than restore us to balance, it will even allow us to grow and evolve into higher states of being and form. The physical effects of this will be manifest through ever more sophisticated sacred geometrical forms.

One of the most magnificent manifestations of this is still to this day manifested by high lamas and practitioners in Tibet. These spiritual beings spend much of their time in ardent and specific prayer to reconfigure their bodies so that once the spirit has left the physical body and this body is cremated, many relics remain, pearls and mini stupas and statues that have manifested within the physicality of the body. These relics are the manifestation of profound prayers that have created an incredible energy field.

Most of us today are familiar with the great work of Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan, whose work in showing the manifestation of prayers and emotions in water crystals (ice) has made obvious the power of prayer and the importance of cleansing our emotions and having a beneficial intent. Dr Emoto has shown clearly how there is a physical manifestation to thought forms, and intentions or prayers. This physical manifestation can be negative or positive.

Through positive prayer we shower our being with divine energy, which will flush out darker lower energies that have accumulated through negative thoughts, past karmas and environmental contamination in all forms, including emotional. We bring wellbeing to the body, as well as becoming attractive to positive energy, people and circumstances.

Try it now, stop whatever you are doing, put the magazine down and pray. Pray how best you pray with a personal connection to the Divine. If nature is how you experience the Divine, pray to Mother Earth to wash your energy system clean and bring divine order to your being. You may ask this of a master - Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Mary, Buddha and many more - or your prayer may be a call out to the energy of life within the Universe. However you access the energy of the Divine, pray that she pour into you and through you.

Ahh that's nice! Now we can take our prayers one step further; we can become a walking sacred site, an aperture pouring divine light onto the planet and those with whom we come into contact. Maybe a trickle at first, we don't have to be a big powerful storm (for sure they knock things over and lift things up, yet it is the cool soft breeze which is constant and gentle that really shapes the Earth).

So stop again, whether you're in a coffee shop or on the bus, and pray and really feel the energy flowing through you like rivers along your magnetic channels. Pray that the Divine flow through you like a many headed hose, flow through you to redefine the environment around you, restore order and balance to nature, wash the trauma or stress from people, make the patterns in the air happy and new. Just as the water crystals can be changed from sludge to beauty and radiate that charm, so can the air, the pavement, the rocks, the trees, the molecules within humans allow this grace to flow through you.

Just as there are more powerful and serene sacred sites in the world and there are more powerful and blissful stars in the sky, so there are more evolved beings who embody prayer. Just by coming into contact with their picture or the thought of them brings grace into your life - the prayer flows into you. To come into their physical energy field is a grace beyond measure; the effect of their profound energy field is like a sun to the blackest of nights. Their energy field will do to your being as Emoto's prayers are to the ice.

One such being is His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Australia will be blessed by his presence once more this month, June 2011. Please do yourself a favour and all of your ancestors and descendents to come by taking the time to be in his energy field. Transform your being and all those to come in contact with you, be ignited by his prayer, add it to your own and carry this flame of hope and goodness to reignite virtue and good values everywhere. May the Divine bless you now and always.