The Maya are the Wise Ones in 2012

Jeremy Ball speaks with Mayan teacher Miguel Angel Vergara

Jeremy Ball speaks with Mayan teacher Miguel Angel Vergara

We are entering the fabled time when many traditions state that the wise ones will return to walk on Earth, to embody truth, compassion and wisdom. In my search around the world I have met some people who I feel fit the bill. In the next series of columns I will speak with them and share the messages they have to bring. We have entered the final stages of this cycle of the Mayan Calendar and so what better place to start than with Miguel Angel Vergara, a Mayan teacher and ceremonial master who makes his home in Merida in the heart of the Yucatan, Mexico.

My conversation with Miguel Angel was so joyful and enlightening that I will add nothing by way of introduction but rather allow you to absorb his inspiring words:

Jeremy: What is the message of the Maya for these times?

Miguel: Well, for me, the synthesis of the Maya for this time is the big shift of our consciousness. The end of the world is not the end of the physical worlds; it is the end of the world of the ego. To begin the new world with the new consciousness - this is the synthesis, because if you transform you transmute as much as you can your inner side and you will be ready to understand the new time.

The time December 21, 2012 is zero point which involves all the possibilities to begin a new time with a different consciousness and this is the Maya for signs. We must change our consciousness and how can we change our consciousness is doing the work of the inner transformation, to begin a new time, to begin the 13 baktun with a new consciousness, with a new view, with a new point of view, with a new way to live.

If we want to help our planet we need to change, we need to change mentally, emotionally and physically and, of course, spiritually. So the Mayans are very clear, this is the time of the shift of the consciousness. This is the end of the world of the ego. This is not the end of the world physically. So our purpose in this time is to help to serve people with the tools that we have to change precisely into another statement of consciousness.

This is in general terms because Maya means a chosen one. And what it means to be a chosen one means when you work to connect your heart and your mind, and you decide to transform within you in order to get another consciousness and perception in the different levels we have - the body, the soul, and in the spirit. So Maya is a chosen one, but you can be a chosen one if you change your inner heart, if you work with humbleness, faith, you work with will, you work with passion for yourself to help the others and to serve the others and to make a bridge to the others. That's the solar logos, return of Quetzecoatl teachings bringing the love, the wisdom, the perfect balance, men and women, the two opposites need to be in harmony and in perfect balance."

Jeremy: Is Quetzecoatl the solar logos?

Miguel: "Quetzecoatl, the feathered serpent, is one of the applications of the sun so the solar logos means the one soul who is connected strongly with the sun, the one who teaches us about the sun, our connection with the sun. It's just our Father Sun who has given us the wisdom, the light, the activation with the ancient memory to connect and, at the same time, the fire to activate our inner gifts. The light is the fire, the sacredness, the activation of light, the solar logos in every molecule, atom in the universe."

Jeremy: This reminds me of the Rainbow Serpent Aboriginal people in Australia speak of.

Miguel: Day by day I am amazed to see that we are one family. There is no difference. We are in the same boat, we are travelling the sea in the same boats, all the tribes of the nations are the tribes of the rainbow, because the rainbow is a symbol to direct with another direction of consciousness - that light that sees but we cannot see. Only that we see the light is because we need to change our frequency to another level then we will see the rainbow. The rainbow always exists and is in all the ancient families of the word. One of the names of the tribes in the Yucatan is even Mother Rainbow.
Sometimes we don't know how to connect and link but I can tell you we are one family that is travelling in one boat and the boat is going in direction to the father-mother, to the solar logos, to the sun again so we are only one human race and we have only one home who is the planet, Gaia, our beloved. But it is one house, one family, with different colours and nationalities. But at the beginning we were androgynous and we spoke one language, so we came from that source and now we are remembering, day by day, a little bit more. So when you come to the Maya lands, these amazing energies, like the needles of the planet, will activate, of course, your ancient memories. And the ones who are ready to see more begin this activation and so it is fantastic to be alive and to participate in this big, big increasing of the cosmic frequencies because we are going, of course, to another time consciousness shifts. So just for you that's the best part you can do is to be alive."

Miguel told me that the Earth is alive and there are energy centres that can activate our knowledge, awaken our wisdom and bring us to higher consciousness. He told me that the Maya Lands and the network of temples located on energy points take us through an energetic journey to higher consciousness. The Maya of old work using their profound inner and outer technology to create this profound healing and awakening network for the human soul. Miguel went on to describe specific sites:

"Yaxchilan (site in the South of Mexico near the border with Guatemala) is the place the Maya connected with the cosmos. Its name means the first place of the Mayan prophets. It houses the Temple 33, which has an important prophecy about December 2012. The oral tradition is still alive in these sacred sites."

"Palenque is a royal university of the arts where still you will connect with the ancient ones. The art there is what we call the royal art, you only see those beautiful stuccos and carvings. And the temples still have the ancient energies and you can still reactivate your chakras, you can reactivate your gifts."

"Edzna (in the Mexican state of Campeche) is a place that has a lot of music vibration, mantras praying, dancing. There is one palace located to the West and during the March Equinox, through the ornamental process of the building, you see the shadows touching the walls like the hands of the creator Father Sun, coming down. Everything here is like a poem."

"Uxmal is the sacred feminine principle and is where the women, the priestesses received, in the ancient times, the cosmic teachings, the cosmic knowledge to evolve to the level of the high ones. Names like iXel, mother moon, mother of the light, the grandmother of the heart of the earth. It will be part of the process in this moment, to understand how important it is to connect with Mother Earth at this time. How important it is to love and to honour and to respect Mother Earth, to connect with our roots."

"The caves in Arkay in Ich Muul are the first places built by a lord who came from Atlantis. There is an oral tradition that says the father called Umsumna is the dew of the sky, meaning that he is the lord. He came from Atlantis and he built Arkay and Itsama as the first two cities in the Maya lands after the sinking of Atlantis, the Poseidon Islands. The Mayans and other teachers left this place in order to connect and to save the chosen ones, people who deserved the honour to survive and to create and build other civilisations like the Maya, the Egyptians, like the Tibetans, the Inca, like the Native Americans."

"And of course Chichen Itza is my dearest city, it is the cosmic university of the Maya. I was working there for four years so I know very well this area. And Chichen Itza is where the science, the arts, the philosophy, the religion is one. It is like the diversity in the oneness and the oneness in the diversity. It is where all the Mayan teachers from all the Mayan areas must come to receive their degrees. For example, if you studied to be a doctor in Copan you must come to Chichen Itza to receive your PhD. So Chichen Itza has the highest level in these four areas - science, art, philosophy and religion. Of course, Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world now because the pyramid is an amazing Mayan calendar in stone."

Ek' Balam (in the Yucatan, Mexico) is another of these places where you will see another prophecy, the return of the wise ones, the return of the people, the messengers from the sky, angels. It's a place that has two of the angels or messenger/Mayan teachers with wings. So, physically a statue and the wings represent the connection with spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It is a very profound time for people to connect with these Mayan sites and visiting the Maya temples, people will really feel the Maya profound connection with the cosmos and at the same time with the earth."

The thing that stood out for me from Miguel's words, spoken with such joy and connection as he lives his wisdom, is that the Maya are no saviours come to pull us from our mire. Rather they are us, those who make the decision to rise up, make positive choices and see the beauty of the world and even augment it by bringing out our inner beauty as well.
In La'kech (I am another you).