The Lion and the Lamb

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

We all know we live in amazing and magical times, but how many know that these ancient prophecies and wisdom are literally unfolding right before our eyes.

The famous biblical prophecy that the lamb shall lie down with the lion speaks, on one level, of the closing of the circle of enmity between the creatures of the Earth but something much deeper on other levels. The hunter and hunted realising they are one, bring through the spirit of kinship and caring rather than competition and greed, announcing an end to polarities and the dawn of oneness.

At first, this will be mirrored to humanity through the looking glass of nature. Humans will then also express the higher principles embodied in this paradigm. Perhaps international borders will fold or seem less important, debts will be forgotten and past transgressions and grudges between forefathers will fade into the distant past, as the magnetics that hold the impulses and the memories subside.

It is said that this evolution will mark the coming of the Christ. Now the soul that is, or was, Lord Jesus may return within another body or in spiritual form. Many people have and will continue to debate the details of this return. Perhaps what is more important is that as this is occurring within the animal kingdom, we - you and me - will express more of these "Christed" qualities.

It may at first appear some fanciful dream, fairytale or bizarre possibility, yet the prophecy is completely true and unfolding before our eyes right now. In Africa , the cradle of humanity, these phenomena are occurring, and have been filmed. And through the technological miracle of the Internet, we can witness these miracles in our own homes.

When I visited the sacred White Lions of Timbavati in November 2007, Linda Tucker, their human guardian, first made me aware of this phenomenon. Linda told me that a lioness in East Africa , a short distance from the slopes of the great Kilimanjaro, had adopted a goat kid and was a very caring mother to her unusual child. It was only when gamekeepers, concerned for the safety of the kid, intervened that mother and child were parted. Yet a short time later, the lioness attempted to adopt another child, this time a fawn. In 2001, game wardens at the Samburu National Park in Kenya witnessed an adult lioness scare off an oryx antelope mother, only to grab her baby in its mouth and take it away - not to eat, but to nurture. The lioness allowed the young antelope to return to its mother for feeding before scaring her off again so it could take over the mothering role.

I was in awe at this parable come to life. I could feel the beauty of the story and what it represented for the collective evolution of the planet. Yet my rational mind did not fully let it in - until 18 months later, while browsing YouTube, I came across three videos that filled my heart with joy and wonder and my eyes with tears. I encourage you to take the time to view them too as part of your initiation into the higher mind.