The Hero Descends

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This will be both a dynamic and a turbulent month, with the Sun in Pisces in a tango with the opposition of Saturn and Uranus, and multiple conjunctions involving the majority of the chart in Aquarius, all jammed between the exalted and the wounded in us.

The turbo charged feeling of the latter will make it a forward moving time, at the same time hitting blockages, some intense fluctuations and, with luck, enormous releases.

Firstly, the Sun in Pisces begins the month nine days away from opposing Saturn in Virgo and 12 days from joining Uranus. As each day passes tension levels will increase, as will the stress and frustration. Any oppositions to Saturn are far from fun, as no matter how good our intentions, planning and clarity, we will be met with blockages, hurdles and delays. It will appear that the world is out to stuff us around but in truth what we are experiencing is often the projected contents of our inner critics and negative beliefs, screened upon the world (which responds accordingly).

Oppositions are for raising awareness, reflecting what we are unconscious of in our selves and, in this case, for testing us as to how we cope with challenges and disappointment. It's too easy to blame the world; the real gems come from identifying the projections, as well as the gaps in our awareness and preparation.

The other trap here is that as the Sun also gets closer to Uranus, there will be the temptation to over identify with the anarchist and chuck the lot, baby and bathwater, in a reactive and rather adolescent spat of rebelliousness. The Sun conjunct Uranus is a call for radical change and following our own individualism, but not at the expense of the healthy realism also offered by Saturn.

Sure, take the day off but don't make any life turning decisions until the second half of the month when things have cooled down a bit. (Also the Sun tends to act as an activator for the bigger transits and I get the image of lighting a fuse on a powder keg, so be careful with what you do with your stress. We can also expect some cataclysmic events in the world as well).

Against this backdrop though, there are some fantastic energies around as well, particularly in Aquarius, that bridges the Jupiter/North Node conjunction of last month with the ever-tightening conjunction of Chiron and Neptune. In between, Juno, Mercury and Mars create a massive multiple conjunction of them all (an even busier one if you also include Persephone and Diana between the node and Jupiter), that show a continuum of many of the themes and positive movements of last month.

Multiple sextiles to the initial Moon/Venus conjunction in Aries combines a passionate heartfulness to this incredibly dynamic combination as well. Now, the primary question is, what are we going to do about both the soul openings and the spiritual wounding? Both will be major collective themes for the whole year.

Any combination of Mars, Jupiter and Mercury cries from the top of the mountain with available energy; proactive, assertive, instigating, physical, red blooded...combining the warrior with the thinker and the visionary, especially in Aquarius.

It's the kind of energy that can take up the challenge of whatever Saturn throws up, with courage, focus, even relish. It will also add more juice to the rather disembodied Uranus but with more compassion and generosity of spirit. It reminds us that whatever life dishes out, our real power is in the choice of how we respond. And in this case it is definitely in the affirmative.

And so this will support us to act on our visions and to courageously face our demons, fears and unresolved pain. With Mars and Mercury hitting both Chiron and Neptune in the first week of the month, the journey towards being able to act on and manifest our dreams by necessity goes down into this territory.

The hero descends to traverse the murky realms of stored psychic-emotional debris that threaten to disempower him and seduce him away from the path of the true spiritual warrior. In doing so then we get to identify the kinds of inner wounds that have compromised our ability to assert and express our individuality - wounds to the warriors and the healthy, life enhancing masculine.

This includes facing the consequences of carrying the unlived dreams, visions, creativity and artistry of our fathers, where their inability to honour and live their spirituality has become the energy of addiction, escapism, despair and powerlessness, all of which in turn become a debilitating psychic inheritance to be carried by their children.

Externally then, we can expect both some spectacularly good, and destructive, expressions of the masculine during this time, depending always on the awareness of the individual. On an inner level, within the same symbolism, are the possibilities for profound healing of this kind of inheritance and, for initiatory experiences that allows us to reconnect the warrior with the healer and our spiritual and psychic sensitivity. The initial Jupiter influence adds enormous courage to do the work with the possibility of success. Just think of what you could manifest in your world from this more integrated place!

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.