The Great People Rescue

Dolphin sacrifice to raise humankind's consciousness
Jo Buchanan tunes in to a higher frequency.

Starseed, the baby dolphin, envied his older sister Moongiver. Twice a day Moongiver swam to the demonstration pool at Sea World to train people in fish throwing and the use of whistles for sound transmission.

Every time a trainee blew his whistle, Moongiver would leap into the air and reward him with a triple somersault. This gave the trainee an opportunity to throw a fish into the water.

But Moongiver often sighed deeply with frustration.
"They're so slow, these humans. They still insist on throwing dead fish. We're hoping for a breakthrough soon, when one of them will realise it's live fish we need to keep marine biology going."

Starseed listened intently.

"When will they stop blowing whistles and begin the use of harmonic toning?" he asked.

"Shouldn't be too much longer now", replied Moongiver, "Project Whistle Stop is ready to be activated. Every time the trainees blow their whistles, we'll leap into the air and flip the whistles from their mouths. This should evoke a shrill cry from the throat area, which we'll immediately reward with double backflips."

Starseed watched his sister join the other instructors as they swam towards the gate linking the lagoon and demonstration pool.

"Humans only have small brains," he mused. "I suppose we can't expect too much of them."

And he glided below the aquamarine depths into deep meditation.

On the morning of Project Whistle Stop, Starseed waited impatiently by the gate, tuning into the collective tribal sounds of the large gathering of humans assembled to witness the trainees being put through their paces.

As the project progressed and whistles were being flung from trainees' mouths, followed by breathtaking aerial displays of backflips from the dolphins, the roar of the crowd filled the people area. When the returning instructors swam back into the lagoon, they felt a significant breakthrough had been achieved.

Starseed felt left out as they analysed the day's events.
"Personally, I think humans need something more dramatic to aid their consciousness expansion", he muttered to himself.

A large whale, attracted by the noisy commotion at the people arena, contacted Starseed telepathically.

"Little Starseed, this is Jonah of the Ocean calling. Do you read me?"

"I read you Big Joe," projected Starseed, "Why have you ventured so close to the Human Wildlife Park?"

"I picked up on your thought system little Starseed. I figured you may be interested in joining our Operation Orca 101. You are small enough to swim through the underground tunnel at the rear of the lagoon and swim out to sea."

"What's Operation Orca 101?" transmitted Starseed.

"It's an education program targeted at the inhabitants of the Central Coast of NSW. We're going to move there in convoy and leave our bodies prematurely...on the shores of the beaches. The aim is to unite humankind in a Rescue Mission. A rescue of themselves."

"How will you do this?"

"We'll give them the opportunity to reclaim their natural ability to work in cooperation with each other. It will also promote a reawakening of compassion, an emotion fast becoming extinct in their species. Would you like to join us?"

Little Starseed felt honoured to be involved in such a prestigious Education Event.

"But I have no qualifications for such an operation. I've not yet begun my studies in Human Folklore."

"Certificates aren't recognised in this type of mission. Your heart is open, isn't it? That's all you need."

And so it came about that Starseed the Dolphin joined Operation Orca 101 as their official mascot. The event was carefully timed for the height of the holiday season to maximise the opportunity for people participation.

An apricot sunset kissed the summer day goodnight as Starseed and the convoy of whales entered the shallow waters of the targeted area.

Aware that ascension of soul from the cetacean form was a natural progression, Starseed prepared to die in the name of humankind. For two days and two nights, humans of all shapes and sizes gathered at The Zone of Sacrifice, working, laughing and weeping together in their efforts to "save the whales".

Operation Orca 101 was transmitted through television sets throughout the world, awakening compassion in the hearts of thousands of humans.

The earthly life span of Starseed the Dolphin was not a long one. His final moments were spent cradled in the arms of a young girl who wept as she held him close.

"He's going Mum, he's going," he heard her cry, tears streaming down her cheeks. "He's gone."

Unaware his eyes had closed, Starseed felt himself drifting into an ocean of vibrant love energy.

"He's coming, he's coming," he heard from a distance. "He's arrived."

And thus began the celebration of Starseed's triumphant Return Home. Mission accomplished.