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The Gentle Healing of Reiki

Reiki is one of the most widely practised energy modalities. But, asks practitioner Lyn Craven, do we really know its strength?

Have you ever wondered what Reiki healing is? Do you have doubts about its ability to assist you in any way? I'll help you discover the subtle ways in which Reiki healing energy can help with a myriad of ailments and emotional issues, without any negative side effects on yourself or existing treatments you may be receiving.

Reiki is an ancient art of laying on of hands like the old faith healing. This form of healing has been around since the beginning of time and many ancient cultures performed healing by utilising their knowledge of energy and their intuitive ability.

Universal Energy

There are many forms of energy or spiritual healing and Reiki is one of them. The name Reiki is actually a Japanese word, which means Universal Life Force Energy. This energy is available to every person and every living thing on earth. The syllable Rei describes the universal boundless aspect of energy and the syllable ki stands for "life energy".

Reiki is healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of a channel, that is a practitioner or healer. The practitioner does not use their own energy; if they did they would become drained and possibly sick. When this energy is activated and applied for the purpose of healing, Reiki will assist the body, mind and spirit to heal. Reiki accelerates the body's ability to heal physical or emotional ailments, opening the mind and spirit to the underlying cause of disease, pain and discomfort, along with any blockages in the subconscious mind.

Some practitioners work around the energy or auric field and others prefer to work by placing their hands very lightly on the body. It is a very comforting and nurturing feeling to receive a healing with light hand contact and people relax immediately.

Reiki eases the way for you to release any suppressed emotions, often leading to a clearer insight into everyday problems and issues facing you. This is similar to meditation. Many people I have spoken with say they relax at a much deeper alpha level more quickly by allowing a practitioner to work with Reiki. Some people find they relax so deeply they almost fall asleep! Others comment on how much more effectively they visualise things, more so than in a meditation.

Physical energy levels are increased and you gain more self esteem and confidence, releasing stress from your life and bringing clarity and focus.

No interference with other treatments

It does not interfere with any medication you are taking, whether pharmaceutical or natural. Nor does it interfere with other types of treatment, although it is probably best to wait two to three days before receiving any other form of energy work so that you can observe the individual benefits you experience from the Reiki treatment.

Reiki practitioners will vary in their approach to the healing session; some will simply perform the hands on healing with no guided journey or visualisation, others will know spontaneously what type of healing journey will most benefit their client during the session. I include healing journeys with many treatments and guide people through their body to develop sensitivity to how their body is truly feeling. During our busy lives we often don't observe the subtle warnings of discomfort that can manifest or we fail to deal with underlying anxiety, stress and emotional upheaval. A guided journey allows the opportunity to communicate with that part of the body that is in need of healing.

I find working with flower remedies such as Bach Flowers is also effective to complement a Reiki treatment as all flower remedies work on the emotional or energy level of the body, thereby helping the physical.

Each person is different

The actual Reiki treatment will differ from person to person. Some wish to explore at a very deep level, particularly if they have a serious disease. They would be guided on a journey into their body with a healing light while they can seek guidance in this deep relaxed space and communicate with the body. Others are just happy to experience this deep state of relaxation without any guided journeys. Usually, thoughts spring into their minds about issues in their life, sometimes even memories from many years past. Whatever it is, there is always a reason! You find these memories or thoughts often show more insight into the present day situation. When we relax we are more open to such experiences than when we are rushing around, stressed and anxious with our thoughts flying in all directions.

Animals can also receive Reiki healing and you find they are very receptive to the energy, often letting you know when they wish to have some more!

Once you have been introduced to the use of Reiki energy, through healing either as a receiver or recipient, you begin to experience a deeper awareness within. Your perceptions on life and everyday situations seems to change and in a more positive way.

Call the Spirit back

Native Americans will often say that when we are sick we need to call our Spirit back. Our Spirit is our personal power. If we give our power away or allow it to be taken from us then we weaken our physical reserves, especially the immune system. During a healing session people are in a deep alpha state akin to meditation. They are able to call their Spirit back, to look at unfinished business and seek to learn from these situations, resolve and heal them, and let them go. The act of forgiveness is a profound aspect to any healing.

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that can be used for stress, low self esteem, goal manifestation, maintaining personal power and many other health or emotional issues. You will only know by experiencing it. As a Native American healer once said to me, "You can catch the train and take the journey or you can stand on the platform." The choice is there for you!

Sydney-based Lyn Craven is a practitioner of naturopathy, nutrition, medical herbalism, Bowen therapy, Reiki energy healing and meditation, and is a corporate health presenter/consultant with 19 years' experience in natural therapies. www.lyncravencorporatehealth-naturopath.com

Disclaimer: Information presented in this column is not intended as medical advice but to advance the understanding of holistic nutrition and lifestyle and its place in a balanced approach to health. Readers are encouraged to be guided by their own healthcare professionals.

Lyn Craven

Lyn Craven is a practitioner of Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy, Energy/Reiki therapist, meditation teacher and Corporate Health Consultant. She is also a health researcher/writer and has produced a meditation CD assisting people to manage anxiety and stress. She runs a private practice in Sydney and can be contacted on +61403 231 804