Testing Transformations

November is a time of intensity and change, reveals Daniel Sowelu.

November is a time of intensity and change, reveals Daniel Sowelu.

This is going to be a powerful month, with a lot going for it alongside a high degree of discomfort. And this is not foreign territory for Scorpio's month, from its perspective it's just life as normal - intense, tumultuous, passionate and deeply meaningful. A Scorpio without a drama is a sad and somewhat restless beast, unless it has found that point of pure stillness and transformative love at its core. Driven by the Plutonian urge to merge and self immolate, however it might long for peace, it will magnetise intense emotional experiences in its quest to discover its essence. All power to it! And as we'll see, Pluto is part of a jamboree of the great powers that will make this an even more potent month, even by Scorpionic standards.

As mentioned last month, the opposition of Saturn and Uranus peaks for the first time this month, on the 5th to be exact. This is one of the most stressful of astrological contacts, as the revolutionary meets the conservative, creating a great and brittle tension between the forces for change and the forces of resistance. It's tempting to call Saturn the bad guy in this equation but that is a simplistic and superficial perspective, as each end of this dichotomy has its own equally valid truths as well as its shadows.

From the Uranian viewpoint, change must occur to break open debilitating structures that are limiting and inappropriate for true growth. As Saturn is the main representative of structures in life, many of the things that make our world more secure come under the hammer, or lightning bolt, of Uranus. As I write, we are experiencing the greatest international financial crisis since the Great Depression. But, as we all know, this is just the tip of a much greater iceberg that threatens our emotional wellbeing and our physical survival as a planet. At its highest Uranus is challenging the fundamental beliefs regarding money, material prosperity, security, wealth and growth that govern our financial systems.

Clearly they are out of control and are the source of great suffering and environmental damage and its Uranus that's throwing the spanners into the cogs. The paradox though, is that it's the misuse of Uranian energy that has contributed to the problem through our addiction to technology, to media spoon-feeding, to unsustainable growth and the excesses of human creativity. There's always something bigger, better, flashier or wealthier to achieve! The emotional detachment that comes with Uranus turns into an insensitivity to the emotional and environmental costs of unsustainable development, of greed and small-mindedness.

This is where Saturn is as much a part of our salvation as Uranus, because at his deepest, he's also the realist; earthy, wise, understanding the limits of things and is as much a builder and creator. He has his own form of detachment that says, "Okay, if you are going to do it that way, I'll show you the consequences," in order that we learn from mistakes and get more in touch with our own wisdom.

The key to understanding these healthier roles is to be able to pierce through our own individual and societal conditioning. The more we do so, the more we can see through the hype, spin and seductions of the world we've created and find our own authentic truths. In this respect, Uranus is assisting in this awakening, this opportunity of initiation into the mysteries of Saturn, who is as much a part of our godhead as he is of the structural world.

On a smaller scale then, we can expect this creative tension to be playing itself out in small and big ways in our individual lives. It will challenge places in ourselves and in our world that are stuck, calcified and rigid, which will bring up all sorts of fears and insecurities. Don't panic! See this as an opportunity to assess what's working and what's not, so you can get creative about other possibilities.

On another level, we will also be challenged around our visions and dreams, our delusions and mini-utopias, tested as to how realistic, achievable and appropriate they are for us, physically and spiritually. The ones that are valid for us will get support and we are then encouraged to get serious, disciplined and concrete about manifesting them in our worlds. So as stressful as things are and will get at times, this is ultimately a creative process alongside the necessary disintegrations. Some are saying that these experiences are all part of the birthing pains of a new era.

As for Pluto, he is a part of an extraordinary lineup of goddess energies in late Sagittarius, just before he enters Capricorn on the 28th. The Black Moon, Persephone, Juno and Diana are all conjunct with him and will be joined by Venus and Psyche in the middle of the month.

Briefly, this represents a period of great transformation, purification and empowerment of these different faces of the feminine, the culmination of processes that began months ago and that have been seeking to heal and deepen our relating, our connection to our own hearts and emotions, and to our beloveds. It is a meeting of the goddesses of love and relationship with the gods and goddesses of the underworld, of Hades and Persephone holding court for their other honoured guests. The Scorpios and the Plutonians will love both the energy and the symbolism of this!

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 21st year of private practice.