31.05.2018 Astrology

Stronger relationships

Daniel Sowelu predicts a month of swirling energies with relationships at its core

June is going to be a most unusual month, a weird one on some levels, an emotionally stoic one on others, and a super powerful one in its challenges and its opportunities. It includes two positive kite formations (two grand crosses plus extra sextiles) that lie obliquely to each other, multiple semi- sextiles and inconjunctions (weird aspects that link unrelated signs) and another round of the transformative energies around relationships.

The Gemini Sun has a mixture of positive and challenging aspects, which will require all its trademark flexibility to juggle such different crosscurrents in these collective energies. It, along with Mercury, has a flowing trine with Mars in Aquarius and trines and sextiles to the mysterious, soul knowledge vessels, the Nodes of the Moon.

The Mars trine enhances our ability to get things done and translate our thoughts into physical action, while any connection to the Moon’s Nodes alerts us to the presence of an underground river of memory, knowledge and vision not far beneath the surface appearance of things.

Karmic astrology would tell us that past life history around masculine warrior energy is subtly influencing the expression of Mars and, in turn, the Sun at this time. More mystery!

The challenges to the Gemini Sun include an inconjunction to Saturn in Capricorn, the latter a dour, earthy and sobering influence on the cerebral, effusive expressiveness of the twins. This creates an uncomfortable and at times grating dynamic that can get in the way of free-flowing thought translating into manifestation.

More troubling are squares from the Sun to the very different energies of Neptune and Medusa. The intellectually orientated Gemini is not fond of either of them. The mystical diffusivity of Neptune clouds and disorientates the operations of the mind while drawing the rational into the nebulous realms of emotional and psychic fluidity, getting very messy and even temporarily debilitated by the interaction.

This can be a good time for meditation but not so for clear thought, and especially not good for using drugs or alcohol.

In contrast, Medusa, depending on her current degree of scariness, comes from a level of primal power that the average mortal would turn away from. Yet with this square all of us are challenged to acknowledge this representative of the dark sacred feminine in both her pure and her distorted forms. Fortunately, she is also part of a grand trine including Uranus in Taurus and, a multiple conjunction of the Moon, Vesta, Shiva and Saturn in Capricorn, one that awakens and enhances the tremendous beauty, love and sacred power that lies beneath her Gorgon face.

This multiple joining around the Moon is a curious one too; the inherently stable and earthy Capricorn Moon is deeply accentuated by the earth priestess Vesta and the grounding influence of Saturn. While emotionally reserved, even stoic, it drives a staff deeply into the earth, which simultaneously becomes the centring point around which this collective swirl revolves, while acting as a lightning rod for the spiritual genius of Shiva and Uranus.

Again, meditation, as well as earth based spiritual practices, can bring out the best of this, while offering an anchoring point amidst the relative chaos. And this doesn’t just apply to spiritual work. Saturn trining Uranus, another component of one grand trine, links the exalted layers of human intellect with the grounding and manifesting qualities of Saturn. It supports the unique genius within all of us, whatever that may be, to be expressed and take form in the world.

Don’t be surprised then that in the midst of the current swirl some brilliant insights flash through your awareness. Take notice!

On the relationship front, initially things are brilliant. Venus in Cancer starts the month in an exceptionally beautiful, flowing, heart opening grand trine involving the Jupiter/psyche conjunction in Scorpio and with Neptune in Pisces; this goddess of love being opened, elevated and refined into greater subtlety, sensitivity and spiritual openness. This is the kind of combination that both lifts our experience of love into the realms of the unconditional and opens the potential for soul union, while retaining a tremendous emotional depth.

This will be most apparent in the first week of the month, so enjoy the sheer grace of it, as in the second week Venus comes into a much more difficult opposition with the ongoing Pluto/Black Moon conjunction in Capricorn, while conjuncting the Lilith asteroid in the third week. We can expect significant relationship challenges, the activation of old hurts and trauma, the purification of psychic-emotional residues from the past, as well as potential power struggles with significant others.

Whatever the case, what transpires is two weeks of relationship and sexuality transformation. Its long-term goals are the creation of authentic relationship that comes from clearing shadows off our hearts and flushing out old psychic emotional material that has compromised our ability to give and receive love, whether with others or within ourselves.

And we may be lucky enough to have experiences of these ultimate goals, as in the fourth week Venus lines up with Parvati, the goddess of the sacred marriage in Hindu culture and a beautiful, loving and empowered archetype within each of us.

May she bestow grace upon all of us!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.