01.11.2012 Consciousness

Stay in Your Heart

Jeremy Ball shares the wisdom of New Zealand's ancient Waitaha people for our transformative time

I am greatly inspired by the message of the Kogi Mamos which I shared in NOVA last month and after spending the past three weeks in the high mountains of the Andes where most of the inhabitants maintain a balance with nature just like their Inkan ancestors and, to an even greater extent, the pre Inkans (Aymara people).

It is obvious that the indigenous people of this world knew of the calamities that would befall the planet well before those of us riding the juggernaut of consumerism. But not only are many of the indigenous people aware of the problem, many of their wisdom systems know the solution too. For this reason I want to share with you the insights from another culture, the Waitaha of Aotearoa (New Zealand). While they were originally distinct from the Maori people, their geneology and spiritual wisdom are intimately intertwined with many Maori clans.

Again, I first heard of the Waitaha through author and spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek, when I arranged his journey to Aotearoa/New Zealand in February 2007, through which I was to enter a world and mix with people and wisdom that previously would have seemed part of a fantasy novel.

Several years earlier, Drunvalo had been visited by Mac Wirema Korako Ruka (Mackie Ruka) of the Waitaha Maori at his home in the US. Mackie had an inner mission to help prepare the world and her children to survive the great destruction that was taking place. It was this inner call that led him to meet Drunvalo to further encourage Drunvalo's own mission and, despite Mackie's passing over, Drunvalo fulfilled a promise made between them to later visit Aotearoa and meet with Mackie's family.

The stories of Waitaha people, who can trace their ancestry back 500,000 years (yes! half a million years, back to when there was a large continent in the Pacific of which New Zealand, Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands are the remaining peaks), of their ancient history, wisdom and prophecy that I heard told by the Ruka family, opened my mind to the knowledge of the world's indigenous people. Just an hour or two spent with the true elders offers great understanding and insight. For this reason, I am sharing excerpts from a 1996 interview Mackie Ruka (MR) had with Cherokee Elder, Jim Yellow Horse Man (YH).

Mackie Ruka, is a Tumula or medicine man, who is the speaker of the dead, teller of the stories and keeper of ancient wisdom, transmuting energies and giving healing. He was mentored by his grandmother who was the keeper of the ancient wisdom.

YH: What changes are occurring on the planet now? What are the future prophecies?

MR: "We are living in the time of chaos, where technology has left man behind. This is the sad part. Technology is leaving us so far behind. Billions and billions of dollars to create one plane. This money could feed thousands of children in many, many countries.

The trees are dying from the tops down. Frogs are being born with deformities. We see the animal kingdom changing. This is not just in one country but throughout the world. We see coming towards us all these strange diseases and sicknesses, how the very air we breathe is destroying us. All this is part of the great prophecy of all time. We see the coming of new energies in the solar system. We see what they bring for us.

We believe whatever the situation that you are in, that you vibrate to, creates cause and effect, karma. You'll get back whatever you give out. If you give out love, it will come back tenfold. This applies for other emotions. Now is the time to find the beauty of our hearts, that soul seat. To start repairing it, that torn thread of the soul. The spirit has been tattered and now it is up to us to find that.

Find the golden thread and needle and use it to heal the torn thread of the garment. The thread comes from the sacred garment of Creator. Repair the soul with the love of the Creator. Then you dance with the beauty of self, you become the enhancer. You have the memory of knowing your past lives of ancient times.

First we must become one with ourselves. First we must find the beauty of self within our hearts. Once there find the compassion. Compassion is an act of power. We are not here to heal the good and the bad, we are not here to make the wrong right, we are here for one purpose; to find the constancy of the truth. The universal truth is with Great Spirit, Creator. That is our divine right to enhance the heart and find the beauty, thereby radiating that beauty to other people. Giving back to the people is where we begin the first prophecy that heals the rest."

YH: Can you tell us about the prophecies?

MR: "The first prophecy is the unity with self and the universe.

The second is to begin as the separation of the witnesses. You be the witnesses. You stand there and witness the great unification that you are doing with people, with your friends and family, with other people that you come in contact with and with the Godchild within each one of us.

Three, honouring that Godchild within yourself thereby honouring other people that come in contact with you.

Four is to see through meditation, the artistic works of Great Spirit. That is the ecosystem or Mother Nature. Use Mother Nature to heal the hurts within ourselves. There the witnessing begins of the unification.

Five is the free gift of grace given to man. Grace is that femininity within the feminine. Grace is the Goddess, Shekinah, Sophia the Goddess of Compassion.

Six the most beautiful gift of all is unconditional love. Honour one another in the way we love. Learn when to let go. Learn not to possess or control.

Seven is the Holy Trinity, the great number of Creator, the beauty that is enhancing the divine in all brings in the joy and the love and the light of Great Spirit.

Eight is the forever energy of the Christ Consciousness, the vibration and love that we have for one another, unconditional love.
Nine is now and forever more.

Ten is the perfection of Great Spirit.

Eleven is the chaos we are going through and yet we will find the balance.

Twelve is the order of perfection of what is to come to this beautiful Mother Earth to make heaven on earth."

YH: What do you do at a ceremony?

MR: "I begin with the initiation of the heart. I try to stop the "mind chatter". Everything done in creation is done with simplicity. It is man and his complicated mind that have made things very difficult. We are eating from the Tree of Illusion. People sit in a sacred circle of 12. I use the sacred colours of the rainbow to the 12 celestial realms. Some of the ceremonies are: Full Moon, New Moon, Opening the Chakras, Opening the Heart, to Mother Earth among others. Spirit guides the right people to the ceremonies. I carry my altar everywhere I go. Part of my job is to reactivate the energies in the ancient temples. I travel with a lot of special sisters (women) from around the world. I call them angels. Spirit sends them to me for this reactivation in the ancient temples that were built to honour the Goddess; from Peru, to the Yucatan, to Bolivia, to Macchu Picchu, the Anastazi, the Hopi, the Cherokee, the Lakota, all around the world."

The problems are clear and yet the message of the solution from Mackie Ruka and many indigenous people is equally clear: heal your own emotions and stay in your heart. The vibration created from the heart makes it impossible to harm and is the source of our saviour. Honour the earth and listen to the women for the women will guide us home.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au