22.04.2014 Astrology

Spotlight on Relationships

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

On one level this is going to be a firecracker of a month. Not only do we have a full moon in Aries, but a full moon that encases both Uranus and the goddess Juno between the Sun and Moon. It's a recipe for a radically unpredictable month, one with a great deal of inherent chaos and instability. It encourages breaking free of Saturnian limitations, from old structures that inhibit the full expression of our individual uniqueness, our passion and our creative juices as represented by the Aries archetype.

It will also be a very powerful month, because in incorporating Uranus into the new moon, it also squares Pluto in Capricorn, once again locking us into the radical and deeply transformative Uranus/Pluto square. So it will be a tough month on lots of levels but not without its own particular forms of grace. The T-Square between the three in which we started off the year is still present, with Jupiter in Cancer supplying the third aspect of this radical triangle.

With Jupiter here, the transformative and radicalising effects of the Uranus/Pluto square are softened, but also greatly enhanced. It represents many opportunities if we are able to move with the deep processes represented by both Uranus and Pluto. A lot can come from it in terms of life changing experiences and movement.

This T-Square is going to tighten as we get closer to Easter; in fact on Easter Sunday it is exact - Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus are all at 13' of their respective signs. This highlights the Christian story, magnifying the radical death and rebirth symbolism of the festival with a combination of tremendous power, liberation and grace. So whether you are formerly Christian or not, it is a time entirely appropriate for some form of celebration of these processes of our own personal and collective transformation.

The presence of the goddess Juno, the Goddess of Marriage, in the middle of this new moon and conjunct Uranus talks about the continuing radicalisation of what we know to be the institution of marriage. This Juno/Uranus combination tends to rattle the cages on any stale or stuck relationship. At its highest levels, it is actually a form of sacred marriage, one in which the urge towards the individual freedom of expression expressed by Uranus, can create a new bond with those parts of us that seek sustainable long-term relationships. That this combination is embedded in an Arian new moon talks about this being a potential new beginning in relationship possibilities, where these two come into some eventual new form of balance.

On this front, it is a challenging month for relationships. Venus is in Aquarius and in good aspect to the Moon and has great aspects to the Hekate, Juno, Mars, Vesta, North Node stellium in Libra. Yet Venus is also part of a dramatically potent and difficult grand cross. Venus squares Saturn in Scorpio, which, in turn, squares Pallas Athena in Leo, which, in its turn, squares Medusa conjunct Hygeia in Taurus.

In some ways, Venus is in the middle of an ancient battle between the patriarch and the matriarch, between Saturn and Medusa. And quite a battle it is too! But in getting closer to Medusa, the healing goddess Hygeia is sending out her soothing energies to the four points of this grand cross. So while there is the experience of tension, of obstacles to intimacy, of ancient forms of combativeness between the sexes, there are great healing opportunities inherent in this as well.

Compared to March, this month has harder and sharper edges to it. The fire and earth combinations are very different to the very watery Piscean movements of the previous month. Yet the healing and spiritual possibilities of last month continue into this month. This takes the form of Mercury in Pisces conjunct Chiron, trining Saturn in Scorpio, while Chiron trines Jupiter in Cancer. So, interweaved in between the Uranus-Pluto intensity and its corresponding dramas, these much more fluid energies continue re-sensitising the Piscean components of our individual systems.

As for Pluto, he is conjunct Eros, something that will stay in place for a number of months. This talks about simultaneous transformation of this God of Love, as well as his empowerment. Compared to Pluto, Eros can easily be seen as lightweight. Yet in the ancient world, Eros was to be feared. If he shot one of his arrows, your life was inevitably altered by falling profoundly in love with somebody, so he is not without power. But in terms of longer-lasting deeper, committed relationships, Eros is the part of us that struggles to make the transition from romance to real relationship.

This combination is about the power of love and conscious sexuality having an even deeper life-changing impact upon us. It is indeed a curious state of affairs then, that while Eros is being transformed and empowered, he is in a square to the Uranus/Juno energy radicalising marriage. Traditionally, the energies of Eros and Juno are very different and oppositional. Here, there is a possibility of meeting halfway. While Uranus is attempting to elevate and liberate long-term relationships, Pluto is acting on Eros to deepen and, in fact, earth it. This invokes the possibility of a new union between the elusive God of Love, and the Goddess of Marriage.

So it is going to be a very strong, unpredictable, radical, liberating and above all very interesting month. I hope you get to enjoy it.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 33rd year of private practice.www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.