31.10.2016 Personal Growth

Spiritual Wellbeing

Life coach Ischa Ropert asks is your spirit thriving or just surviving?

My spirit has been feeling pretty low lately, somewhat burdened and worn out by the demands of modern life. Even my love for coaching has been affected by an ongoing invisible drive to be further along than I am, to make money and build more success in order to support my lifestyle and family.

I believe many of us share this challenge of how to live the way we want, do work we love and be secure in our life. It seems when we focus on achieving one of these goals it tends to cancel out the others. This is something I have explored at depth in my own life and very recently new insights have surfaced that have led me to be much clearer on the way I choose to live and the work I do.

My low spirit asked me to reflect on how I have been viewing my life. What I became aware of is that the model of success I was drawn into was not really mine. That I was spending precious energy trying to be a successful mother, wife and coach, and less time connected to my own being and the greater universal forces. In this space I measured my success by how my children were feeling and acting, whether my marriage was smooth and if I was making enough money.

It is easy to feel like a failure when our success is determined by what we do for others or on what we have achieved rather than acknowledging who we are being in the process. What I forgot to consider in my own evaluation was the courage and commitment I have to my own path and the grace I bring to everything I do. It reminded me that who I am and how I choose to spend my time on earth is what makes up my model of success. That my highest priority is nurturing my spiritual wellbeing and my work is to guide others to do the same.

But what is spiritual wellbeing and how do you work with it?

Spiritual wellbeing is the health of your spirit.

Spirituality is not religion, it is something far simpler than that. Your spirit is your higher, wiser and more honest self. The version that thrives in life and brings the best of you into everything you choose to do. It is not a material success that can be measured but the success of your whole person and your time spent on earth.

Spiritual wellbeing depends on how aligned you are with your own unique life force.

We live in a world that celebrates material and professional success far more than spiritual wellbeing. This has left many of us stuck in a rut of working very hard to have enough money to live in a so-called successful way. More often this approach leaves us perpetually tired, resentful, disengaged from what truly matters and fearful of the future. Sadly, we teach our children to do the exact same thing while modelling to them through our own stresses the negative effects this approach creates.

What we forget is that the material (physical world) is only one level of our existence. We exist in other non-visible levels as well, that of dreaming and essence. Dreaming is the level of our potentiality, all that is possible and essence is at the core, the level of our spirit. When our spirit levels are low our energy drops or becomes entrenched in draining emotions and behaviours. This is usually a call to step out of the material world and refuel at the level of spirit.

Globally we are experiencing the effects of an excessive attachment to the material world with minimal or no engagement to the spiritual plane.

If, like me, you sense this is not the healthiest way to spend your precious time on earth, nor will it ensure a happy future for your kids, then stop now. Start to listen more deeply to the confusion in and around you and consult your higher self for guidance. Ask yourself what is waiting for you beyond the distraction of busy-ness and the chaos of constant consumerism. Chances are there is a strong urge to break away from this limited view of existence and take a leap into a calmer, clearer and more connected life experience.

Being spiritual does not require walking away from your life to become a monk, to live in an ashram or to radically change your ways. You do not have to meditate, eat like a vegan, have a guru, do yoga, be charitable or save the world. Raising your spiritual wellbeing is a softer and quieter process than that. It begins with being 100% responsible for your time and attention. To consciously step out of the bubble of your daily life and give attention to your whole SELF and the dreams it carries within it.

Spiritual wellbeing is the result of conscious self-care.

It requires taking yourself and your dreams seriously. It is allowing more than money, status, false power or needing to be good or important to drive your ambitions.

Working with me or any other like-minded coach or life guide will not guarantee you become a millionaire or a person of fame. Maybe you will and that's great, but this is not what spiritual wellbeing asks of you. There are many of us who seek something far more valuable in our lives and that is a deep and intimate relationship with our own BEING. We want to bask in our own greatness without needing to have it recognised and measured by the world or compared with those around us.

We all know there is more to us than we allow out in the world but few of us move past our fears and lethargy to embrace it. Don't view your spiritual life as a mountain to climb, rather be willing to go there and allow yourself to flow into it. Start today by taking five minutes to sit in silence and fully relax into the moment. Be a tourist in your own inner land and visit your talents, passions and possibilities. Begin to create your own personal model of success and then give yourself the permission to live it with humor, passion and purpose.


ischa ropert

Ischa Ropert is a personal and professional coach who specialises in helping clients find clarity, optimal living and spiritual wellbeing. She trained with the Centre for Right Relationships (ORSC) & The Coaches Institute (CTI) and had a private practice in Paris for five years before returning to Sydney in 2014. She can be contacted via SKYPE, phone or face to face in Surry Hills. www.ischaropert.com ischa@ischaropert.com