01.03.2018 Spirituality

Spiritual Archaeology

Archaeologist Lida Barmala shares her own experience of applying spiritual gifts to open windows into ancient cultures

Spirituality is one the most significant new discussions in archaeology. Although most people still associate spirituality with religion, there is another viewpoint that recognises spirituality as the expression of the soul free from all religious belief. And it is this awareness that makes spirituality a valuable tool in the field of archaeology.

Spirituality is defined as: “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”. Spirituality is related to the spirit (not ghost) but the essence of a human being. In fact, spirituality is within the human being but exists is beyond our normal senses or appearances. It is a path that can transform everything in life and break the limitations of our mind and beliefs.

Some people are born with special intuitive abilities which we recognise as rare gifts. They include clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognisance and dreaming.

Current archaeology mostly relies on scientific methods to study human history. Archaeologists derive their answers through excavation of ancient sites and analysing such discoveries as artefacts, tools and pottery. There is a great deal of research in different fields like anthropology, history, art, geography, geology, linguistics, physics and chemistry that can help archaeologists learn more about past societies.

Spiritual archaeology is a new field of discovery that works at the level of the spirit to reveal information from the past. It involves both the spiritual energy of the researcher working in the ancient site and the energy of the place itself and its former inhabitants. The energy and abilities of spiritual archaeologist therefore play an important role in this new method.

As mentioned before, people have varying abilities and spiritual sensitivities they can bring to bear to help understand more about ancient societies in the following ways:

Clairvoyance means gaining information about someone or a place through extrasensory ability. Clairvoyants or seers are able to see what has happened in the past as well as look into the future. So, in ancient sites they can use their extrasensory ability to see with clear vision what occurred there at a specific time in the past. Sometimes when they touch a building or an artefact, they are able to see through it making their presence on the site even more valuable.

Clairsentience means clear sensing or feeling. People with this ability can feel the present, past and future (physical or emotional) energy of people or items. They are especially able to retrieve information from buildings. In other words, clairsentients or empaths have the ability to strongly feel the emotions of people, spirits and places; they can feel it in their heart and body.

As spiritual people, we know everything in the universe works with energy, we are energy; energy may change from one form to another but it never dies.

The energy that has been archived through centuries in buildings and places is a good source that an empath can use to understand the emotion and feeling of people who lived before.

Clairaudience which means clear hearing, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from the spirit world. People with this ability can hear voices, sounds and music that are not audible to the normal ear. Clairaudients or mediums can communicate with the spirits of dead people. They can call upon the spirits or sometimes spirits come to talk to them or through them. When the talking happens through a medium, the process is called channelling or trance. Sometimes the information that is given by spirits through channelling is not recorded anywhere making analysis difficult. A medium needs to make sure of the spirit of the person who wants to talk through them so working with spirits with a high energy level is much preferred. When a medium practises in the field of archaeology they can communicate with the spirits of people who have lived in the building or town in the past, providing a unique insight to further our understanding.

Claircognisance means clear knowing, a metaphysical sense where a spiritual person knows something to be correct. They can receive this knowledge through their higher self or spiritual guidance.

In other words, their ability will help them to determine the truth about the physical information they are gaining through excavating an ancient site.

Dreaming: people with this special gift can receive messages about people, places or events which reveal the truth. In fact, their dreams are a channel between this world and the spirit world. Sometimes their dreams look like puzzles, so most will take a dream journal with them to write down the images they see in their dreams to decode later. Expert dreamers can visit a site and ask the spirits to demystify the information in their dreams. Sometimes it happens without even asking and they can access that information through their dreams.

When a spiritual person receives all the information through their spiritual abilities, they can check with their higher self and their spirit guides to make sure this information is correct. Then the archaeologist and the spiritual person together can unveil secrets of ancient times and societies.

Even though it is really hard to ask archaeologists to rely on these gifted people with their intangible abilities, a good starting point is to compare the individual’s findings with the documented facts. There is no doubt that this idea is very new to so many people and it will take time to be embraced. Let’s not forget that many centuries ago people could not believe that the earth was round or walking on the moon was possible but today these are proven facts.

All we need now is to build trust between both sides by being open minded to new ways of thinking. This new method can improve our knowledge in the field of archaeology and its many unresolved mysteries. Knowing more about our past may lead to better understanding of ourselves and our souls.

Lida Barmala

Lida Barmala studied Archaeology for a Bachelor degree and Ancient Culture and Languages for a Master degree in Iran. She is a seer, empath, medium, dreamer and spiritual reader becoming aware of her gifts in early childhood. She has applied Spiritual Archaeology in visiting ancient sites and cities in Iran and Egypt.