01.12.2015 Consciousness

Shine Your Light

Humanity is at war with darkness and the only force that can overcome it is love for ourselves and each other, says David "Zenon" Arenson

I breathe in and I breathe out.

Another day, another bomb. More senseless violence.

Beirut burning, nobody caring (the day before the Paris attacks, a bomb killed at least 43 and wounded over 200 in Beirut). In Baghdad, 26 people were killed in a suicide bomb and roadside bombing targeting Shiites. A Third World country in ashes, nobody pays much attention.

Paris explodes and the world takes notice. A campaign of sympathy for Western victims, but nothing much for the rest. The media cry out and shockwaves of fear spread across humanity. How can this happen - how can chaos and instability reign in the developed world?

Intense energies and raging wings storm the planet whilst some are sleeping. Is there any sense to be made of this world? In times of upheaval, people seek theological solutions, seek comfort in a higher power.

A question to ask ourselves - who or what is the enemy? Who are we fighting for? Who are we fighting against?

Perhaps it is our light that we fear most. Who is the real enemy - is it external or within?

Our conditioning comes from old belief systems based on the ego self that taught separation, materialism and greed, a competition-mindset always focused on the self instead of on co-operation and co-creation. Our history is filled with control and manipulation by dominating forces seeking to build empires. When we act out of ego, we act out of limitation, we easily fall into the trap of fear, hatred and blame.

We each have our own path. How we respond is not the same. There isn't a right way or a wrong way.

As Sri Chinmoy wrote so evocatively, "Life is given to each human being for a very special purpose. This secret each human being must discover for himself."

We are all under attack from extremism - from the Middle East to America, Asia, Russia, Europe and all the world. We are all targets of the dark forces and that actually unites us. Humanity is at war with the darkness and in our plight, we are one. The real enemy is darkness. The faceless enemy is within just as much as it is on the external plain of existence. Yet something unites us all and that is love. It does not have a religion, or a philosophy attached to it.

What is darkness? What is it inside that corrupts a human soul? What is it that ignites the flame of wickedness, the evil of wanting to harm others? What is it inside, what darkness?

Humanity is at war with the darkness and in our plight, we are one.

The forces of darkness and derision have always been here. We all have something to look at, something to think about. Blame is too easy. Doubts are all over everywhere. People doubt and want to think negative things, suspicion prevails and all we get are the same empty soundbytes.

These forces that want to destroy life are fearful of the light, fearful of love, they feel such darkness that they want to destroy all light. They are desperate to leave a ghastly legacy of death. They do not love themselves, but feel a seething hatred of life itself. Only a mind under a cloud of fear and suffering would support such evil acts.

The cleansing is difficult as all catharses must involve a shedding of the old - releasing and letting go of fear, grief and so many old beliefs. When one person suffers, we all suffer. All of humanity is under attack. We are all inwardly responsible and outwardly influential. Purging is only a part of the process; it is not perpetually in motion. Collectively, we are co-creating all that is. We can change what we see now with love.

When one person suffers, we all suffer.

Humanity mourns. We cannot let our comrades die in vain. Standing together for the light - for the powers of goodness, the mastery of kindness, love, forgiveness and grace - these are the hallmarks of human development and evolution.

Spiritual integrity, wholeness and loving-kindness, and following the pathway to goodness, is the only way forward for humanity.

We live in a world of facades, of cascading vibrational illusions that stand for reality. The love of our Creator and all of creation is truly limitless. Evil is only relative, reflecting the apparent limitation of unconditional love. We have all inherited this evil. The cause is a limitation placed on that which is unlimited. The true cause of this is doubt.

Judgments of limitation and extreme bias only place shields over people's eyes and blankets over their spirits. There are many aspects of relative truth and absolute reality. This field of creation consists of worlds within worlds. From our perspective, we can only glimpse the reasons and reasoning behind events.

Vivekanada spoke of this illusory separation and ultimate union with the godhead in a speech on November 18, 1896:

"We are like silkworms; we make the thread out of our own substance and spin the cocoon and in the course of time are imprisoned inside. But this is not forever, for in the cocoon we shall develop spiritual realisation and like the butterfly come out free."

Our true nature is not evil, violent, wicked, or devious. Within all of us is the seed of God, the seed of goodness, light, unconditional love and purity. We each have a saint glowing within, a shining star of grace in side. Our essential nature is not darkness, it is starlight. May we see our light manifest in the world and shine upon all those who suffer.

We live in a world of constant change. Impermanence is our teacher. The only reality is flux. All is within the mind to be healed and changed. The Ascended Masters of our past did not want religions, they wanted enlightenment. They did not want war, they wanted peace. Peace must always begin within before being externally manifested.

It is time to expand our awareness and set new intentions for our world. Healing our collective trauma takes a willingness from each one of us to heal and forgive ourselves within.

Peace must always begin within before being externally manifested.

The test is one of faith. Have we lost faith in the light?

The human community must ask ourselves who we are. Our self identity is key. How do we define ourselves - are we divine souls united under One Creator or divided and separated predators battling amongst each other?

Only love will bring us out of darkness. Only our love for ourselves and each other will heal the collective suffering and blindness. As Marianne Williamson famously said, "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." Only awareness and coming back to fundamental spiritual values of unity, forgiveness, acceptance and kindness will bring the world back to a positive light. May we all feel alive with the unity of the Divine spark within glowing and throbbing within the heart of humanity. We are ONE heart together as LOVE.

I breathe in and I breathe out love.

David conducts Skype sessions from his Perth home and is available at web: www.transformationalmedicine.net


David Zenon Starlyte

David is a channel for Divine wisdom. His intuitive coaching, speaking and healing sessions invoke purposeful shifts into deeper connection, confidence, self love, abundance and happiness. An empath, David's healing is focused on bridging the gap between addressing core wounds and reaching limitless possibilities, to living an extraordinary life. David’s passion for synthesising Eastern and Western approaches to spiritual wellbeing, has seen him immersing himself in the biblical tradition as a monastic, studying Western Naturopathic Medicine and Buddhist / Taoist Healing under three living masters - Master Chen in China, Grand Master Mantak Chia (Time magazine’s top 100 most spiritually influential living people) in Thailand and Ajahn Brahm (one of the world’s foremost masters of meditation) in Australia.

For more information, he can be found at: Website: http://davidstarlyte.com, , Email: davidstarlyte@gmail.com , Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamstarlyte