31.10.2016 Astrology

Scorpio Rollercoaster

In true Scorpio style, it's a rocky ride this month, says Daniel Sowelu

Clearly the gods have a dark sense of humour! Their current fun with us is to create a series of tsunamis; huge waves with big peaks and deep troughs, then watch us bob around like so many corks to see what we make of it all.

In September we were in a deep and murky trough thanks to the eclipses, followed by being taken to great heights in October with its Jupiterian New Moon. And now, quite befitting this Scorpionic time of year, we are being dropped into another deep trough.

But, oh what a trough! A day after the Scorpio New Moon, both Sun and Moon are a part of a huge multiple conjunction involving Kali, the Sun, Mercury, Hygeia, the Moon and the Black Moon all in a row. It’s a conjunction of enormous depth and sacred power, transformational turmoil and liberating healing potency.

So here we have a New Moon and Mercury in intimate connection with the sacred feminine, a potentially life changing alignment. But it could also turn diabolical depending on the quality of our relationship to the deepest layers of our psychosexual core.

My regular readers will be aware of my love and respect for the dark goddesses and I hope appreciate my efforts in changing people’s attitudes to parts of the feminine that have been rejected and demonised for thousands of years. For this very reason, we should always be cautious and as conscious as possible around these archetypes as they co-rule the cycles of death, transformation and rebirth and can turn very destructive in certain circumstances.

They have the power to destroy us as individuals and to destroy our civilisation if need be yet, equally, they can totally transform our lives.

The three goddesses involved in this extraordinary line up are all interrelated. Kali is a warrior goddess, a radical spiritual awakener and destroyer of the demons of the mind and ego, while Hygeia is a kundalini goddess of miraculous healing who is also related to Lalita the goddess of sacred sexuality. The Black Moon holds within her symbolism all the faces of the dark and loving mother, whether Black Tara, Black Madonna, Lilith, Kali or Durga.

They are quite a trio! If this massive multi-conjunction was receiving hard aspects from elsewhere I would more than a bit worried. However, and this is what excites me about this line, each receives not just good aspects from other parts of the chart but brilliantly supported ones.

All of them trine Neptune in Pisces and/or Chiron in Pisces, reinforcing the possibility of great spiritual and psychic openings that link the Shakti of our lower chakras with our upper chakra gifts and awareness. This includes whole-body, orgasmic, spontaneous Tantric awakenings that also serve to release greater healing power into our systems. On a heart level, we get supported to release old fears and trauma to make way for a deepening connection to the incredible love and safety that comes when we connect with the Great Mother.

This multi-conjunction also has sextiles, another positive aspect, to a conjunction of Pluto, Mars and Lilith - a super powerful combination in itself that not only serves to empower the individual but also supports us to be better, clearer and cleaner agents of effective change in the world. Note that here is a meeting of two great warriors, the masculine Mars and another fierce sacred warrioress in the form of Lilith.

However, with this much power around, we have to expect some significant upwellings of the shadow areas around distorted goddess energy. It is no news to many of you that the deep sacred feminine carries a great deal of trauma, pain and rage, from our family systems, our past life records and from 4000 years of patriarchal culture. At times like this, the same goddess energies demand that we face this territory and use the necessary purification processes, spiritually and therapeutically.We need to reclaim the goddess in all her forms for our own health and health of the planet.

This is one of the great paradoxes of the dark goddesses; that while they are the carriers of this ancient toxicity, the deeper we connect with their essence the more we discover they are the very antidote to the same.

Supportive practices include finding safe places to allow our wildness and deepest emotions to be expressed, including primal therapy, breathwork, experiential astrology and any of the current conscious dance processes. At the very least we need to tweak our inner pressure valves to release before the inner volcano reaches critical mass, especially with the Mars/Lilith conjunction squaring volatile Uranus!

Inner practices that mobilise and release these forms of psychic emotional toxicity are just as important, as it’s the continuing repression of these primal emotions that perpetuates self destructive and sabotaging mechanisms within. The Golden Kali meditation from Andrew Harvey’s book Hope is a superb example.

Another valuable publication is the masterful Awakening Shakti by former swami Sally Kempton who describes these great Shakti goddesses with great clarity and elegance, supported by empowering meditations, mantras and visualisations that allow for more conscious recognition and reclamation of the deep sacred feminine.

Take care, use whatever works for you to open up to these processes
Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.