Revolutionary Challenges

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

In 2011, another big year approaches, one of core transformations, radical relationship revolutions, emerging goddesses, grinding Saturnian challenges and gracious new beginnings. In this year's astrodrama we have the works, an extraordinary year, kicked off by another eclipse on January 4.

The Sun is in Capricorn on January 1 every year and this year it is at the centre of a complex multi-conjunction with Pluto, Pallas Athena and the North Node on one side, and Eros and Mars on the other. The Sun conjunct Pluto alone describes this year as an exceptionally powerful time on many levels - socially, geopolitically, psychologically and spiritually, with simultaneous urges towards deep transformation and the purposeful use of power, including sexual and creative power. It puts the year right in the middle of the cycle of death and rebirth and offers each of us the challenge, and the potential, of accessing the deepest powers within, powers that want to transform us and push us to become instruments of significant change in our world.

Pluto in Capricorn is the major player in the long term process of deconstruction and reconstruction of all of our social, political and financial systems. These include our responses to the earth, climate change, population and our capacity to sustain and feed ourselves - basically everything to do with our survival. This is a pivotal year as we have the power potential to make extraordinary and lasting changes in the scheme of things. That the Sun and Pluto are also conjunct the North Node, with all its intimations of future possibilities, speaks of this time as of great significance karmically, that what we do now will determine the quality of life for generations (and lifetimes, some would say) to come. Clearly, we need good leadership that goes beyond short term personal, political and economic gain.

Alongside this power potential, though, are good allies in getting action happening. Either side of the Sun lie the warrior energies of Pallas Athena and Mars, both forward moving energies that drive for action and expression, specialising in the translation of ideas and possibilities into manifestation.

Both have spearheading symbols, leadership qualities, and strive to be effective in the world. Both tap into deep resources of energy and creative intelligence, especially Pallas who can bridge the masculine world with the deep feminine. As we clarify our goals, this can be a great year for achievement and big time creativity, alongside the crumbling of outdated structures.

And there will be no lack of inspiration, as Jupiter and Uranus are exactly conjunct in late Pisces, both of them about to leap into Aries, in January and March respectively. This is the most exciting of combinations, which we had a taste of in May-July of 2010. It's one that brings some exalted, inspirational stimulants into the first sign of the zodiac, who also thrives on new creative beginnings. This is an astrological form of spring, of new life beginning - fresh, energising and irresistible.

Both energies expand our worldview and our perception of the possible; both quicken and lift the quality and movement of energy, intellectually and spiritually, while conferring greater detachment from stagnating influences and old patterns.

Obviously, with all this power and potential for change, you're going to get the conservative backlash, within and without. Whether the hardcore responses to Obama or the inner fears, resistances and habit patterns in the face of real change, we must expect them. Our old friend Saturn, who stays in Libra for all of this year, forms tough squares to the Sun, Eros and Mars and, in doing so, constellates these different levels of resistance to the enormous potential in Capricorn and of the year. Ultimately, this means we'll have to work harder, not just with the nuts and bolts of deep, creative change, but with underlying subconscious beliefs that resist real growth.

But Saturn is not just being stubborn; he's also challenging the powers that be in terms of true responsibility and integrity. History is littered with the debris from abuses of power and Saturn is also that form of wisdom that can prevent further atrocities and the creation of more difficult karma for oneself.

Relationships are another fruitful area for deepening change. The Moon begins the year exactly conjunct, to within minutes, Venus in Scorpio. This is a profoundly loving, juicy, sensual and sexual combination, for bonding deeply with another and one's own heart. It is, however, also conjunct Lilith, squares the still strong Chiron/Neptune conjunction and yet positively trines the Uranus/Jupiter! Lilith is a warrior goddess for truth, respect, equality and tantric potency in relationship. In her distorted, wounded form she can destroy any hope of true happiness, yet in her healed form, she can transform a relationship into one of great joy, passion and psycho-spiritual fulfilment.

People with Venus in Scorpio have usually had experiences of both and the above squares and trines mean movement on both - healing, purification and liberation that can lead towards relationships of great beauty, potency and integrity.

This deepening also comes at a time when the traditional notion of marriage is also changing dramatically (and not just in terms of same sex bonds). Juno or Hera, who presides over this institution, is opposite the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. This is a revolution that challenges the shallow conservatism of modern attitudes to marriage, while reinstating its pre-Christian roots, with all its rich and meaningful symbolism and the truly initiatory quality of its ceremonies. The Moon, Venus and Lilith in Scorpio would all be happy about that too.

May these goddesses bless you and all your loving!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist
and groupleader in his 28th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au