Return of the Goddess

In last month's eclipses, we saw the Dark Feminine constellated powerfully with both the Lilith asteroid and the Black Moon prominent, dredging up much to do with the denial and the betrayal of the sacred feminine in our collective systems. It is also interesting that this coincided, at least at the time of writing, with grand statements on the international stage about food in Africa and global warming, alongside riots in Iran and the failure to close the gaps in indigenous health, education and opportunity in our own country. And, despite the enormous efforts, positive intent and billions aimed by predominantly masculine institutions, alongside the hope is the thread of despair, because we know on some level that the results will be disappointing, that suffering will not be significantly alleviated.

Despair is one symptom of the dishonoured feminine, the big part of the jigsaw missing in the picture, the critical part that has yet to find its appropriate place in our governments and bureaucracies. Sure, we have some brilliant women in there, but mostly they're Pallas Athenians and not so much embodiments of the Mother in her primal forms. In indigenous circles, it's the grandmothers who are often the drivers of real change in their communities and you need to get down with them in the dirt to draw from their wisdom. And so it is within ourselves to recover the transformative power of the sacred feminine, to get down into the guts of what is real.

This little rave is inspired by Lilith on the South Node and the Black Moon on the North this month, continuing this thread in the collective. It's essentially saying that on a soul level the way forward is about both, by facing the insanity of modern living and of claiming the rightful place of the Great Mother in the way we live. Each Node and Goddess lines up well with Ceres, Medusa and Hekate, all different faces of the Mother, reinforcing good support and good timing for inner and outer shifts towards the feminine.

As for Leo, whose month it is, the Sun is also close enough to Lilith and the South Node to offer the masculine an opportunity to get online with the above. The Sun also gets an initial good run this month, trining with the Moon in Sagittarius and sextiling Mars in Gemini, good active, expressive, getting things done energy. Mercury is also in Leo, giving the mind a similar dose of strong, dynamic qualities normally making for great effectiveness in what we do and how we think, with an interesting twist. Pallas Athena is next to Mercury, adding her own brand of assertive intensity and strategic dexterity to the operations of the mind.

Most of us know her as a warrior woman capable of playing hardball in a man's world, but her greatest gift is in using her spear energy to make space for the creative intelligence of the feminine to express. She is also a goddess of culture, the arts and of healing. This subtler layer comes with great power as she knows how to direct Shakti, the spiritual potency of kundalini energy, through the use of thought and the mind. In this respect she offers a bridge between the masculine and feminine, as long as she doesn't get seduced away from the latter by the former. (Some feminist astrologers considered her to have betrayed the feminine, being too close to the father. Having emerged from her father's head you would think they were rather close!)

Her presence adds subtler abilities much needed here as Mercury and Pallas are directly opposite the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction, still very close together in Aquarius. This presents both challenges and opportunities. On a day to day level, it represents great oscillations in mental clarity, swinging from confusion and spaced out to inspired and psychically accurate. This turbulence is aimed at short circuiting more inhibited ways of seeing and thinking to open the conscious mind to more inclusive ways of perceiving and communicating. In the rewiring of neuronal pathways and chakras, it seeks to open the mind to greater subtlety and sensitivity beyond the relatively narrow base of the rational.

So while we have essentially a good energy month, our ability to act and think clearly about directing that energy will vary greatly. No more than when the Sun opposes the same Big Three from the 17th to the 20th when things will get a little exciting and more than a little crazy.

As for the ongoing Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction and, the Uranus/Saturn opposition which has its third peak next month, it is a time of waiting and of trusting in the unknown. We are in such a state of flux, where the old is unravelling and yet the new is still embryonic. As our old identities, beliefs and visions dissolve and change it is natural to feel a measure of anxiety, even fear. Yet it is so important not to panic or regress back into the safe and the known.

We are at an awesome time in human psychic, spiritual and emotional evolution and it's important to suspend judgement, to keep things simple while staying close to our hearts and feelings, however chaotic things get. Part of the return of the goddess is about assessing everything we do from the lens of "what are the emotional consequences of this thought, action or belief?"

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice. He is very welcoming of personal questions for the Question and Answers section on this website, so please send to deputyeditor@novamagazine.com.au  For any general inquiries to Daniel go to www.sacredlawfirm.com.au