17.02.2017 Relationships

Smart Phone or Love?

Smart phones are taking a toll on our love life

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02.02.2017 Relationships

Surviving the Reality Check

Relationships counsellor Frank Vilaasa offers advice on that inevitable time when our dreams meet reality

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01.12.2016 Relationships

Creating Great Relationships

Only when we feel connected within our self can we find happiness with another, says Oriental practitioner Ken McLean

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21.11.2016 Relationships

Balancing the Four Relationships

Oriental practitioner Ken McLean explores the need for unifying all aspects of our Self to achieve fulfillment

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07.09.2016 Relationships

Making your Relationship Stronger

When the bond with your partner starts to fray, you can save it by re-establishing the closeness you once shared, says Dr Winfried Sedhoff

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07.02.2016 Relationships

Love's Mirror

Love is what allows us to see ourselves in others - and delight in what we see. Miranda Munro shares her thoughts

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01.01.2016 Relationships

Healing Trauma

Integrative healing practitioner Casey Terry believes the innate desire for truth and wholeness empowers people to overcome trauma

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01.05.2015 Relationships

The Seven Cs of Healthy Relationships

The magic of a loving relationship is our daily thoughts and actions, says life coach Gloria Grace Wallace

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