Protecting our Energy

With conscious awareness we can effectively manage our energy at work and home
Sky Hugman, a long term meditator and Inner Space Techniques practitioner, offers guidance on living consciously with technology.

Staying energetically and physically healthy around computers requires a subtle change in the way we interact with technology. Electromagnetic fields have been proven to affect health, yet this effect need not be something beyond our control. With energetic awareness and cleansing techniques we can effectively manage our energy at work and at home.

Working in an office environment for many years alerted me to the need to find ways to help stay energetically healthy while using technology. Everyone knows about physical health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sore muscles from overuse and extended periods of sitting. But what of those issues related to subtle electromagnetic fields and environments that drain our energy?

According to the World Health Organisation, electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences. The WHO states that all populations are now exposed to EMFs to varying degrees, and that levels will continue to increase as technology advances.

While mainstream research on the effects of EMFs has focused on physical health, many people have noticed energetic effects as well. But there are simple solutions for maintaining energetic awareness and integrity. As children in the modern world spend an increasing amount of time playing on electronic equipment, parents need to teach them how to stay energetically healthy while they play on game consoles.

When I was working in a fertility clinic a few years back, a clinic that had at least 10 staff members and as many computers, I did a little survey and experimented with some techniques I had learnt at different workshops I had attended. I was interested in finding out why some people felt tired after sitting at their computer terminal for more than one hour, why their general sense of wellbeing seemed to diminish over the day, why they felt energetically drained at work and if there was anything that could be done about it energetically.

I asked staff members to report any form of wellbeing issue they felt may be related to using either their computer or other forms of office gadgetry. This included such things as the printer or scanner, the eftpos machine, their mobile, office phone or phone headset, or any other piece of electronic equipment they encountered. Wellbeing issues included anything they wanted to tell me, psychological, physical, mental, or if they were inclined, energetic.

Interestingly, after a while my survey became an exercise in awareness for everybody in the office. Even those staff members who just thought I was a little loony and new age started to notice and be aware of subtle effects that seemed to happen while using technology. This was good. This was the first step.

The first step, awareness Unfortunately, we rarely think about the effects technological and electronic equipment have on our energy. This is mainly because we aren't always aware that there may be effects. In school we aren't taught to think that our energy is important to our sense of wellbeing. Many people don't even suspect they have a body of energy. Yet energetic health impacts directly on physical health. And awareness is the first step.

A simple yet effective approach to becoming aware is through developing "clairvision", or clarity vision. This means being able to perceive energetic influences and feeling what is good for your energy and what isn't. Developing the energetic centre of your third eye, that place between the eyebrows known in many spiritual traditions as the seat of perception, is an excellent place to start.

The second step, common sense Once you decide to engage with awareness techniques, looking after your energy becomes simple common sense. Your computer is a big hunk of electronic circuitry: spend some time experimenting with how close you sit to your machine. Do extension cords for your mouse and keyboard change your energetic states? Do you feel less tired and more creative if you use a laptop or an LCD screen? What happens to your energy if you touch your computer screen? Be active in your experimentation. Spend time feeling your computer from your third eye, what do you "see"?

The third step, cleansing My office survey highlighted one stand out issue - even if people were aware of subtle energetic effects when interacting with technology, they had no way of managing these effects. One of the most reported issues was either a feeling of tiredness or a feeling of dirtiness and greyness that came over them, especially after long periods in front of their computer. Staff members told me that this sense of tiredness often left them when they went home and had a shower.

At a Clairvision "Awakening The Third Eye" workshop, I was taught techniques of channel release and energetic cleansing. Easy techniques that are implemented with third eye awareness to facilitate the removal of unwanted energetic elements. Try washing your hands regularly, but not just with soap. Feel the water wash away the noxious or grey feeling from your hands. If you feel your third eye while you do this can you release more? Maybe you can't have a shower every hour at work, but you could wash your face from time to time. It's surprising how much difference this makes to how you feel.

The fourth step, maintaining energetic integrity Besides washing, there are ways to protect your energy from unwanted influences. While awareness is the first step and cleansing a "cure", a systematic strengthening of your energy helps prevent you from becoming vulnerable to unwanted influences.

Other practical things that help strengthen and maintain your energy are: eating and exercising well, eating fruit rather than sugar, drinking water rather than coffee while working in front of your computer. There are also strengthening and densifying techniques you can implement with your energy to ward off noxious stimuli and you can lift energies off your body through a cultivation of energetic muscles. Building your energy body is just like building other muscles at the gym, only on a subtle level.

Finally, creating a space conducive to staying energetically healthy It is vital that you become aware of the space in which you work. Keep a few plants around your computer. At home, it's best to keep your computer out of your bedroom. Can you keep it in the study instead? When you vacuum, practise energetic vacuuming - suck up those unwanted energies. Think about taking up meditation to keep a clear, focused space within you as you work.

If my survey discovered anything, it was that everyone at work wanted to be more conscious of the effects technology had on their energy. Once they became aware of subtle energetic influences and knew there were techniques to protect themselves they were active and positive about implementing them.