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Powerful Transits

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

As the Uranus/Pluto square has its last exact peak right now and, once again, the Sun of this year's chart is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, we are in for another big year in all our lives. It promises more dramatic change, transformation and rebirth. Many of you will understandably groan at this news but the year is also welcoming us with a supportive and cushioning conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo.

It is worthwhile reviewing the last four years with their multiple Uranus/Pluto peaks, with all its intense challenges and opportunities. Whenever there is a final repeat of any ongoing transit, there is a sense that we are being given opportunities to clean up and reach some form of completion in these processes of deep change and awakening.

As I've said before, these particular transits have been collectively the most powerful in many people's lives. So they represent chances to stretch deeply into previously untouchable wounds and our deepest primal transformative powers, while awakening the passion of our unique, authentic selves. So 2016 then is a continuation and a year-long process of completion.

With Saturn in Sagittarius still squaring Neptune in Pisces, this includes further dismantling of dated and contracted forms of masculine structure, authority and power. This gives freer rein to the deeper wisdom, grace and realism of the positive, embodied and spiritually connected forms of masculinity. (I pray that farcical expressions like Donald Trump and Clive Palmer are being flushed to the surface to clear the way for individuals of depth and wisdom to come to the fore!)

The reclamation of the sacred feminine so essential to our long-term survival also continues, with a mix of tough and supportive transits. The Black Moon in Libra is the third point of a T-square with the Sun, Pluto and Uranus. Lilith and Medusa, together in Sagittarius, are squaring the Moon, Jupiter, North Node and Hygeia in Virgo, along with a uniting sextile to Mars in late Libra.

The former is particularly intense and likely to be destructive in the outer world but one which will catalyse more and more voices speaking out against the collective insanity of this time in history. For those committed to personal transformation coupled with intentions to make a real difference in the world, this same transit allows for deeper penetration into our shadow areas, while reclaiming the transformative empowering Shakti, whether we call her Kali, Durga, Lilith or Medusa.

The conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter, North Node and Hygeia is nothing short of extraordinary and, against the backdrop of the deeper challenges we all face, this is a beacon of light and of promise. Anything on the North Node of the Moon represents new visions emerging from the unconscious. In Virgo it points to the possibility of a greater sense of stewardship of the earth, the natural world and of benevolent leadership from individuals who are both healed within and our agents of grace and healing from both masculine and feminine sources.

As we have seen in the last months of 2015, Jupiter conjunct Hygeia in Virgo has supported many of us in our healing processes and this will continue into this year. This kundalini goddess of healing will be doing a periodic dance with the other great healer, Chiron, in Pisces, making it another big healing year. Part of this includes letting go of old over-identifications with the wounded aspects of self so that we can own more of the healed and naturally healing parts of ourselves.

Spiritually, this is an equally significant year. Chiron is conjunct the Shiva asteroid on the South Node of the Moon, a joining of two images of the sacred masculine with significant past life territory. In karmic astrology this represents opportunities for connecting to reservoirs of sacred and healing knowledge gathered over many lives. It also represents a time for confronting wounded and wounding versions of spiritual power and religious authority, with Saturn in Sagittarius squaring each of these points.

Distorted and wounded Shiva energy is common in many men, where the deeply connected essence of sacred masculinity becomes escapism and turns them (and the inner masculine in women) into aloof, emotionally split and imperious individuals. Saturn will be sure to highlight this in various forms.

There are enough good connections, though, with the Sun and Pluto sextiling the Chiron/Shiva to support the connection with quality healing and Tantric energies from the masculine. In turn this supports healing and evolution around our sexuality and relationships.

Venus starts the year in Sagittarius with good connection to Mercury and Hygeia, great for communication between individuals and linking this love goddess with the luscious erotic and healing power of Hygeia. However, she is close enough to the Saturn Neptune square to ensure that the ground beneath our relationship experiences will continue to shift as we sort through the differences between what is really true and our delusions and projections. The alchemy of this is such that we will also be working towards a greater assimilation of the fiery expressive and the watery, sensitive, emotionally vulnerable aspects of our love nature.

So it looks like being another big one, with multiple challenges and multiple aspects to the benevolent Jupiter, deep inner mining for riches and debris and an even bigger vision on the horizon.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.