02.02.2017 Astrology

Power and Grace

Two eclipses will add more power to an already hyper-charged month, says Daniel Sowelu

February is going to be a very powerful month from the very beginning with the addition of two eclipses that will rock our worlds, the first focusing on the Aquarius/Leo relationship and the second bringing a New Moon depth charge into Pisces.

The month begins with a relatively unaspected Sun, free floating in Aquarius but at the midpoint between two huge constellations, stelliums or multiple conjunctions, in the very different energies of Sagittarius and Pisces.

At 12° the Sun has one sextile to Eros in Aries, this playful and mischievous God of love an enlivening influence that resonates with the brilliance and dexterity of Aquarius. A square to the goddess of the sacred marriage Parvati, in Scorpio and on the Ascendant, challenges the independent spirit of the sign as to how available it is to real relationship. The only other aspect is a semi sextile to Pallas Athena and Neptune together in early Pisces, a nebulous and slippery connection but one that will probably create more confusion than the kind of piercing clarity needed to deal with both sides of the Sagittarius/Pisces challenge.

The Moon in Pisces is in the centre of this conflict, in a tight conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer on one side and Venus the other.

So here we have two of the softest of energies, both Moon and Venus in the incredibly fluid realms of Pisces, an intertwining mix of sensitivity, vulnerability, love and psychospiritual openness. This is essentially an exquisitely beautiful, unconditionally loving and easily wounded combination, paradoxically and deliberately combined with the great healing power that is Chiron. He is driven by the deepest compassion but will not hold back in piercing into the core of Pisces to release ancient psychic emotional residues, past relationship wounds and to reverse the anaesthetisations that many of us carry.

The actions of Chiron are simultaneously gracious, often initially painful and ultimately liberating. His presence alone talks about a huge month of emotional healing but there is more. From the fire of Sagittarius comes multiple squares, hard aspects, from an extraordinary stellium from the healing goddess Hygeia, the fierce Kali, the equally no BS Saturn and the goddess of marriage Juno.

Squares from Sagittarius to Pisces challenge the limp, irrational and escapist aspects of the Fish, in some ways demanding that it develops a backbone. In the other direction, Pisces sends its own challenges to the Centaur, typically around its shadow areas, such as overriding vulnerability and sensitivity, demanding black-and-white truths from subtler shades and the excessive quest for meaning and rational understanding at the expense of simply being.

But in this two-way dichotomy is the opportunity for alchemical union between the warriors for truth and psychospiritual gifts of the mystic, between fire and water and, between the fierce tantric forces of transformation and our capacity for compassion and empathy.

If we look more deeply into Hygeia/Kali/Saturn/Juno conjunction, we see three potent goddesses with the patriarchal Saturn, on one level a collision between historically antagonistic forces but also an awesome opportunity to bring the wisdom and power of both sacred masculine and feminine energy lines into a new union.

I see this as a historical moment for such healing, one especially magnified by the first eclipse. And this uniting has some other exceptional support, from sextiles to the conjunction of Jupiter and Shiva in Libra and trines to the liberating Uranus in Aries, both connections exalting previously dense forms of masculinity into the higher octaves of the sacred masculine.

There is always a danger of flying too high in this kind of elevation but note that these connections also incorporate the sacred feminine and some classic reflections of the sacred marriage, in the form of Shiva sextiling Hygeia and Kali, and between Jupiter and his consort Juno.

With this much power around, we have to expect major eruptions as the healing processes activate old wounds, ancestral trauma and rage and at the same time there is tremendous grace and support.

For instance, Mercury is now in Capricorn and while in contact with Jupiter and Uranus, is conjunct Pluto. To quote the Runes, when in deep water, learn how to dive!

Initially, the territory is very tough for the goddess of love, with Venus conjunct Chiron squaring Saturn and Kali but as we get closer to the Full Moon eclipse of the 11, she joins her consort Mars in Aries along with Medusa! If we believe in the patriarchal versions of the Medusa myth, then this means big trouble but if you see her as a tantric queen of great love and beauty underneath her Gorgon mask, here is a combination that is extraordinarily erotic, transformationally powerful and creatively hyper-fertile.

All of the above then will be deepened, magnified and heightened by the eclipses.

The first on the 11 (peaking 8:44 AM AWST, 11:44 AM EDST) is probably the most powerful eclipse I’ve seen astrologically for the possibility of life changing breakthroughs, combining two near-perfect Grand Sextiles, Star of David patterns that unify all of the above multiple conjunctions.

The second on the 26/27th (10:53 PM AWST, 1:58 AM EDST), while not as dramatic, is still very intense but with an added bonus. The Ganesh asteroid, named after the much loved deity of grace and wisdom, is conjunct the eclipsing New Moon at 8° of Pisces. If things get too tough, in India you call upon him as the remover of obstacles. At times like this, it’s good to know that help is available!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.