08.08.2018 New Age

Perth Festival of Healing

30 healers to bring healing to the Heart of the City

It is all about caring for our human family in the most natural way possible through healing energy, compassion and love of another human being.

This social enterprise, Perth Festival of Healing is to create awareness, stimulate, educate and gain understanding across the many modalities that are healing.

Like many wonderful events, this concept was born out of frustration at not being able to talk about this work generally and from a concern that the general community had little or no idea what healing was, how to works on the human body or how you choose a healer!

The world is in turmoil and so are we, particularly, where our health is concerned.We do not know who to turn to, there are so many questions about healing and healers, who above all else must be trustworthy with confidentiality a high priority.

Some of the following questions and many more will be answered at the Festival.Why do we need a healer? Can we heal our own bodies? How do we choose a healer? How much do they charge? How we can heal our own bodies? Why do some people heal and others do not?

Our bodies have an amazing innate healing system (Human Energy Field) we are born with this, but if you have been through a trauma/illness of some kind, it is totally thrown ‘out of alignment’, you wonder why you feel off colour, lack energy or are seriously ill.We all need to know who to call on in these situations and to understand as much as possible about the work of professional healers as we do about our dentists, doctors and chiropractors etc.

Healing is ancient art, natural, safe and results-orientated. Once you have the understanding, there is nothing ‘spooky’ about it, as some people think. You will realise just how special it is.

The Perth Festival of Healing has been set up to help us all to have greater awareness of ourselves, our bodies, our mind, wholeness and our enormous potential as healthy humans.

Each one of the 30 amazing healers attending will be presenting and discussing how they actually do their work, so that those who are attending on September 1 at the Perth Town Hall will come away with a totally different understanding. They can try it, talk to the healer, or just watch or listen in our speaker’s corner.The first of these events was a trial and it was hugely accepted with close to 2000 coming through the venue and participating in healing over 6 hours…so with the September Perth Festival of Healing, we have moved it right into the ‘Heart of the City’ and attracted some extraordinary healers from various parts of WA.

There are no products for sale, the healers/authors can bring their books or their meditation cds but that is all.

Entry fee is $5 which will go towards a donation to the children’s charity Variety.

For further information contact Ann Joel :0418 917420