01.09.2016 Spirituality

Peace is the Goal

Much-loved teacher Babaji brings his teachings on finding peace to Perth in October

In October, Perth will once again be blessed to receive Baba Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj who will be touring to present public programs to the Australian public as part of his ongoing world tours.

For the past 15 years he has visited Perth each year, offering his spiritual guidance to genuine spiritual seekers and also freely offering initiation into the meditation technique of Jangama Dhyana - Meditation of Eternal Existence. Babaji practised this technique to achieve to self realisation as did his beloved Guru, Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, before him.

Babaji teaches that if we are to search for world peace it can only come about by each individual searching for that peace. A decade or so ago the world was devastated when the tsunami hit several parts of the globe and many innocent people who had nothing to do with wars or violence, sins or faults were caught unawares, found themselves trapped and vanished without a chance to escape. It reminded us of the impermanence of this world.

But out of this disaster something amazing happened – humanity was inspired to come together. For a while they forgot country, region, religion and borders, as people rushed to help and assist those suffering. It was a lesson to humanity to remain united, to live for each other, be non-violent, maintain peace and harmony.

But then time passes by and people forget - violent wars continue, terrorism becomes the order of the day.

Everyone talks about ‘peace’, but very few strive to attain that peace themselves. Only when you attain peace within yourself can you give it to others. This can be attained through meditation.”

The mind searches for peace and happiness everywhere, yet it does not remain satisfied with anything in this world, as those things are impermanent. That is why the mind never stops, never finds permanent contentment with worldly things. When the mind expects a particular thing, if that thing does not happen according to its expectations, then the mind goes into agitation - you lose control of your own mind. The mind needs to be brought under its own control.

During meditation the mind quietens down, becomes composed and purified, and finds peace. Outside meditation, the full power of the mind is available, but it can also be kept quiet so you face the challenges of life in a better way and overcome unhappiness once and for all.

The ultimate goal of all human efforts is supreme peace. If contentment is to be a reality at all times, the mind must be permanently at peace. In deep meditation, as the activity of the mind recedes it comes to a state of complete stillness, beyond all imagination and thought. Then the essential nature of the mind is realised as being pure awareness and supreme peace. This state exists within the mind of every human being at all times.

This meditation is taught independent of any religious, spiritual, or philosophical views. Baba teaches the purest form of the sublime philosophy of self realisation as taught by the ancient sages of India. Like his Guru, Baba only wishes to teach meditation and share universal spiritual truths, while allowing everyone to come to their own conclusions about life.

Shri Babaji will be offering Public Programs while in Perth.