01.06.2016 Astrology

Outer drama, inner stillness

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be what you would call a slippery month. Slippery because there’ll be frequent fluctuations in the psychic environment producing uncertainty and anxiety, interpersonal boundaries going all over the place, some things appearing real when they are not, while others dissolve old limiting structures as they open up greater possibilities.

This relates to the Sun in Gemini, in a normally lovely conjunction with Venus, being the base of a grand cross that involves Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. The Sun and Venus then are opposite Saturn while squaring an opposition between Neptune and Jupiter. Notice that all are in the four mutable signs, those known for great flexibility and adaptability but sometimes lacking in core strength because they are so contextual.

The Sun and Venus coming together in Gemini is like two likeable and playful friends or lovers who attract judgment and criticism from some old authority figure. While our lovers are tuning into the magical, mystical energies of Neptune and the expansive and optimistic energies of Jupiter, Saturn, in hard aspect to all of them, can suggest that all these possibilities are not real and not particularly trustworthy.

Of the whole configuration, the Saturn square Neptune is the most challenging, representing two very different levels of reality. Saturn or Chronos represents the structural components of life - external physical structures, intellectual and mental mindsets and internal psychic scaffolding, all that gives us a sense of security and stability. Neptune, however, represents our access to voices of spirit, vision, spiritual and psychic truths and to a mystical vision of the world as shimmering light energy. It’s a bit like the meeting of Churchill and Gandhi!

This meeting challenges the reality of the other. Neptune has the effect of dissolving structures so there can be more movement for psychological fluidity, creativity and intuition, and better balance between right and left hemispheres of the brain. Spiritually, this can be great but the process can produce experiences where things go wobbly leaving us open to doubt and anxiety.

Saturn is the voice that challenges the Neptunian shadows of delusion, projection, illogical and irrational thinking, as well as the flaky edges of excessive New Ageism. And yet he can also be a dream stealer, a rigid conservative, the climate change denier, the emotionally and psychologically stunted authority figure who is too frightened to open up to the non-rational and spiritual.

So this is a real clash between realities and one that produces great psychic flux in the collective that can make it hard for us to move forward. Despite its recent retrograding though, it is truly a great thing that the planet Mercury, which rules the mind, is solidly in the middle of Taurus to give us some stability and earthy anchoring. Not only that, but Mercury is also in a potent earth Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and the ongoing Jupiter/North node/Hygeia conjunction in Virgo.

The gift of this flux is that we can consciously use the corresponding energetic openings to further our internal healing and transformational processes.It allows us to get more in touch with our soul voices and make great advances in our understanding of the relationship between physical form and subtler energies behind it.

The other great supports in the collective are the position of two of the so-called “virginal” goddesses. Vesta, goddess of the hearth and the priestess archetype is conjunct Venus and the Sun in Gemini, while the warrior and culture goddess Pallas Athena is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Both of these represent the inner ability to concentrate and focus energy, so that we can ground it and use it more effectively.

The best ways of manifesting these inner qualities is through meditation and yoga, and any processes that energise intent. Each goddess represents our ability to direct Shakti or spiritual power through the use of thought, word, mantra and visualisation.

So if the going in the outer world or in our relationships gets tough, as it will do at times like these, it is truly time to go within. Find those deep still places beneath the outer dramas and fluctuations to empower our dreams, creativity and visions in preparation for manifestation.

As for relationships, Venus is as much exposed to the challenges of Neptune and Saturn, making clarity around boundaries and projections rather difficult. At the same time, Venus can also easily hook up with Neptune and Jupiter to reduce some extraordinarily beautiful experiences and heart openings. But it’s important not to force hard or important life decisions upon oneself or one’s relationships because clarity will be hard to come by.

Saturn is not only in tough teacher role though, as he is also the pinnacle of a Grand Trine with the greater earth mother Ceres in Aries and the fierce warrior mother Kali in Leo. This is an energising of the forces behind environmentalism and the need to protect the earth as mother. These are great energies for cutting through crap and getting to the raw truth of things.

This will be very useful in the lead up to this next election!

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.