Open Arms Embracing Kindness - Dalai lama downunder - june 2007

Open Arms Embracing Kindness - Dalai lama downunder - june 2007

The Dalai Lama Down Under - June2007 No sooner had the doors been closed on the lastevent of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 2002 tour, thanthousands of Australians were anticipating his nextvisit which happens this month.

Detailedplanning by organisers, coupled with increasing interestin the Dalai Lama from within the broader community,has resulted in a dynamic schedule of events for theJune 6 - 16 tour.

The Dalai Lama will bring his messages of 'Open Arms- Embracing Kindness' to a diverse mix of audiencesacross the country from young people to business peopleand from multi faith to multinational audiences.

With events to be held at venues such as the Crocoseumat Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney's Domainand Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena, the 2007 tour - eightdestinations, 11 days, 22 public events - is set tobe twice as big as the 2002 tour.

Free public events continue to lie at the heart ofHis Holiness' visits to Australia, setting them apartfrom visits to North America and Europe, where a chargeis usually imposed.

The free public talks address tour themes of compassionand kindness in various ways, and His Holiness willtake these opportunities to explore how we might understandour world and our relationships in ways which achievehappiness and peace. These include Ethics for the NewMillennium (Perth, Wednesday June 6), Universal Responsibility(Melbourne, Saturday June 9), A Human Approach to WorldPeace (Geelong, Monday June 11), and the Power of Compassion(Sydney, Saturday June 16).

The teachings in Melbourne (June 8-10) are the spiritualcore of the tour, offering people an extended opportunityto hear the Dalai Lama set out his philosophy and talkabout how we live our lives.

Strong environmental themes also run through the tour,the first ever to be declared carbon neutral. Througha partnership with Greening Australia, carbon emissionscreated by travel undertaken for the tour will be measuredand offset by a significant tree planting program ata Greening Australia site in West Sydney.

Conservation and sustainability messages will be atthe core of many of the Dalai Lama's speeches, culminatingin his significant address on 'Peace Through Inner Peace'at the One Earth Public Talk and Tribute Concert (Friday,June 15) at Sydney's Domain.

The tribute concert, presented in partnership withthe Australian Conservation Foundation, will featuresome of Australia's leading acoustic musicians - BenLee, Lior, and Mia Dyson have all donated their timeto participate in what is set to be a highlight of thetour.

Strong community support has been a trademark of allvisits by the Dalai Lama to Australia, and on this,his fifth, and possibly last, visit to the country,this support is looking stronger than ever.

For more information on the tour visit www.dalailama.org.au