07.04.2016 Yoga

Natural Fertility Boosters

Clean living and even clean thinking can be a powerful boost for fertility, says Jen Kaz

I still vividly recall the deep longing I had to fall pregnant. But no matter what we did I wasn’t falling pregnant. Month after month, pregnancy test after pregnancy test came back negative. The heartbreak and feeling so desperate was beginning to weigh me down.

I felt like a failure as a woman because I couldn’t meet my biological role as a female. I couldn’t fall pregnant. The doctors couldn’t find a reason; “unexplained fertility” they called it.

After a very long time of trying I finally fell pregnant. Way back when I was trying to conceive we didn’t have the amount of support or knowledge that’s available today.

Fortunately, I’ve turned what was a horrible time in my life into something positive. Now, I help women on their fertility journey so they can naturally conceive and a lot faster than I did.

The work of scientist Dr Bruce Lipton in the field of epigenetics shows us that you can positively influence your genes when you live clean! This means think clean (positive thoughts) and eat/drink clean (avoid as many chemicals as possible).

Here are five keys to naturally promoting fertility that I suggest every woman on her fertility journey embrace.

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Real food
  • Good water
  • Detox

In my experience, the number one thing to turn fertility off is stress.

Stress has physiological effects that alter the balance of hormones in the body, especially relating to fertility. Strong emotions like fear and anger (another name for stress) can cause the body to produce more cortisol and fewer sex hormones.

Through meditation, you calm the body which, in turn, slows the mind and allows the body to enter a state of rest and rejuvenation.

To meditate, sit on a cushion or somewhere comfortable, with your back erect. Take a couple of deep breaths to clear the mind. Then focus on a mantra (words that you say over and over). One fertility mantra I suggest is “Thank you Universe for my beautiful healthy baby” and visualise holding your healthy baby in your arms.

Consistency is key. Don’t worry about how long you meditate for, start with just a couple of minutes a day and increase from there.

Yoga is incredibly powerful at helping to reduce stress as it encourages us to focus on our breath. For women seeking to have a baby it is wonderful at helping to restore fertility.

Breath is important as it sustains life, yet most of us go throughout our day shallow breathing. Deep, focused breathing has been shown to reduce stress and help nourish the body.

There are specific yoga poses (or asanas) that can assist with fertility by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs.

There is a strong correlation between the rapid commercialisation of our food and increasing infertility rates. Making the very simple change from eating processed foods (this is anything that is not 100% fresh, i.e. anything in a packet, tin or bottle) to just eating whole foods makes an incredible difference to our overall health.

When my clients make this shift, they often comment at how much more energy they have, together with weight loss and greater mental clarity.

I was shocked to learn about what gets added to our tap water and the detrimental effect it can have on fertility.

Good, clean water is essential in the fertility journey. Unfortunately, unsophisticated filters don’t do a good enough job at removing the multitude of chemicals and heavy metals in our water. The best way to avoid that kind of exposure is to not drink it in the first place, and stick with what we know is clean and that’s spring water.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be a big deal. A great way to naturally boost fertility is to detox daily!

You can do this by having a 500ml glass of warm water upon rising in the morning with half a lemon squeezed into it.

Also, eat more fresh beetroot which helps the liver to dump a lot of excess toxins (and it’ll keep you regular!). Eating heaps of every kind of green leafy vegetable is also a brilliant natural detoxifier and will help alkalise the body.

There are certain superfoods that can also assist, such as MSM and chlorella that help to naturally detoxify the body.

By implementing these five keys you, too, can help your body to naturally fall pregnant.

Jen Kaz

Jen Kaz trained and taught yoga in London in 2008. In early 2010 she returned to Perth and began teaching QiYoga. www.qiyoga.org