01.05.2012 Astrology

Mystery and Power

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be a very potent month with a great deal of underlying mystery and power about it, some of it beyond our control, some of it very much available for expressing in our worlds.

The Sun in Taurus is part of an awesomely empowering grand trine with Mars and Psyche in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, linking the three earth signs in ways that are very supportive of making long lasting, creative, progressive change in the world.

Last month, Mars finally turned forward motion in his unusually long haul through Virgo, bringing this warrior (or warrior priest) into more proactive mode, something that will allow easier forward movement for all of us.

This turning, though, will be a bumpy affair with mixed results, depending on our level of awareness and our willing to work with old wounds to do with the masculine, anger and passion. I say this because the grand trine is such a deep, penetrating force for manifestation that, where we are very clear and appropriate in the way we harness and direct its potency, success is virtually assured.

Getting clear enough is the issue, though, as Mars is still in opposition with the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Pisces, an aspect that makes for great confusion and tricky, shifting goalposts, loss of drive and murky interpersonal dynamics. This particular alignment has been going on for months and is intent on purifying and healing the warrior in us, sensitising the ways we project ourselves into the world. While this is still going on, the way will get clearer as the month goes on.

The Sun in Taurus also has some interesting company, with the goddesses Ceres or Demeter on one side and the Black Moon on the other, putting him midway between these light and dark forms of the Great Mother, on his way to joining up with the mighty Jupiter on the 15th.

The normally quiet but persistent energy of Taurus belies its much deeper roots embedded in the earth and the feminine, roots that are activated and empowered by these goddesses. Simply put, Ceres is like a second Moon, representing the sacred dimensions of the maternal feminine, most reflected by the loving, nurturing fertility of the earth, while presiding over every aspect of the mothering process, including its necessary separations, as the Great Earth Mother.

The Black Moon is also an aspect of the Great Mother, the deeper primal, sacred, mysterious layers of the same, full of great Shakti and frightening power. Like her Hindu cousin Kali, she has both empowering and destructive potentials, depending on how we relate to the sacred feminine. Psychologically, she represents what happens inside us and in our family systems when the feminine is denied, reflecting in various forms of mental, emotional and relationship trauma. In her healed form, though, she is the purest love, the blazing light in the deepest darkness and brings great safety and courage to us.

The Black Moon has been travelling with Jupiter for many months, describing the imperative for all of us to get to know her in ourselves and in our world. Jupiter brings great light and consciousness to these dark places, while she deepens and further empowers, through bringing the serpent power to his more obvious expressions of grace. This is one of a number of reasons why so many of us are going through such heavy and tortuous experiences and, yet, also experience these great flashes of insight, reconnection and breakthrough.

So we can expect both this month but more of the light as the Sun closes on Jupiter, one of the most expansive astrological alignments you can have, one that colours most of the month. Whenever Jupiter is around, good things seem to come out of the blue and even when things are tough, he makes sure that we get good quality learning from it.

The other great mystery of the month is another eclipse, on the New Moon of the 21st (9.54 a.m. AEST, 7.54 a.m. AWST) especially as it also conjuncts the Dragon's Tail or South Node of the Moon, that pointer to our more ancient pasts, its secrets and its karmas. In medieval times this would be considered an accursed, even an evil time, as the doors to the unconscious would be thrown open, like Pandora's Box. However, in every mystery school, this was a time of great power as many soul secrets would be revealed.

This particular eclipse is a strong healing one, including the possibilities for great psychic and spiritual openings, as it squares the Chiron/Neptune conjunction and trines the electric Uranus. It leads to another eclipse on June 4 and precedes the transit of Venus across the Sun on the 6th, and is also conjunct Jupiter! This is a double blessing, as while it activates wisdom and knowledge from the past, simultaneously releasing old karmas, Jupiter also rules the current North Node position, in Sagittarius. While releasing us from some aspects of our pasts, he also activates the visions of our futures.

As with all eclipses, this is a good one to take the time to tune into. There is much to welcome from it.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc, Dip Ed)is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 31st year of private practice.

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.