Moon and Mother

Like last month, the Sun is close to both Venus andEros, maintaining a collective focus on love, relationships,creativity and sexuality, but with a very differentenergetic background, now that they are all in Cancer.Classically, the focus of all this beauty and love goesin the direction of family and home, with a much morematernal, encompassing, nurturing and protective qualitythan generated in the previous sign of Gemini. The depthof feeling is great here and any Cancerian will tellyou how influential the Moon and the Mother are in theirlives and their psyches.

This very maternal part of the Cancerian matrix isadditionally highlighted by the presence of Ceres orDemeter exactly conjunct the Sun as well. This goddessis an earthier embodiment of the mother archetype andof the Great Mother, giving her both earthy and transcendentqualities. Her appearance deepens and enlarges the positive,loving, life-enhancing qualities of Cancer, the wholeof which is a much needed antidote to the stresses ofmodern life by bringing us back to the simple, yet allimportant, needs of the body, heart and family. On aspiritual level, she also calls for homage to the GreatMother, to the earth as mother and in all her otherforms through prayer, celebration and ritual, with gratitudeas a primary attitude.

There is, as always, a significant shadow with sucha major archetype, which can express itself as a difficultyin letting her "children" be separate fromher. In mythology, it is Demeter who sets Persephoneup for rape and abduction by not preparing her daughterwith enough awareness of her own latent power and sexualityas she moves into puberty. In the Herculean myth ofthe movement of the hero towards greater masculine potency,she sends giant crabs (shades of Cancer!) to captureor kill this upstart in the course of his quest. LikeParsifal, the boy/man must leave the safety of the motheras an important part of the initiation process.

The tension of this process, of leaving the personalmother to eventually develop an authentic relationshipwith the Great Mother, is great, as all this Cancerianenergy is opposed by Jupiter in Capricorn. Even hardaspects to Jupiter have some greatly expansive qualitiesto them, and while it pushes for expanding and developingone's position in the world and in particularthe world of men, the opposition wants to express asa healthy balance between home and hearth while welcomingthe grace in one's outer and professional life.While Jupiter in this position is a good antidote fortoo much "mother", that is, too much emphasison comfort, safety and imprisoning emphasis on protectionand security, some will always do too much Jupiter toescape the trickier demands of family, relationshipand emotions. It's worthwhile remembering thatwhile the old Zeus had many progeny, he was never thatgood with looking after them, and he was always tryingto escape the wrath of Hera, another aspect of the motherin the form of his wife!

We can also use this notion of masculine questingto describe a very challenging conjunction of Mars inthe last degree of Leo with Saturn in Virgo, one thatwill go exact in the second week of the month. Classicallythis equates to the assertion of will and desire meetingvarious forms of the brick wall, where drive, confidenceand even physical expression will meet a number to frustrations,ranging all of the way from simply annoying to deeplyenraging, depending on your tolerance for disappointment.You can simply call this lousy luck but that would missthe point, which is to hone the effectiveness of thisinner warrior by throwing up challenges to his awareness,preparation, flexibility, resilience and the appropriatenessof his goals: a good reality check in classical Saturnianmethodology, which is not to simply block forward movement,but to help us be more aware of subconscious beliefpatterns and conditioning that both influence the expressionof dynamic, creative energy in our lives and attractself-defeating experiences.

You can rely on Saturn in Virgo to activate the innercritics as well to refine the ways we express and assertour drives towards empowerment and success. This isadditionally significant as both Mars and Saturn aretrining the super-powerful Pluto, which basically meansthat if we can get the above working well, then thisis a month when we can make far reaching changes inour lives. Where we are well prepared, focused and disciplined,and where we are operating from a place of great responsibilityin the way we use power, will and drive, then greatsuccess is possible. And this is not just from personaldesire but because the depth of which we are operatingfrom can ensure that what we want to achieve is in alignmentwith a greater will, with what wants to happen froma more expanded, even transcendent, source. At the deepestlayers of Saturn in Virgo exists both masculine andfeminine sources of great wisdom that know how to translatedivine inspiration into physical manifestation. Obviously,even greater things are possible from such a place.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and groupleader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.