Meetings with the Goddess

Well Dear Ones, we are in for another powerful and interesting month, with the Big Three - Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune - still very close together in Aquarius, and two eclipses bringing an even stronger influence from the feminine.

Venus and Mars are still in conjunction, getting down and earthy in Taurus but with opposition from hidden places, putting the squeeze on relationships.

While there continues to be chaotic but benevolent movement on the healing front, we can also describe this month's theme as "Meetings with the Goddess".

The whirlwind that is the Big Three remains strong with all its healing challenges and spiritual openings but has changed subtly with each player having gone retrograde. Traditionally, energies will go quieter and deeper, less obviously external, and yet stronger within the unconscious. That sometimes maddening thing - knowing and feeling that big movements are going on inside and yet the mind has difficulty getting a handle on it - will continue, even more so for some. However frustrating and confusing this can get, it doubly emphasises that trust is the way, that short-circuiting the mind is part of the deal, that all we can do is honour the need to surrender to a greater intelligence. Trying to "work it out" just adds to the crazy-making.

The slower two, Chiron and Neptune, will remain within a degree up until the middle of August, while the faster Jupiter will move past both this month. Nevertheless, they will stay within range of each others' wider orbs for the rest of the year. One curious situation is that this conjunction in Aquarius is being paralleled by Uranus in Pisces, also hovering around the 25-26 degree mark. This means that any planet or point aspecting one automatically aspects the other. But getting a good aspect to one means getting a difficult one to the second. This exaggerates the twin barrel effects of this time: alongside every good thing happening we'll also get a tough one to the very same parts of the self. Perfect!

For instance Mercury in Gemini will trine the Big Three, supporting greater consciousness of our psychic gifts, the importance of spiritual life and of all the different processes of healing and spiritual awakening. It will also heighten creativity and intellectual versatility in dealing with everyday demands, while holding the big picture perspectives. But Mercury will also be squaring Uranus, which will exaggerate all of the above and make it more unstable and ungrounded, bringing fantastic openings and further chaos.

Similarly, Venus and Mars having a good time in Taurus creates a great sextile from Uranus, sparking up the sexual and creative juice of the two, while also getting bombed out by squares to the Big Three. This produces all sorts of strange energy movements - bringing old emotions and leaky psychic energy to our relating as part of healing and clearing old relationship dynamics. On top of this and perhaps more disturbingly, Venus and Mars are in opposition to Hekate and Medusa in Scorpio, the first of a number of meetings with the ancient and sacred feminine. These two fierce and powerful goddesses, both sorceresses, shamans and medicine women, challenge our relating with hidden layers of emotion and psychospiritual debris, and potency, intent on even deeper levels of healing and connectedness. Some processes will not be pretty.

Our relationship to the feminine, and to our emotional life in general, gets a timely boost with a Grand Trine between the Moon in Libra, Mercury in Gemini and the Big Three - beautifully supportive of making the most of this exceptional time by positively linking our mental, emotional and spiritual worlds. It is also very good that something so gracious stands beside the relationship challenges of the month, including the lighter and darker aspects of our emotional worlds, and linking more civilised aspects with the primal, unconscious ones.

While the Sun moves through Cancer, the solar masculine parts of self meet the "Mother" in all her forms, every year. This year the emphasis is on meeting the serpent power, the wellspring of ancient wisdom, potency and healing energies of the feminine.

The Sun is conjunct both the healing goddesses, Hygeia and Lilith, ferocious protectors of truth and equality, and both kundalini goddesses, adding further healing Shakti to the month, and to the masculine/feminine relationship.

The two eclipses this month will also be very evocative of the "dark feminine". The full moon eclipse of the 7th will activate this Sun/Lilith aspect while the Moon in Capricorn will be conjunct the Black Moon, another face of the Lilith archetype but even more so the darker, sacred face of the Mother found in Kali, the Black Madonna and Black Tara. The total solar eclipse of the 22nd will also conjunct the Lilith asteroid.

There are good reasons to take care at both times as some very nasty energies will surface; ancient traumas laced with toxicity, rage and grief. It's not because of the essence of these archetypes but because as a civilisation we've been very destructive towards the sacred feminine and at times like this we will meet some of the consequences of this folly. At the same time, each eclipse is also an awakening and an opportunity to re-connect, re-own and re-claim what is at the very core of us. Better this than playing out old masculine/feminine conflicts and polarisations.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice. He is willing to answer questions of a general nature, so please send to deputyeditor@novamagazine.com.au and his response will appear on this website.