01.08.2018 Astrology

Magic Moments

A month of intense tug of war energies calls for a cool head, advises Daniel Sowelu

August is going to be a wild, mad and magical month, thanks to the third of the current series of eclipses and a huge complex of energy wrapped around the Nodes of the Moon. Consequently, there will be a fair amount of stress around as the demands for healing the deep past continue to conflict with awesome opportunities to open to a hyper creative future, much like we were experiencing in July.

The Leo Sun conjuncts both the North Node and the cultural warrior goddess Pallas Athena, potentially a brilliant combination for getting more aligned with our ultimate soul or life purposes, while having the passion of this fire concentrated and focused by the supreme one pointedness of Pallas. While Leo provides abundant energy for expression, this goddess makes that energy that much more effective in manifesting a high level of creativity in the outside world.

However, on the South Node, reflecting past energies and karmas we have bought into this life to refine, purify and manifest, we continue to have the Black Moon conjunct Mars. The latter is in an unusually long period of retrograde motion, which, in itself, tends to resist and inhibit our ability to get out into the world.

The Black Moon’s presence tells us that there is nothing insignificant about this combination.

It represents an enormous power potential that can be incredibly creative and transformative or equally destructive, depending on how much unhealed anger and rage exists within us. And how much we are able to work with and heal ancient forms of trauma and conflict.

So, between the Sun and Mars, and between South node and North node there is a tremendous tug-o-war creating a great deal of stress. It’s important then that during the month we employ whatever stress release and management tools we have available to us as with the radical Uranus in Taurus squaring both ends, unreleased stress can precipitate destructive outbursts through anger, accidents or even violence.

The more decompressed we can be, the more likely we can take advantage of Uranus’ possibilities for liberating, creative change, as this is where some of this inherent magic can play out.

It’s also worth knowing that the healing conjunction of Chiron and Hygeia in Aries is in good aspect to both the North and South Node complexes, another placement that highlights the opportunities for deep and organically spontaneous healing experiences. Similarly, the Sun and Pallas are also in good aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, a square that still provides another avenue of grace and support with both the past material and future possibilities.

On a whole other level, the Moon begins the month in Pisces conjuncting the planet Neptune, an exquisitely sensitive and psychically open alignment that describes the intense emotional and psychic fluidity. The conjunction also has great aspects to the transformative Pluto in Capricorn and the Jupiter psyche conjunction in Scorpio, adding further depth and expansiveness to such a mystical Moon position.

This fluidity can be a great aid, both an emotional balm to the stress and rigidity of the oppositions around the Moon’s Nodes, and providing a great deal of inner flexibility and adaptability in dealing with the intense psychological and karmic challenges of this time. It supports the use of subtler spiritual and therapeutic practices, as long as we stay alert to the shadow side of the Moon/Neptune manifesting as escapism and anaesthetisation.

As for relationships, Venus starts the month in Virgo, travelling for most of it with the fierce Medusa, a no bull…t arrangement that can bring deep love and psychosexual juice to our relating. But like the Mars/Black Moon/South Node conjunction, it can also activate ancient relationship and sexual trauma and rage. If effectively channelled this could be extraordinarily healing. The darker or more hidden grace of this is that Venus and Medusa have a fluid trine to this latter conjunction, one that strengthens in the course of the month.

More quietly though, in Taurus, Juno the goddess of marriage conjuncts Parvati, the goddess of the Sacred Marriage, a meeting of two cross-cultural Queen energies that seek to create the deepest and highest experiences of relationship. These two sextile the Moon/Neptune conjunction, trining Pluto and opposing the Jupiter Psyche conjunction, each of which give depth and ease to our ongoing collective relationship evolution. (Check out the chapter on Parvati in Sally Kempton’s groundbreaking book Awakening Shakti for meditations that support this process!)

The other place that the deep sacred feminine shows up strongly is a conjunction of Mercury, the planet of the mind, with the medicine woman Hecate and another fierce spiritual warrioress, Lilith, all in the sign of Leo.

This describes a brilliant time for connecting consciously with and understanding more deeply these goddesses.

They constitute the parts of the primal, sacred and tantric core of the inner feminine that are also magical and able to create great medicine in the midst of the intense alchemy of this month.

And these goddesses, who form a grand trine with Kali in Aries and to Shiva and Vesta in Sagittarius, are conjunct the eclipsing New Moon on the evening of August 11. For lovers of the goddess, the Shiva Shakti traditions, of tantra and shamanism, this is an awesome time of new beginnings, for ritual and ceremony and for directing Shakti, the sacred power for magical healing and transformation.

This eclipse peaks at 5:46 PM on the west coast and 7:46 PM on the east coast. Make the most of it!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.