Magic Metamorphosis

Daniel Sowelu prepares us for change in 2009.

Daniel Sowelu prepares us for change in 2009.

The chart for this month and for the year is, paradoxically, both dense and full of amazing space; dense because apart from Saturn, Uranus and a smattering of asteroids, everything else is jammed into Capricorn and Aquarius, spacious because the energies involved span an extraordinary depth and height within the crumbling and reformative qualities of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition.

It will continue to be a stressful and chaotic time as a variety of systems in our worlds, inner and outer, break down and hopefully break open. The Saturn/Uranus is not even stopping for a rest, its second peak coming in early February, followed by a third in September and another in April/May 2010. The arrival of Pluto into Capricorn also underlines the long-term nature of this revolution of societal and psychological structures.

The best counsel is to simplify our lives, reduce stress levels, look after the physical and emotional health of ourselves and our families, and watch for signs of new life and new potentials amid the rubble. As a rule of thumb, and my sympathies to those who are really suffering, the harder we get hit by this "financial crisis", the more likely that the world we've created is out of whack with our inner selves. For all of us though, this is the time to have a complete review of how we live our lives for anything that crumbles now is obsolete, however attached we might be to it.

The cracking open is significant as there is also great room for creative change, inspiration and innovation in this collective rupture and the word that comes to mind is "magic".

The concentration of planets and points in Capricorn and Aquarius, the two signs most influenced by Saturn and Uranus, adds to the stress levels, but also draws together the energies of earth and air, the capacity to think and the capacity to manifest. Both are archetypally linked to magical traditions, with wizard and Merlin energies and the ability to use the mind to bring down the creative powers of the "higher mind" to manifest on the material level.

While Aquarius is more obviously wizard-like, Capricorn is also linked with earth magic, shamanism and indigenous spiritual traditions. (The total eclipse on January 26th -9pm WA, 11pm Eastern States DST- will be the first in a series of openings to the mysteries of this energy, especially as it activates both Jupiter and the North Node together in Aquarius.)

There is much work to be done to bring these together, but this is clearly what is demanded of us this year. And the support for the assimilation of Capricorn and Aquarius is magnificently represented by an exact conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter on the cusp of the two signs. This conjunction points to this being a year of great learning and innovation, encouraging the exploration of new possibilities, solutions and inspirations, on all levels. Its benevolent nature also means that however tough things may get, there is much grace behind events and the lessons behind these great challenges are more apparent. This is one of the big space openers amid the density.

While this is mostly masculine territory, Hekate and Medusa, two of the great medicine women of the zodiac are conjunct in Scorpio, squaring Chiron and trining Uranus, going through their own healing and awakening to add their powerful magic to this thread in the collective. In fact, all the great transformative powers are pushing not just for deep bedrock change in our world, but demanding a greater commitment to the truth of things from each of us.

Pluto conjunct the Black Moon and the Sun conjunct Persephone, all in Capricorn, all push for the destruction of naivety, denial, arrogance and ignorance, to get down to the raw absolute truth of things as they are, emotionally, environmentally, politically, because its only from this place that real change can come. With both the Moon and Venus conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, it's clear that it's going to be a tricky year for relationships, depending on how aware we are and how much real emotional healing we've done.

Ultimately, this is the perfect combination for great emotional and relationship healing, for opening one's heart to the highest and unconditional forms of love. While true, the nature of both Neptune and Chiron is to flush out old wounds, old psychic-emotional toxins, old blockages which have inhibited the free flow of our emotional energies and our availability to greater heartfulness and intimacy.

This flushing creates its own turbulence and we have to be very aware of having this old stuff projected onto our here and now relationships. Both Venus/Neptune and Moon/Neptune can get us involved in very messy relationships without good boundaries and much projecting going to and fro. They can also create very unrealistic ones based on delusional expectations and the very worst of the "falling in love" kind of seduction. For some it can point to the possibility of deeply healing and mystical unions with a beloved, but knowing the difference between this and the former can be very tricky.

For those who are more deeply embedded in their own true selves and to this commitment to truth, the same Venus/Moon/Neptune/Chiron is another invitation to go both deeper and higher in their loving and in their connection to their own love nature. This includes the ability to elevate their emotional sensitivity and subtlety, and to bring their spiritual selves more fully into their bodies, giving each more depth and healing any splits between spirit and flesh. That Venus also sextiles the Black Moon/Pluto combination adds even greater transformative power to relationships in general, as the Shiva/Shakti element is clearly active in the equation.

Both Chiron and Neptune are more intent on process than results, but again they also create much more inner space in us, for magic and healing energies to move powerfully through our emotional bodies and our chakra systems. The flushing makes way for the deepest intelligence in us to be more available psychically, spiritually and as agents of healing for others in our world.

This psycho-spiritual magic will culminate in an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune at 26 degrees of Aquarius in June, one of the most significant astrological events affecting our inner lives in a number of years, and one well worth creating some space in our lives to be available to, whether through spiritual travel, time in ashrams or on retreat, or at spiritual or therapeutic intensives. Any spiritual and healing practices will bear great fruit because of this fantastic combination of grace, healing and spiritual power.

Overall, it looks like the universe will continue to put the squeeze on us this year, but if we can avoid escaping into spiritual la-la land to avoid the creative pressure, we also have the opportunity of bringing down some real power, real magic, to make long lasting change in our personal lives and in how we deal with the world. All power to us!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc,DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.