22.08.2013 Spirituality

Lion Queen of Africa

Africa's sacred White Lions can heal our troubled Western souls, says Jeremy Ball

Linda Tucker holds the most incredible title, Lion Queen of Africa, bestowed on her by Maria Xhosa, her shaman teacher and the previous Lion Queen of Africa. Linda is the first white woman to carry this title and the lineage that comes with it, a lineage almost as ancient as Mother Africa herself.

Linda grew up in a middle class family in South Africa, and, being a talented student, she went on to study in England at Cambridge University, where she specialised in psychology, specifically how symbols play in the mind. On graduation, Linda took a prestigious job in a London advertising company, employing her skills to manipulate the minds of the masses.

Despite enjoying all the social delights London had to offer, Linda regularly returned to her native South Africa to indulge her passion for lions, going on increasingly long and more intimate lion safaris. On one visit, Linda went on a night safari in an open top safari vehicle with many travel companions. By accident, they drove right into a pride of lions, who, starving from an extended drought, had just made a kill and were gorging their hungry bellies. Even worse, the vehicle broke down just a few yards from the ravenous beasts.

Disturbed by this intrusion on their feast, the lions began to prowl towards the invaders, letting out menacing growls.

Just as it seemed the lions would pounce and despatch the potential meal poachers, a tall, elegant, traditionally dressed black woman strode through the pride of lions, with the animals parting like the Red Sea. She appeared to be in a hypnotic trance, alarmingly carrying a young child on her shoulders and another close to her side. She was to walk in and out through the pride many times, each time leading one of the terrified safari tourists to safety. All the while, the lions remained nonchalant and placated by her presence. All including Linda were rescued, unharmed. The next day, now out of her trance state, Maria Xhosa told Linda that this had happened for a reason and that she was Maria's student and must return to Africa and study with her.

Maria Xhosa was a Shangaan Shaman who carried the knowledge of the White Lions, the prophets of the animal world. Revered throughout Africa as sacred messengers and Star Gods while viewed in the West as merely albino or freaks of nature, White Lions were almost extinct in the wild.

Linda's world had just been turned upside down but, still in shock from the experience, she was not yet ready to accept the fullness of Maria's message. So she returned to London and tried to in equal measure forget and make sense of the experience. Of course, neither was possible. Within three years, Linda quit her job in London and was back in South Africa seeking out Maria Xhosa. Linda spent many months learning from Maria and Africa's greatest Shaman-Priest Credo Mutwa, who holds the oral traditions for all of sub-Saharan Africa. Between them, Credo and Maria shared the ancient wisdom of Africa with the daughter of the colonists and imparted deep ancient prophecies held by Africa's seers for thousands of years. Credo himself wears regalia that once adorned King Solomon.

Maria explained that she had recognised Linda as her successor and that fate had brought them together with circumstances presenting an undeniably powerful experience. She went on to tell Linda that, as a woman brought up in the Western world this time but with many previous lives in the shamanic world, she was ideally placed to save the White Lions from the brink of extinction and return them to their homeland.

Credo Mutwa tells us that, at each great age, gods are born into this world to remind us of the original natural law, that all life should live in unity.

About 400 years ago, a meteorite, a great white light, struck the earth at Timbavati in what is now South Africa's North East. This event was prophesised and witnessed by African elders who consider the White Lions to be emissaries of the gods. In the days that followed in the surrounding area, many newborn animals were pure white. The most majestic were the White Lions, not albino but white with blue or golden eyes - a genetic evolution had occurred.

Legends told that the White Lions would reunite the land by walking the law of the stars back into the earth through their bodies. "Over time, and through many return visits, Credo confirmed Maria's belief that the White Lions hold a secret that could save humanity in this time of crisis. They are the guardians of the human soul, and they invite us to reawaken our own souls in order to protect our planet - and ourselves along with it," says Linda.

I first heard of Linda in 2006 while in ceremony at Uluru. At that time, she was on the verge of rescuing a grand old male White Lion destined to be released in the field and shot for a trophy by a foreign hunter. It was this lion that was destined to be the "King" of the pride Linda was resurrecting on land she had acquired in Timbavati, close to where the first White Lions had entered the world.

The following year, I took only the second group to visit Linda and her Global White Lion Protection Trust and the pride she was assembling and preparing to be returned to the wild. I was awed by the power and beauty of the lions but even more touched by the tenderness, love and respect they express through their relationships with each other.

To be in the presence of the White Lions is to be altered permanently. The download of sacred energy and transmission of powerful teachings is life changing.

Linda and her partner Jason (one of the world's most respected lion researchers who is close to scientifically proving the White Lions are not an anomaly but have a unique genetic code) hold an incredibly powerful and humble presence, exuding great calm and kindness. This belies their inner turmoil as they confront the wrath of canned hunters (people who breed animals especially White Lions to set up fake "hunts") and greedy politicians bent on destroying the sacredness of these lions and all nature. Undeniably, the future of this species and the prophecies are firmly in Linda and Jason's lap.

The ancient African prophecies say that at the turning of each great age, the spirits of our ancestor gods return to embody the highest virtues of natural law and help usher in the great changes. At the last turn, they were present in Egypt. The legends say the White Lions are their emissaries at the opposite end of the continent and that these sacred animals carry their spirit and blessings.

There are many white animals appearing around the world as part of a global prophecy; the White Lions are the kings of the white animals, the avatars of the animal world. And, the prophecy says, without them roaming free on their homeland none of the global prophecy can unfold.

On an individual level, the White Lions are the totem of sacred leadership, the Nelson Mandelas, Dalai Lamas and Aung San Suu Kyis of this world. Deep within each of us lives one of these sacred beings, who yearns to rule our being from the place of soul and spirit rather than ego, self gratification and soulless narcissism. The White Lions awaken this in each of us.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au