Lighter Energy

Time for more passion in relationships with Venus and Mars meeting up with Eros
Astrology with Daniel SoweluAt the time of writing (August 10) Venus, Mars and Saturn are clearly visible in the early evening sky, all together in early Libra, shadowed, in more ways than one, by the invisible Lilith. This combination is one of the reasons why early August was such an intense period, especially around relationships. By the time September rolls around though, Venus and Mars have moved on, away from Saturn and Lilith to join their mythological child Eros. This represents some lifting of the dark forces invoked by the Saturn Lilith dramas and takes the juicy, creative, passionate, sexual dynamism of a Venus/Mars conjunction into much more playful, erotic and open territory.

This is an ongoing theme for the next six weeks as the Ares/Aphrodite dance continues into Scorpio and picks up some lovely connections along the way. The intentional purging of relationship issues and dynamics in August is also followed by much more obviously healing connections by trining Chiron and Neptune in the first weeks of September, from Libra to Aquarius. There is a beautiful quality to this, as it elevates the energies of love and sexuality into a higher and exquisitely healing octave, one that will reveal the fruits of travelling the more difficult passages of the recent past. But there will be nothing lightweight about this, as the couple sextile the transformative and empowering Pluto in the third week of the month. For deep sexual healing and for allowing the power of love into your life, this is a marvellous sequence.

This is indeed one of our better recent months, astrologically speaking. The Sun in Virgo also aspects Pluto, a trine that links the Virgin with the Capricornian Mergoat. When the Sun and its action arm Mars form good aspects to Pluto, we can get a lot done, as our capacity for sustained and piercing focus is enhanced considerably, enabling deep movements of energy and intent that are penetrating and effective.

This forward movement is not just about personal desires or ambition, but also about greater alignment with the deep Self, or soul if you like, as the Sun and Mercury also trine the North Node, one of the most obvious reflectors of "soul purpose". This, then, is a particularly good month for moving away from patterns originating from a distant past while getting support for moving towards a more connected future.

One of the pivotal issues for Virgos, and the Virgo within each of us, is the relationship between its human, rational layers and those of the still, earthy goddesses at its core (or Kore if you like!). This, once again, is a very current theme with multiple opportunities and challenges. If you take a more traditional perspective, the latter layers are connected to Ceres, Demeter and Vesta, images of the great, earth mothers and of Her priestesses. There is an awesome depth to this magnificent place in every Virgo and an awesome blessing when it is fully embodied in an individual. Deeper again though, is a much more primal layer that is not so easy to access, as it pertains to dark, orgiastic, Kali-like images of the feminine, who are not necessarily about containment and psychic autonomy.

Both these layers are in various states of exposure this month. The Moon begins the month in Taurus, emphasising the earthier layers of the goddess and the feminine, in turn trining Hygeia in Virgo and sextiling Uranus in Pisces. This is an unusual combination of solid earthy strength and stability with great healing qualities and an additional flexibility and emotional dexterity. Next to her lies Medusa and Persephone, representing the darker layers of great power, deep unconscious forces whose quality and upwellings are hard to predict at the best of times. That this bundle also squares the Chiron/Neptune conjunction suggests significant eruptions of old and often toxic emotions for some, as their sheer spiritual power will force great purificatory reactions in those ready for it (not that they will wait for our permission).

Similarly, the Sun in Virgo is directly opposite the Black Moon in Pisces, which will challenge the control mechanisms that many have to keep themselves safe against the chaotic and primitive in themselves. Liz Greene once wrote that underneath every gentle, sensitive, compassionate, spiritual Piscean lies the dark mother Kali, who has very different versions of these terms. And here She is, to be recognised, acknowledged, accepted and incorporated into our world.

With the trine from Pluto to the Sun, we have then an opportunity to go deep enough to answer this call, as Pluto "himself" can be seen as a version of the Shiva/Kali relationship. Either way, we can expect various visitations from the rejected feminine as opportunities to repair our relationships with the deepest parts of our emotional selves, with the personal and the sacred feminine.

With this demand from the collective, and the Venus/Mars healings, it looks like another month of working out with all our chakras, with both dark and light. At the same time, we are being provided with some very helpful bridges between the two, the most obvious being the Sun sextiling Pallas Athena, a great warrior goddess who has her current roots in the primal Scorpio and her spear pointing to the heavens. Good to call upon her!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist
and groupleader in his 27th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au