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Life Changing Potential

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

The beginning of this month is still in the after wash of the March 20 solar eclipse and exact Uranus/Pluto square and, as if that wasn't enough, is followed up by a radical lunar eclipse on April 4 (8 pm AWST, 11 pm EDST). All of this has life-changing possibilities and yet is highly unpredictable, a mixture of intense challenges and extraordinary openings.

The April 1 chart is almost identical with that of the eclipse, the only exception being the Moon positions, moving from late Leo to mid-Libra in those few days, so I will use the latter here.

The Aries Sun is in a tight conjunction of Mercury, South Node, Psyche and Uranus, a dramatic mixture of hyper-charged mental energy, past life influences, soul longings and the radical urge to break through constricting influences of all kinds.

In karmic astrology, this is an extraordinary line up for freeing us from ancient influences, while waking us up to skills, abilities and knowledge gathered over many lifetimes, to be gathered, refined and built into new expressions of our essential individuality (irrespective of how crazy this might appear to others!).

With both the South Node and the goddess Psyche in the mix, this awakening includes big movements in relationships, especially those based on past life karmas, breaking away from restrictive ones while opening to high quality soul to soul connections that are intricately in alignment with a deeper appreciation of our individual soul purposes.

With the explosive Uranus in this multiple conjunction in Aries, it also receives squares from Pluto and oppositions from the eclipsed Moon on the North Node in Libra, creating a deep and kinetic T square. Despite the enormous creative and liberating possibilities of this time, we must also face deeply embedded resistances and fears to real change, within and without.

However transformative the energies of Pluto inside each of us, our culture has taught us to fear and control the deepest powers within, locking us up psychologically and spiritually. To fear Uranian change makes us desperate in maintaining old security structures and relationships to keep ourselves safe but rigid, brittle and regressive. Either way, we lose great opportunities for individual and creative freedom and, in the face of these huge forces of change, co-create both small and large disasters that force us to wake up.

Fortunately, the eclipse also has some fantastic support, in the form of multiple trines to Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter may not be as potent as the bigger energies, without the depth of Pluto or the voltage of Uranus (the Romans would have me crucified for heresy for saying that!) but he does cast a benevolent aura over proceedings and supports us to travel whatever is happening with greater trust, confidence and optimism. He is also a deliverer of good karma, creating an inner receptivity and openness that invites "good fortune" from the world.

In this mix, he balances out some of the impersonal extremes of these bigger players, while positively energising the Uranian urge to express more of our authentic self in the world, to come out more with our individual uniqueness. While outwardly he encourages us to express more of our fiery extrovert selves, on a quieter level he bolsters that inner feeling that we have every right to be here, to flourish and thrive, and that the world is a good place.

So while we may be hitting significant and ancient forms of resistances and fears, Jupiter in Leo encourages us to go for it, to take the risks, to allow ourselves to be bigger than our self limiting conditioning. And if we can use his energy to go deeper into these bigger processes, our experience of them can be very different, with more of the feeling of liberation from the old and stagnant.

With the Moon in Libra on the North Node, the evolution of relationships is again highlighted. While the South Node in Aries speaks of the challenges of awakening higher and stronger expression of individuality, this North Node and its accompanying eclipsed Moon speaks of new visions of relating emerging in the collective.

These visions must incorporate the demands for true equality, mutual empowerment, a deeper integration of masculine and feminine necessary for new expressions of the sacred marriage. At critical points and other eclipses in the last year, both Lilith and Medusa have been on the North Node, describing the need to incorporate the underlying Shakti or sacred power of each into future relationships.

This eclipse is a continuation of these processes of purification and of re-owning the sacred feminine, but again, the processes are deep and radical with the Moon opposite Uranus and squaring Pluto. The emotional tone continues to be deep, tumultuous, transformative and unstable, with good doses of Jupiter to keep one's spirits up and forward moving.

Venus is in Taurus, in a deepening trine with Pluto but in opposition with Lilith in Scorpio to test out issues of equality and power balances in relationships. These are experiences that can activate unhealed rage towards the opposite sex but have the power to heal and release the same.

So we're in for another big month, in a big year. Keep consistent in your spiritual practices and take the opportunities to heal, liberate and empower amidst a very fluid astrological environment.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.