Libran Challenges

Saturn in Libra will mean challenges by raising awareness of the emotions

Our wise and knowing old friend Saturn has now entered Libra proper, after a short visit from last October till April, and will spend the next 25 months travelling through this very human of signs. In his classical way, he will then challenge, deepen, sort through, strengthen, test and redefine all things Libran within each of us over this period. And he has brought an interesting collection of "friends" with him as he makes his entrance, in the form of Mars, the Lilith asteroid and, as from the 10th, Venus, a traditional ruler of the sign. Hmm.

Libra in many ways represents all the very best of human intelligence, urbane, communicative, diplomatic, idealistic, humanitarian, with a strong sense of justice and fair play, as well as a great appreciation for beauty and form. Masculine and feminine can be equally balanced (no pun intended) and as a generality is very relationship oriented, sometimes to the point of significant dependency. So what is Saturn going to get up to here?

Firstly, it's to challenge the tendency towards excessive rationality, of attempting to deal with the world through the lens of the rational intellect at the expense of deeper awareness of one's emotional realms with its own form of intelligence. Libra shares the air sign tendency to prefer detachment and aloofness coming from a distrust of the rawer, more instinctual and messier emotional realms. The ultimate balancing act is not about maintaining a contrived sense of peace and harmony, but one that comes from a deeper relationship between conscious and unconscious. Saturn has a way of presenting us with what we've been avoiding or unconscious of, so that we can take responsibility for it.

This includes the more hostile of emotions, as the peace loving Libra has a particular aversion to anger and conflict and tends to bury them. This, of course, only forces them to surface in other ways and can make the individual excessively "nice" while robbing them of healthy assertiveness. This is especially current with both Mars and Lilith travelling with Saturn, two great warrior energies that can turn devastatingly destructive when rejected or sublimated. The beautiful and lethal Lilith is a strange bedfellow for both Mars and Saturn, because her main beef with the world is with old patriarchal forms of the masculine that have rejected and abused the sacred feminine and its demand for true equality. These three have some very unpleasant history here that can play out at this time. But the ultimate quest for their joint journey is for us to identify and heal where ancient hurt, conflict and unhealed rage has compromised our emotional health and inhibited our capacity for deep intimacy and connectedness.

The Libran within us may resist the challenges of this primal necessity but its goal is also longed for. Fortunately, there is no lack of healing power this month. Mercury in Virgo is conjunct the serpentine healing goddess Hygeia, both of whom are trining Pluto. The Wounded Healer Chiron continues to conjunct the Black Moon, a potent combination for healing deep emotional wounds. Hekate, medicine woman and shamaness is exactly conjunct the Moon in Aries with the expansive Jupiter close by. So the grace and the Shakti is there for some extraordinary deep healing. It's just a matter of getting our will and intention in alignment with it.

Saturn's other tasks include identifying obstacles to quality relationship, especially those to do with parental influences and early conditioning that have overprotected our hearts and vulnerabilities, while simultaneously reconstituting our interpersonal boundaries so that we are not losing ourselves to our most significant others. It's no news to anyone that Libra is very much a one-on-one energy to the point that some individual Librans are serial relationship addicts, deriving their identity from whoever is the "other". Libra is also that part of us that can tend to minimise our range of life experienced for fear of upsetting the other or challenging the relationship.

Saturn comes in and says "nope" and presents us with the consequences of having handed over important parts of ourselves, hence the challenges to our boundaries. In doing so, he re-invests in that vision of quality, conscious relationship between two individuals who have taken true responsibility for their "stuff" and in turn offer each other tremendous freedom to both "be" and "be together".

This then are some of the Saturnian processes over the next two years, processes that are extraordinarily significant at the moment because of the way this collection in Libra lines up with the rest of the month's chart. Once again, we are meeting up this grand cross of 2010, as Saturn and friends are all square Pluto in Capricorn and opposed by Uranus, Jupiter, Hekate and the Moon in Aries.

The Pluto square empowers and hardens the Saturnian challenges by demanding even deeper change and transformation of the issues. A Pluto/Saturn square is one of the toughest transits you can have, representing major structural changes that come from great powers meeting great obstacles and resistance. (Think of Obama and the Gulf oil spill, of the will of government meeting the power of the mining industry; now see if you can find your own inner equivalent!)

Alongside this great power struggle comes the multiple Arian assault for freedom, liberation and innovation, producing great restlessness and seeding great possibilities. With all of this going on, we can be excused for being more than a little stretched, even shell shocked. We live in amazing times!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 27th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au