01.06.2017 Astrology

​Liberating Change

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Befitting the twin faces of the sign of Gemini, this month's astrology is another dance between light and dark, refined and primal, joy and loss, intimacy and freedom. Even the Sun in Gemini is sandwiched between light and dark faces of the deep feminine, in the form of Medusa on one side and Ceres/Demeter on the other. And then this triple conjunction is the base of a contradictory and intense grand cross involving an opposition to the Black Moon in Sagittarius and squares to Neptune in Pisces and the psyche asteroid in Virgo. We are in for a very interesting month!

Gemini has a reputation as a brilliant and dexterous cerebral energy, for being light and loose with life, its relentless curiosity and desire to learn skating over the deeper emotional realms of self. And, like all air signs, Gemini prefers a detached, observational position to view an endlessly changing world. However, with Medusa and Ceres, no such position is possible and the cerebral side of our nature is forced to face certain demons while connecting to the psychosexual and creative expressions of the Great Mother.

Those of you familiar with my column will know that I have a great love of the essence of Medusa found underneath her enraged, toxic face. The Sun’s role is to bring light to whatever it touches on so we are asked to bring the light of consciousness to this mysterious primal side of the feminine, which unfortunately carries much ancestral and historical trauma. If we can do some healing around these legacies, we can tap into paradoxically healthy expressions of sacred sexuality and gain an awesome protectress and sacred warrior as an ally.

Ceres or Demeter in the mix gives simultaneous access to the great earth mother, who acts like a second Moon and brings us in touch with the incredibly fertile, loving and protective aspects of the maternal feminine. The Gemini Sun gives us greater conscious access to this wellspring, and better connections between the mind and our emotions. Ceres also invokes the mother-child relationship and can often bring up issues to do with our personal mothers, our parenting and that whole cycle of providing benevolent coverage for our children and loved ones, while constantly learning the lessons of letting go as they grow beyond us.

With the Sun, Medusa and Ceres conjunction opposite the dark face of the great mother in the form of the Black Moon, more of the latter is emphasised. In many ways the feminine equivalent of the transformative Pluto, this mysterious figure draws us equally into the cycle of death, purification, transformation and rebirth. In Sagittarius, she acts like the glorious Durga, riding her tiger and wielding both weapons and grace to take off the Hydra heads of our contracted minds and egos. This is hardly a pleasant process but one that clears a great deal of baggage and BS on the way to becoming more powerfully, authentically oneself. As a friend of mine says no bubbles and fluff here!

Another reason, and one less daunting, for this being a powerful month is that we also have a brilliant kite arrangement, a grand trine involving the three fire signs with support sextiles. Saturn in Sagittarius stands high in the chart, trining a Pallas Athena/Venus/Uranus conjunction in Aries and, the Moon conjunct the North node in Leo.

Pallas, Venus and Uranus together is a uber-creative combination of focused feminine intelligence, love and beauty, and revolutionary wizardry, all in the fiery, passionate and independent sign of Aries. This ups the voltage on all creative endeavours, brings passion and unpredictability to our love lives, wielding magic and the ability to think and wonder outside of the boxes of old mindsets and lifestyles. It also exaggerates the juggling of connection and freedom, while offering brilliantly illuminating energy to stale or stagnantly stable situations in our relating.

This is not another revisit of Woodstock though, as a trine to Saturn stabilises a potentially chaotic situation with steady wisdom and an eye on how to make necessary creative change more fluid and informed by healthy realism. Saturn in Sagittarius will also help identify and energise opportunities for translating creative potential into focused action and manifestation. The trine between him and Uranus, in particular, represents a prolonged period of bringing the lightning flashes of innovation on all fronts down-to-earth, a Merlin- like earth magician acting as a lightning rod.

The third point the grand trine is a conjunction Moon and North Node, the latter freshly in Leo, ensuring that this dynamic combination of earth and fire creativity is not just available on the ego level for personal use, but also links us to our individual soul purposes as well as great movements in the collective. While the South node positions itself in Aquarius, and so drawing from ancient and magical traditions, the North Node in Leo offers opportunities to direct our passion and creative juice towards becoming more authentic leaders in our own world.

In all then this is going to be an intense month, with manure digging and purificatory fires and awesome opportunities to go with dramatic and liberating change. All power to you!

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.